How to create a good mood in the morning

How to make the morning a good mood and then all day it never left us. Because it depends on the implementation of the whole scheduled for today. Good mood is a kind of guarantee that everything will work out, you will be always in time, all of the forces, the world is on your side. Needless to say, that if it is bad? Then all the way around, everything goes awry.

So, to create a good mood you need:

— ventilate the bedroom before bedtime;

to Wake up a little earlier than usual, about 15 minutes, not more. But a couple, three minutes to relax, lie down in bed. After several times stretch, awakening from sleep, all the muscles and standing on his knees, to bend and bend back, as do cats;

— to get out of bed;

— to do a few dance moves if the window is open and music;

— then in the shower. Can’t stand ice — shower that you like, have a right;

— before Breakfast need to drink a glass of water. In the water you can add lemon juice or a spoonful of honey. So you will be forced to «wash» their internal organs;

— prepare and eat Breakfast, which should be easy, plus a Cup of green tea or mate.

— to dress, to look in the mirror and smile this sweet reflection in your most beautiful dress.

Everything is great! Isn’t that a wonderful beginning of a new day?

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