How to cheer up and get energized

How quickly cheer up in the morning and get a charge of vivacity for the whole day?After the summer colors, bright sun, autumn, when the days get shorter and it rains, each of us sometimes it seems that is exhausted and lacks energy. Hence our bad mood, fatigue. And so you want to radiate energy, always and everywhere, to do everything with mood. Of course, good morning to drink a Cup of coffee or tea, which you a bit of cheer, but not for long. And to drink coffee constantly to raise the tone of it will be harmful to the body. You need to find other ways to cheer up. Let’s talk with you about other ways to raise mood and working capacity, but without prejudice to our body.

How to cheer up cold water

If you haven’t after the pair dived into the snow, walked barefoot in the snow or ice-cold water is worth a try. Such energy, vitality and joy you never get. If this is not possible, then Oblates cold water in the shower and then RUB a good. This approach carefully, starting with warm water, gradually reducing the temperature. We don’t need a cold. And you can just rinse your hands with cold water. Cold water works wonders, and a burst of energy will in any case.

Add color to boost your energy

In winter and autumn it is preferable to use warm colors in clothing, such colors will always refresh your look, red, orange, yellow, but not bright and flashy colours. According to the researches, these colors attract attention, increase the level of adrenaline in the blood, contribute to increased the operation of our brain. Instead of red, in most cases, choose the orange color, since it is less argessive. Don’t always go out to buy yourself something new to wear, then treat yourself to fine detail. Buy yourself a silk scarf orange or bracelet, belt. Colleagues give an orange sticker, let your table is decorated with orange, which you’ll eat for lunch.

Let’s stop the pity party

Unfortunately, our life is not without fine quarrels and conflicts. All this we never spoil the mood, make me sad. Do not blame someone, then we’re just wasting your energy. Here you have the stress, pressure and headache. So you’d be wise to admit that you were wrong, though some of it is very hard to do. People who resolve all conflicts and are able to admit their mistakes higher endurance and immunity. These people get sick less and are quite happy with their lives. To be among them, you should work on them.

Make a list of their achievements

You ask what has this to do list and our mood? Take and write on the sheet five things that you feel proud to show someone close to you or just review it yourself. I guess from this your mood will rise. If we remember those things for which we are proud, it encourages us to go forward. In order to proceed further it is necessary to remember and to celebrate their achievements.

The mint fragrance is energizing

The smell of peppermint improves performance, stimulates the brain. You can use natural scents and synthetic. Drink tea with mint, add the mint to the cream, inhale its aroma. Plant mint at home. RUB the mint leaves with your hands and enjoy the aroma. Use mints or chewing gum with peppermint lotion wipe hands.

The movement to gain energy

No wonder they say that movement is life. Dance to your favorite music, jump, walk, do a variety of exercises. The release of endorphins, which occurs when driving, improves mood and allows you to get a boost of energy. Let it be in your life more joy and less complex.

Some tips on how to raise the tone and perk up in the morning, at work:

  • In winter and autumn we do not have enough light, you should draw the curtains and not to sit in the dark. Add light in the room.
  • Eat a piece of dark chocolate, washed down with green tea.
  • Massage the ears or earlobes.
  • Eat more fruits, fresh vegetables, sprouted grains, nuts. Such food will not be you to get sleepy. Eat food on time.
  • When did not miss the occasion to laugh. Watch the hilarious Comedy, Comedy programs. Give a smile to people.
  • Listen to good music. Accompanied by energetic music, dance.
  • Massage whiskey, do neck massage.
  • Always ventilate the room. Stagnant air and humidity may impair health.
  • In order to increase the flow of oxygen in the body take a few deep breaths.
  • Do morning exercises. The word itself speaks for itself. Physical exercises can be done at any other time convenient for you.
  • Try to get some sleep. Healthy sleep, the first drug for your mood.
  • Try to dress nicely. The price of clothes does not matter, the main thing that has been tastefully and you liked yourself.
  • Worth keeping an eye on your posture.
  • Drink plenty of pure water.
  • But sugar should be less.
  • If you have a favorite activity from which you receive positive emotions that will take the time from your busy schedule.

Good mood and energy for the whole day.

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