How to get rid of cracks on your palms?

How to get rid of cracks on your palms?

Female hands experience high loads, because they need to wash a bunch of dishes, paint the Windows and clean to a Shine kitchen and bathroom, plant the garden and clean the apartment. They constantly have to come into contact with aggressive chemicals and it is harmful for them. Therefore, the skin on the hands becomes dry, aging, and can cause cracks.

Causes of cracks

Causes of cracks on the hands can be very different. If you have fungal disease, it is likely to have occurred due to inadequate care, excessive drying and contact with household chemicals. Because of this, your skin loses its elasticity, and the epithelial cells begin to flake off.

The cracks grow deep into the folds of the palms. At first they cause you discomfort, and then pain. And if the cracks become very deep, they can begin bleeding and heal poorly.


The appearance of cracks on the palms and treatment are interrelated with each other. If the dermatologist did not reveal the disease is fungal infection, you can use folk remedies. If your cracks are not bleeding, then cosmetic procedures can help.

•If your cracks don’t get wet, you can try a mask made from the pulp of green onions, which should be applied on the palm for half an hour. This is followed by gently wash off the mask with warm water and to grease the palm the vegetable or olive oil.

•You can also help trays made from potato broth. For this you need to boil the potatoes in their jackets, and in this water for twenty minutes to steam your hands, then wash them in clean water and RUB to soften burdock or olive oil.

•Also useful will be the trays from the starch. In order to prepare, you need to take one tablespoon of starch and dissolve it in a liter of warm water. This solution should be half an hour to warm up my hands. These baths should be done daily for two weeks. During this time, the problem should disappear.

Paraffin baths

If folk remedies are able within a month to fix your problem, paraffin bath should be done in order for the cracks on your hands completely healed. For this you will need twenty treatments.

In paraffin baths used medical paraffin which is heated to fifty or sixty degrees. This procedure can be done not only in salons, but also at home. For this you need white medical paraffin to melt and warm on a water bath.

No water bath to heat the wax, as it can lose its properties. He warmed up with the help of two pots placed one inside the other. At the bottom of the pot needs to boil water, and in the upper – melted paraffin. The upper pan should not touch the bottom of the bottom, and the water must not exceed the level and to get in paraffin.

Once the wax warms up, you should take a soft flat brush and apply a protective wax layer on your hands. It needs to prevent burns. This thin layer will dry instantly, so you’ll be able to give up in a special package, which you can also make your own oilcloth, which will be hot wax. Your hands on top to insulate. For this fit a towel or scarf. This procedure should be done half an hour, after which the hands from wax, you will need to clean and oil them with castor oil or glycerin.

Can also simplify this procedure and do not immerse your hands in paraffin wax, and just give up with protective layers of paraffin in a saucepan, cover them with plastic with insulation and withstand half an hour.

Before the paraffin bath you can your hands handle scrub and wipe dry, because water can cause burns. The bath is also not necessary to wash your hands. Just clear the wax and apply to hands vegetable oil or nourishing cream.

Also, using a paraffin bath to restore hands after working with the land, repair, and contact with household chemicals. They are able to heal cracks on the palm and will be a great means of prevention.

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