How to get pregnant, if not

not getting pregnant what to doAny woman sooner or later begins to realize that she is ready to become a mother. Well, if planning a baby, after a while the family, a rosy-cheeked toddler. But it can also happen that a woman can not get pregnant. How to get pregnant if it does not work?

The female body is designed so that the greatest chance of conception occurs in the ovulation. Not only is it important for a positive result. The body of the future father should be healthy, his sperm should be at the highest level. So, if a woman presents to the gynecologist with a request: «I Want to get pregnant, but not» full examination of the body must pass both spouses.

Nature has given the female body so that its life span has alternated between moments of possible conception. Why a girl can’t get pregnant? This process directly influence some of the facts.

  • Stress — a common cause of infertility, if the stress state of the body became chronic. Even a healthy woman at the time of stress and becomes vulnerable. As you know, your nerves begin all diseases. The same applies to pregnancy. Stress women «destroys» sexual function of women.what you need to do to get pregnant
  • Bad habits — the consumption of alcohol, nicotine, drugs, the whole internal system of the body fails. The slagging of the body chemicals prevents positive conception.
  • Healthy eating — the key to the full functioning of the body. The abuse of sweets, fatty or spicy foods interfere with normal conception, even in the best days.
  • Excess weight is one of the main reasons why a woman can not get pregnant. Weight weight negatively affect the hormonal background of women. Overweight men may have a negative impact on the usefulness and activity of sperm.
  • The abuse of medications — any medications cause visible damage to the liver, resulting in chances of getting pregnant are significantly reduced.

Can’t get pregnant, what to do?

Not getting pregnant what to do in this case? First of all you need to know your body. The women’s menstrual cycle is divided into days of conception «infertility». The most favorable days for conception is considered the moment of ovulation and the 5 days before and after. How to calculate ovulation day? First of all, women should be established menstrual cycle. What you need to do to get pregnant? First and foremost, you need to do everything possible to set sex work the female body perfectly. If the menstrual cycle is established, then the day of ovulation is calculated as follows: number of days of the menstrual cycle is divided into 2, it turns out the approximate date of ovulation. It’s an estimate. What you need to do to get pregnant? It is possible to calculate the exact date of ovulation for medical conditions, for this purpose there are special tests for ovulation, which helps to calculate the possible time of conception to the minute.

How to get pregnant fast if it does not work? There is one tricky way used by many women since old times. We need to calculate the approximate date of ovulation, to abstain from sexual intercourse for 5 days, then the very ovulation to have intercourse. Men during this time to accumulate enough active sperm which will fertilize the Mature egg.

What to do to get pregnant? Posture during intercourse also has big role for the full conception. You need to choose the posture in which the ejaculation will go as deep as possible into the woman’s body. After intercourse the woman who wants to get pregnant, it is recommended not to wash for some time and raise the legs at a right angle in the supine position and linger for a few minutes.

What you need to do to get pregnant? You can use traditional way to a positive conception. Method is of course not 100%, but you can try. Before intercourse, the woman needs to proprietatis weak soda solution.

What else you need to do to get pregnant? It is recommended men and women 3 months before conception to drink a course of folic acid. This vitamin helps fertilization. Also 2 months before conception is necessary to completely abandon bad habits, establish a proper diet to cure all diseases of the sexual system, to drink a course of vitamin and mineral supplements.

Why can’t I get pregnant?

A frequent question at the gynecologist: «Why can’t I get pregnant?» The fact that each body is unique, there is no common way to achieve a positive conception. Every woman has its own cause impossible fertilization, and to consider in the individual case.

If I can’t get pregnant, causes of the kind of influence it?

  • Adversity, as in the family.
  • Chronic disease or illness in an aggravated form.
  • The inferiority of the sexual partner.
  • Physiological lack of ovulation.

What days can I get pregnant? Not you can get pregnant immediately after your period or within 3-4 days after the last day of the month. In this period, the unfertilized egg has left the woman’s body, and the new has not yet begun to ripen. Therefore, in this period to fertilize just one. But there are deviations from these calculations, if menses continue for more than 10 days, the chance of getting pregnant exists and immediately after menstruation.

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In which period can you get pregnant? As described above, the most favourable period is the ovulation and 5 days before and after.

Favorable age for conception in women is considered to be from 20 to 28 years. If a woman is 35 years old go to the doctor with a problem: «can’t get pregnant in six months», do not panic. Over time, sexual function slows down and to a full conception and 2 years. All this time people should listen to the advice of doctors to conduct a correct lifestyle, to reinforce your body with vitamin composition and, if prescribed by physician to take additional gormonozawisimaya drugs. And most importantly, tune in mentally for a positive outcome. Never despair, as the alleged charge, the first contingent on positive results of the ensuing problems.

Faith in the future of conceiving. What you need to do to get pregnant

Most women believers come to Church for help: can’t get pregnant, help! The Church will always help any person, we need only to pray. Who pray to become pregnant?

A prayer helps «to Spouses, children do not haves». With its help, even sterile, medical terms women who become happy mothers.

A prayer helps Matrona of Moscow to get pregnant. This great Martyr is a true advocate for women and men who want to have children. Prayer to the matron to get pregnant should be pronounced from a pure heart. It is important to truly believe in the positive outcome of the case, not to say the words, just reading them from paper

What other icon helps to get pregnant? It is believed that when a person comes into Church, he must first staring at some icon, she becomes his assistant. What is the icon we pray to become pregnant? Pray to the one that met You first. Then read the prayer «Spouses without children, the gift of Chad», ask God and the virgin child. The power of belief and hope will definitely help the couple in their difficulties.

who pray to become pregnant

Many people rely on the power of nature and wear the gems to solve their problems. What helps to get pregnant? In the first place is a pearl — a symbol of fertility; then come — Topaz — natural cure for infertility; Rubin — but only if you wear it on the little finger of the left hand; emerald is a stone of motherhood and fertility; amethyst is the stone of longevity and happiness; Selenite and Jasper — the sacred stones of conception.

Want to get pregnant, but not impossible. Are there any signs to be pregnant?

  • Create at home the presence of the unborn baby: buy a Onesie or cap for the baby.
  • To receive as gift the main thread.
  • Never say «I’m barren», only to repeat «Soon I will have a baby.»
  • To measure things to a pregnant woman.
  • Drink water or tea from a mug from which you just saw a pregnant woman.
  • Pat on the belly of a pregnant woman.
  • To lean into his home a homeless kitten.
  • There are products that have given rise to a new life: eggs, wheat germ, seeds, eggs, nuts, etc.
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