How to do pelvic ultrasound in women

The doctor gives the patient a direction on the conduct of ultrasound at constant pain in the abdomen. The procedure is the most available method for the diagnosis of virtually all pelvic disease. The study of these ultrasound allows the gynecologist to obtain the most accurate knowledge about the state of internal organs and to detect abnormalities.

Pelvic ultrasound in women

Ultrasound diagnosis

ULTRASOUND scanning involves the use of ultrasonic waves (high frequency) in order to make a graphic image of internal structures. Ultrasound of the pelvic organs in women is a noninvasive study that gives doctors the ability to diagnose gynaecological diseases, and to appoint adequate treatment. The basis for ultrasonic inspection may serve the following diagnostic tasks:

  • the study of the size, condition, forms the ovaries or the uterus;
  • confirmation of pregnancy;
  • establishing the causes of pain in the pelvis;
  • inspection for the presence of fibroids, seals of various etiology, ovarian follicles and other problems;
  • finding the causes of vaginal bleeding.


How to do pelvic ultrasound in women? To mental attitude to the procedure was correct, you need to know that there are two methods of examination: transabdominal and transvaginal. The first method OMT sonogram (pelvic) done with special sensors, and the patient does not require preparation in advance. Transabdominal ultrasound is performed through the abdominal cavity. The procedure has a high sensitivity and high accuracy. First, the doctor applies a special structure on the abdomen, improves ultrasonic skin contact, and then use the sensor doing the ultrasound.

Transvaginal study

Vaginal ultrasound done with a full bladder. It is carried out through the vagina when the sensor is placed at a close distance from the body that need to be examined. Transvaginal introduction of the apparatus shows even the slightest changes in the tissues. This is important when planning a pregnancy, or to determine the structure and exact locations of the exit of the fallopian tubes which cannot be seen in the abdominal study. During this procedure the sensor, the doctor first puts on a condom, and then enters in the appropriate zone where alternately leads, pressing lightly.

Doctors know how to do pelvic ultrasound in women who are suspected pathological changes in the uterus. First, they prescribe transabdominal and then transvaginal can be used. Combined with this examination revealed all gynecological pathology, even very early in their development. Any ultrasound of the ovaries and uterus is a very safe procedure for health.

How to prepare for pelvic ultrasound female

The girl doing the ultrasound

To the survey was most informative, have to meet several requirements:

  • For abdominal examination, the bladder needs to fill, what woman 1.5 hours prior to the procedure, it is recommended to drink at least a litre of liquid without gas, and not to urinate.
  • If the medical history indicates chronic disease of the intestine, then the patient should get rid of bloating. For this 2 days before the procedure you need to follow a diet that contains gas-forming foods and take activated carbon.

When conducting a vaginal ultrasound to fill the bladder is not necessary. Important is the maximum absence of a liquid in bodies, so before the procedure a couple of hours, it is desirable to clean the bowel using enemas. This diagnosis is performed in absolutely any day of the cycle, but not menstruation. Before this procedure the doctor must make sure that the latex (a condom) allergic reactions of the patient.

How to do pelvic ultrasound in pregnant women? The vaginal way of exploring moms is not carried out. As for the bladder for the transabdominal examination is filled not completely, and moderately. Pregnant are several times the ultrasound to determine the sex of the child, monitoring its development or to identify possible pathologies.

When is the best time to do ultrasound in gynecology

To avoid the development of chronic diseases, gynecologists recommend annually with ultrasound routine inspection. If the disease is present, there is a fair question, when is the best time to do pelvic ultrasound in this case? In chronic diseases a woman needs to be examined not less than once in six months. The best time for gynaecological ultrasound – 3-10 day after menstruation.

Ultrasound examination of small pelvis organs

Ultrasound examination of the female organs

Important role in obstetric and gynecologic practice played by ultrasound, so the correct interpretation of pelvic ultrasound in women is very important. The results of the study accurate diagnosis can put only a qualified medical practitioner. But deviation from the norm is available to see any woman. So, the normal status of the cervix is a thick – 42 mm, width 60 mm, length – 70 mm; ovaries 4-15 mm/15-35 mm/24-55 mm. Figures may slightly vary depending on personal settings.

During the ultrasound often reveals the pathology of the female pelvis (congenital or acquired). Scan ultrasound is considered the most modern method of diagnosis of gynecological diseases:

  1. Fibroids – benign nodular growths that grow in the smooth muscle layer of the uterus.
  2. Endometriosis, a common disease of women of childbearing age, which is a widening of the limits of the uterine walls.
  3. Prydatkov-vesical fistula, formed after the break of suppurative processes in the female organs.

The cost of the study

The procedure

Ultrasound done in any specialized clinic, public health clinic or a multidisciplinary medical center. The price of the procedure depends on the manner of its execution. The value of transabdominal examination varies from 300 to 3800 rubles. Vaginal method will cost a bit more expensive – from 500 to 4000 rubles. To know what is the procedure and how to do a pelvic ultrasound at the clinic you have chosen, call directly on the phone or read the information on the website of the medical center.

Video: ultrasound of the female organs

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