How to get pregnant if not

It is difficult to imagine a full, happy family without a child, but, according to statistics, many couples time to get pregnant. No need to despair, if desired pregnancy does not occur within one year of regular unprotected sex, it is a normal period for attempts. If after 12 months to get pregnant failed, then you should contact a specialist who will help to establish and eliminate the causes of infertility, to determine auspicious days, poses for conception.

Why can’t I get pregnant – the causes of infertility

Many couples dreaming about the child, do not always think about the presence of factors that can interfere with conception. Sometimes seemingly healthy and happy family can’t get pregnant, then you should look for the causes of such problems and try to solve it. As a rule, first of all, doctors on the subject of infertility examine the woman, identifying the causes of infertility, which include:

  • Abortion, which resulted in various complications.
  • Lack of ovulation.
  • The lack of or excess of sex hormones.
  • Long admission of wrong selected hormonal contraceptives drugs which increase the risk of infertility.
  • There were early problems with the pregnancy and birth for which treatment was not taken: ectopic pregnancy, spontaneous miscarriage, non-viable fetus, just a little.
  • The presence of pathological changes of internal genital organs.
  • The presence of inflammation or infectious diseases of the genitourinary system.
  • Frequent stress, depression.

Prolonged use of birth control leads to infertility

Often the cause of difficulty in conceiving is male infertility, which may be congenital or triggered by various objective and subjective factors. The main causes of this problem include:

  • Hormonal failure.
  • Smoking, alcoholism and other bad habits.
  • Inflammation in the penis.
  • Low sperm motility.
  • Excessive physical exertion, the inability to fully recover.
  • Unfavorable ecological situation.

Tips: what you need to do to easily conceive a child

To get pregnant, you need to prepare for the process of conception, eliminating the causes that hinder it, tune into the positive wave. First of all, you need to do:

What to do to get pregnant

  • To abandon bad habits. Alcohol, tobacco smoke, nicotine enters the body, negatively affect fertility function, which reduces the possibility of pregnancy. Harmful habits have a negative impact on men’s health (reduce the activity of sperm) and women (menstrual irregularities).
  • To adhere to proper nutrition. To get pregnant, you should refuse products that do not benefit the body fast food, smoked foods, eliminate sodas, sweets to minimize. Preference is given to natural foods – fruits, vegetables.
  • To stabilize your weight. Can’t get pregnant girls who have excess weight, obesity or lack of body mass, which negatively affects reproductive function.
  • To unsubscribe from enhanced physical activity. Intense exercise, heavy physical work reduce the possibility of pregnancy, so the load should be kept to a minimum. But to abandon the physical education is not recommended – it will help to make, and after having a healthy baby.

Quick ways to conceive if both are healthy

If the spouses are both healthy and there’s no obvious reason causing infertility, and getting pregnant, help the right attitude and emotional preparation, the calculation of favorable days after menstruation and the correct posture. Compliance with all recommendations of the doctor, the use of multiple methods to get pregnant in the complex will help in the shortest time to get the expected result – pregnancy.

The main thing is mental attitude

Constant stress, problems at work, conflicts with loved ones – this is a common conditions that the couple can’t get pregnant. Planning a baby you must first put in order their emotional state: get rid of the factors that irritates the nervous system, to establish a relationship with your husband, enjoy every moment of life. To set in a positive way capable of walking, relax in the fresh air.

The method of calculating ovulation

Ways to calculate ovulation

To get pregnant to have a girl will succeed only in the period of ovulation (on certain days of the cycle) when one leaves the ovary the egg is ready for fertilization. For conception it is important to determine the date and conduct unprotected intercourse. There are several ways of determining ovulation:

  • Measurement of basal temperature. On the day of oocyte maturation, it is a few degrees decreases, and the next rises sharply – a sure sign of a favorable period for conception.
  • Ovulation test, which are sold in every pharmacy, will help to determine the optimal date, when will the conception.
  • With the help of ultrasound procedure, which is done in a medical facility and is one of the most accurate ways to determine ovulation for conception.
  • By using women’s menstrual calendar: to do this, from the beginning of the cycle you need to count 14 days this will be the day of ovulation. This method is effective only during regular cycle, which will help to get pregnant.

The correct time and outside

In order for fertilization to take place, can not do without the most important – sex, but here an important role plays the correct choice of posture, which will help the sperm to reach the egg. There are several secrets to sexual intercourse that will turn out to be pregnant:

  • Optimal postures for conception:
  • Posture back provides deep penetration of the penis into the vagina, so the sperm gets to the cervix, which greatly increases the chances of getting pregnant.
  • The position «man on top» is a classic option that is perfect for couples who wish to conceive.
  • The second thing to do to increase chances of conception after intercourse, it is necessary to raise high the legs and thighs («birch»), it will help prevent spillage.

How can you get pregnant with your grandmother’s method

To get pregnant using traditional methods whose effectiveness is proven by many girls. Using these methods in combination with medical advice to conceive a child definitely will. How can you get pregnant with your grandmother’s method:

Herbal teas that help to get pregnant

  • Sage. The recipe to get pregnant: 1 tbsp. l. grass pour boiling water (1 Cup) and leave for an hour in a place where no light is falling. Drink 1 tbsp 2 times a day during menstruation trick to stop. Repeat after a month if it’s not possible to get pregnant.
  • Vitamin E. For reviews, to get pregnant will help receive funds, where the composition has vitamin E, which is necessary to drink 1 tablet twice a day.
  • Upland uterus. Preparation: in a pint of water with two tablespoons of dry herbs and boil. Put in a quiet dark place for half an hour, then drain. To get pregnant take the infusion for fifteen minutes before eating 1 tablespoon.
  • Grass knotweed. Preparation: pour one liter of boiling water, six tablespoons of herbs and steep. Drink 0.5 cups before meals during the day. The reception should start with the last days of menstruation and drink another 4 day to get pregnant.
  • Wheat is rich in vitamin E, which is beneficial to conception. Preparation: grain to fill with water (preferably overnight) until they germinate (in the morning or afternoon of the next day) and eat together with honey 1 teaspoon three to five times a day.

Folk superstitions about conceiving a baby

There are a number of people will that help to get pregnant beliefs:

  • To get pregnant is to visit the Holy places, which contribute to conception.
  • To increase your chances of conceiving, you must use the subject pregnant friend.
  • To get pregnant, you need to get a kitten.
  • To help in conception can a change of climate, rest by the sea.
  • Can still help dreamboard, compiled by Feng Shui.
  • The use of special charms, which not only will help to get pregnant, but also plan the baby’s gender – a boy or a girl.
  • To help in conception will help the purchase of any children’s things (hats, socks, bodykit) is a kind of visualization of desires.

Video-tips for doctors: how to conceive a child if it does not work the first time

Getting pregnant does not always work immediately, sometimes you need to put a lot of effort. For a girl who is planning to conceive, it is important to take care of their health because the body needs to be prepared for conception, bearing and birth of the baby. So, first of all, you should reconsider the way of life, be examined by a gynecologist to start taking the vitamins and Antiseptic. Watch the video to learn more useful tips from the doctors, thanks to which you will be able to get pregnant:

Feedback about the results

Angelina, 28 years old, Ekaterinburg:»for a Long time my husband could not get pregnant. Turning to the doctor and having various tests, revealed no abnormalities. The doctor advised us to increase the chances of conception a little to relax from the frantic rhythm of life and go to rest at sea. After returning from vacation in a few weeks I felt the first signs of pregnancy, and at test saw 2 cherished stripes. I was very happy that we managed to get pregnant».

Catherine, 33 years old, Moscow:»After many failed attempts to get pregnant we went to the doctor to find and correct problems. The survey revealed that I have congenital curvature of the uterus, therefore, for the successful conception is to use certain positions during sex that will ensure better penetration of the sperm to its destination. A few months later, we got pregnant».

Julia, 26 years old, Voronezh:»we have been able to get pregnant, the indicators of the tests were normal, and desirable conception does not occur. A friend advised me to try to drink infusion of upland uterus, which increases the activity of the oocytes and promotes conception. Six months later we were the happy couple, seeing the cherished two strips on the test, knowing that we got pregnant».

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