How to deal with scar tissue?

Many women who have scars or scars, very afraid to resort to plastic surgery. However, today it is not necessarily because there are more painless methods of their elimination.

Perhaps a man decorated with scars, but for women it is definitely a big problem. Not every woman eats the desire or the opportunity to apply for help to plastic surgeons, but to fix this problem really want. Because the scar, which is visible, turns the clothing into a real torture, since it must cover the problem spot. For example, after a caesarean section most women are forever refuse to bikinis. Scars can make a woman to wear long skirts or jeans and forever say goodbye to short sleeves or neckline. Life in this case, it could be difficult and the need to constantly wear a neck scarf or stole. And some scars entail not only aesthetic problems, but also physical discomfort. The scars are very bad stretch, sometimes itch, burn or ache at the movement.

So the scars and the scarring just needs to be treated. To help the healing of scars can the Contractubex gel. It will speed up the recovery process of skin cells, improves its elasticity and will make a scar almost invisible.

This tool can be used in the treatment of all types of scars.

Formed normotroficheskie scars almost invisible, but gipertroficskie can be in the form of accrued cushion after the skin heals.

The most unsightly and very difficult to treat scars are keloid scars. They rise above the skin, are of irregular shape, bumpy and dense structure, as well as blue or red. Keloid scar may form quite a long time after the wound was healed and causes discomfort. It can be itching, pain, burning and a feeling of tightness. But if these scars are formed in the joints, they can limit their movement.

Atrophic scars are located below the level of the skin. Most often they are formed by strong stretching of the skin as a result of her tears, and after boils and acne. They are called «stretch marks».

Contractubex is effective against all types of scars. At the same time the result of the treatment will depend on several factors such as the features of this organism, the severity of these injuries and the duration of use.

Although the gel could adjust outdated scars, the more effectively he will cope with the scars that no more than six months. It would be better if you start treatment with contractubex immediately after wound healing.

If you want to cure a chronic scar, you should have patience because it may take much more time. The substances which enter into the composition of the gel that are slowly changing the scar tissue.

•Heparin, which softens the fabric and has antiproliferative and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as

supports recovery of the skin.

•Onion extract, which has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which prevents excessive growth of scar tissue.

•Allantoin, which is used in medicine for healing wounds and which has a softening effect. It is also able to penetrate deep into the skin and deliver other components.

Contractubex is able to smooth out the scar and make it more elastic and reduce itching and redness.

The use of gel is very convenient, because you do not need any special skills or effort. RUB the gel into the scar several times a day. The effect of the treatment will depend on your patience and perseverance. This tool can not guarantee complete freedom from scars, but with it, you will remove the itching and redness and its ugly scar will make subtle and inconspicuous.

Scar treatment is another simple cosmetic procedure that you can give your body, so that they become even more beautiful.

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