How to get rid of acne

The main thing in any make-up for any skin is proper under makeup and thorough cleansing of the skin. Cleaning of the skin. Makeup should only be cleaned during the night, rested skin. And at night your skin is resting, in the evening do not forget carefully from the face to remove makeup with the help of special tools — tonic, milk, etc. At the end of this procedure, you must wash through the foam to wash face and wipe the skin lotion.

How to get rid of acne

In case you use a nourishing night creams, you apply them you need through the day because the skin needs to rest from everything, including from intensive care.

For young skin buy the appropriate creams and lotions — they should be marked «young skin». It is important for the reason that of too-careful care of the skin can be lazy and stop independently to carry out their work without the original doping of nutritive, moisturizing and other creams.

In large quantities there are special masks designed to cleanse the skin and scraping from the surface of undesirable elements. if you choose this mask yourself, you need to prefer the professional lines as they are more effective, though less publicized. So, cleansed skin ready to apply makeup, just need to wait a little longer to dry after washing. Do not forget that in the winter after washing your face before applying makeup you need to wait at least twenty minutes.

The imposition of a makeup base

Makeup base is necessary in order to makeup is not polluted and does not clog the pores. The Foundation is applied in a thin layer between the face and makeup, so the skin does not absorb the powder, Foundation and other not needed things for her. Acne and blackheads are often caused by wrong applying makeup, and this is another argument in favor of the basics.

Apply day cream on the face

The next step is smoothing defects on the face, and pimples including, of course, if they are. To get rid of them visually by using a concealer pencil, or concealer with a brush. Proofreaders cover everything that you will want to hide. In addition, correcting pencils, foams, creams, etc. used to under the eyes to hide dark circles.

When you choose a concealer, you should pay attention to the fact that it needs to be a little lighter your skin. We should not confuse «correction» with «Foundation», as the first is designed to hide flaws and to hide himself, without leaving the skin even visual allusions to its presence, whereas the second creates the skin tone, improves the color, is attached to the skin radiance.

Use mascara as desired, and correction of small defects on the skin is highly coveted. However, if your skin is very dry, then concealer may not be suitable.

Do not despair — there’s always a way, in this case, you can use a thick concealer cream that are light and transparent, they create the effect of perfectly smooth skin. When you choose cosmetic products, it is necessary to give preference to those that consist of natural ingredients.

To choose cosmetics must not by its cheapness, and based on its quality. And will be quite good, if different means you can buy in pharmacies, because medical cosmetics works for the future, providing a mild treatment, it can help you keep your skin young and elastic.

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