How to clean a newborn’s nose

Most of the young moms and especially dads immediately after discharge from the hospital trying not to disturb her baby, not to scare him or to do no harm. When it comes to hygiene, they are completely lost and do not understand what to do. But to learn and learn how to clean newborn’s nose, you will. Even a minimal amount of mucus could adversely affect the quiet breathing of the baby.

Why clean nose newborn

In the first few months of a baby’s life such a procedure as cleaning the spout, is required. This need is caused by the fact that a newborn’s nasal passages are very narrow, they accumulate a lot of dust, mucus, which makes breathing difficult, is an obstacle to feeding and sleeping. Even a little lint from clothes can cause a clogging of the spout toddler. Baby can’t blow his nose, he is very weak and not able to cope with this problem, so help from parents is needed.

The reasons for the formation of crusts

The occurrence of dry boogers (covers) the baby is due to its physiological features. The mucous membrane of the nose produces mucus, which from the outside get dust and other harmful substances. The air that inhale little children, these dry mucus, as a result, the formation of crust. To blow your nose and breathe through the mouth newborns do not know how, so the appearance of dry snot inevitable.

The main reasons for the formation of crusts include:

  • Colds, runny nose accompanied by inflammation of the nasal mucosa.
  • Too dry air in the room where the newborn.

Reduce the appearance of crusts in the nose of the baby is possible by following these tips:

A child plays in the room

  • Control the humidity (the optimal rate -50-60%) in the room where you have a baby.
  • Always ventilate the baby’s room, especially in winter, because at this time include various heaters, and the air becomes hot and dry.
  • Put on the windowsill in the room the baby a few live plants, they are beneficial to the climate, moisten and purify the air.
  • If possible, paste in the room is a special device for air humidification.

Than you can clean the baby nose

Cleansing manipulation of the airway is a hygienic procedure unpleasant for infants. He will turn his head, crying, and therefore need to be extremely cautious. Modern pediatricians such as Dr. Komorowski, it is recommended to do the following:

  • To suck the mucus out of the nose of the newborn with his mouth.
  • Drip in nose infant breast milk, which can instantly evolving microbes.
  • Cannot be used to clean cotton swab or matches with the wound on them with a cotton swab, these devices can injure the mucous membrane of the nose of the baby.

Before you start to clean newborn’s nose, you need to prepare all the necessary items. Selection of devices for purification of the respiratory tract depends on the degree of clogging of the nozzle, the age of the child about the procedure (congestion, daily care). Let’s consider the most common tools for cleaning spout, their types and methods of application.


Mother cleans the newborn nose aspirator

Special hygienic device for aspiration of mucus in neonates, which does not cause discomfort, is called an aspirator. Before using the machine, the nose slightly moistened with a special solution. There are several types of aspirators:

  • Mechanical. Is a small transparent container to the nozzle with a straw and removable nozzles. One tip of the tube inserted into the nostril of the newborn, through a second mom sucks and draws mucus from the nose in a special container.
  • Electronic. This is a special «pear» on the battery, which by pressing the button pulls the snot. Email extractor often has additional features – moisture spray.
  • Vacuum. This device at home is used very rarely. In appearance it resembles a mechanical suction, but it works by connecting a special cleaner. It’s uncomfortable, noisy, bulky.


To hydrate the mucous membrane of the nose of the newborn, tender crusts are made with natural seawater, and Throat. Apply this drug to infants under years old is allowed only in the form of drops, spray is used for children older than 1 year. Part drops Akvamaris includes a lot of trace elements and active substances, thanks to which the product is removes dust, cares about the normal functioning of the mucosa of the nose, increases local immunity.


Cleaning newborn nose syringe

The easiest to use and most common aspirator – syringe. In appearance it resembles a conventional «pear», but has a special removable silicon tip. For newborns use of a syringe smaller sizes of nozzles of soft silicone. The principle of operation of the device is simple – squeeze the syringe with his hand to come out of her air, and then it is necessary to insert the tip into baby’s nostril, gradually expand the «pear» and download slime.


This is a traditional device that was used by our mothers and grandmothers. It was made of thick rubber, and had a thin soft tip. The use of such a device is inconvenient and traumatic for a newborn. Modern pear improved:

  • they have a wide tip that is not too deeply enters into the nostril;
  • tip in the device is removable, it is easy to Unscrew, clean;
  • material: pear – silicone which is considerably harder than rubber and results in a smaller suction power of mucus.

Cotton flagella

Cleaning baby's nose with a cotton flagellum

Removal of a small amount of snot, scabs, daily hygiene with a newborn, use cotton turundy. To make such a harness, you need to wring it out of a piece of long wool. Further, the fixture slightly moistened with a special solution or sterile vaseline and a slow rotational motion is introduced into one nostril of the baby to a depth of 2 cm, then slowly and carefully pull. The procedure is repeated for the other nostril, but using the new flagellum.

How to clean nose baby

So as not to harm the newborn, while the hygienic procedures for cleaning the nozzle it is important to observe the following rules:

  • If the child is cranky, crying, postpone the procedure until such time until he calms down.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with antibacterial baby soap, wipe dry.
  • Be prepared with all the necessary appliances, cleaning newborn nose.
  • Comfortable temperature for a newborn in the room is 20-21 degrees.
  • Ensure the normal humidity in the room.
  • Make sure that the room was not dust.
  • Never use the appliance in a baby’s nose too deeply.
  • Secretion before pulling out to soften.

Girl properly clean nose newborn

To make it easier for you to clean the nose of the baby, consider the detailed guide:

  1. The process of softening the crusts and mucus. Drip spout newborn Aquamarine or saline. If clearing the nozzle you’ll spend the night, try to organize the baby a warm bath, the mucus itself will soften.
  2. Lock the baby’s head. This is overlaid her folded towels that he could not abruptly turning the head.
  3. After 2-3 minutes after instillation clean a nose of the newborn one of the following ways:
    • Cotton harness. Slowly shove turunduse into nostril and rotate, then gently pull it out.
    • Pear or a syringe. Before cleaning the spout douse the device with boiling water and wait until it cools down. Squeeze the bag in your hands to aerate. Attach the tip of the instrument to the nasal passage of the child and release clutched in the hands of a pear. Under the pressure of the mucus out. Then rinse the instrument and start the cleaning following the nostrils.
    • Aspirator. All parts of the device pour over boiling water, let it cool down. One part of the tube of the aspirator attach to the nostril of the baby, and on the other hand, draw the mouth air.

How often should I clean the spout

The frequency of cleaning the nose of the baby is dependent on his individual physiological characteristics, measures of nasal congestion on snot. One infants enough 1 time a day, and others several. Cleansing manipulations do in the following cases:

  • In the presence of dry crusts in the airway.
  • When the spout crumbs accumulated mucus.
  • When the nose is clogged newborn, he breathes heavily and hear spout «grunts».
  • If the child during feeding spit up and nose caught traces of milk.

Video: how to clean a baby’s nose

Hygiene of the newborn should be given special attention. Every mother must know how painless the newborn to clean the nose. If the baby breathes well, eats well and sleeps, he will harmoniously grow and develop. To learn all the subtleties of care of the nose of the baby to learn how to do the cleansing procedure correctly, view the following video:

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