How to cause period delay

how to call monthlyYou’re counting the days until long-awaited vacation. Fantasizing and replaying the date of your arrival on holiday. And here remember that this date coincide with the positive coming critical days, what to do if menses are delayed, they should have been over, but for some reason has not yet arrived. How to be that special women’s days could not spoil a long-awaited event or trip? Women have in stock some of the ways and tricks how to speed up the arrival of menstruation. But how to do it, so as not to harm the body and in some cases advised not to take any action, you should understand.

Why no menses?

If menstruation does not occur within a week from the expected date, the first thing that comes to mind every woman and girl, whether it is in an interesting position? To clarify this fact, you need to do the test (and preferably more) for pregnancy. If the last unprotected intercourse was less than two weeks, the test could be wrong, you can certainly find out after donating blood for HCG. If pregnancy is confirmed, monthly can’t wait, and quietly to gather in the sea and eat more fruit if the pregnancy is of course expected. If in this period of life you didn’t plan on becoming a mother, the most correct and logical solution is to contact your gynecologist to suggest how best to proceed in your situation.

In addition to pregnancy, delay may indicate failures or certain diseases, but also can happen after stress, heavy loads or climate change or environment issues with weight or after a waiver of oral contraceptives.

Therefore, pregnancy is not, and you decided to cause a month delay, not to disturb and not to spoil their plans. But it should be understood that such steps may lead to unpredictable consequences. The failure of hormonal background, irregular periods or failing to conceive can be a result of your experiments.

How to trigger a period

How to induce menstruation or to hasten the process of its occurrence in the first place, you can pay attention to folk remedies if your period is delayed, they are relatively safe and proven.

Since our cycle is governed solely by hormones have a direct influence on them. If you are looking for options as to provoke a period when you delay, you come to the aid of certain herbs, infusions and decoctions of them. For reviews of women, when used correctly, your period comes the next day. Herbs are able to solve your problem:

  • nettle;
  • parsley;
  • yarrow;
  • oregano;
  • tansy;
  • Angelica;
  • motherwort;
  • Oman.

We offer you some recipes and tips with herbs to cause monthly at home with the delay.

  1. Eat huge amounts of parsley, it contains a substance that can increase estrogen production, thus speeding up the arrival of menstruation. Add it to all dishes and salads, eat raw or drink in the form of thickly brewed broth (0.5 cups in the morning and evening).
  2. One of the strongest of traditional medicine, how to call month fast is the intake of a decoction of elecampane root. 1 teaspoon chopped herbs pour 1 Cup boiling water. and leave on the heat for 5 minutes, then the broth should be allowed to infuse for about half hour-hour. Drink the infusion in two steps, the result will not keep itself waiting long.
  3. In a full glass of boiling water, add 2 small chopped blue cornflower, cover and allow broth to infuse for 60 minutes. Drink a few spoons a day (3-4) before eating a meal.
  4. Create an infusion of the peel onions, boil a strong decoction and used instead of tea, drink a glass a day, or 0.5 — 2 times a day.

Great solution how to call a month ahead of time, may be just a hot bath. Because after these procedures, the uterus is shrinking much faster, and hence bleeding may start earlier. The same effect can be achieved after active exertion, sports or love.

There is another method to speed up menstruation — taking in lethal amounts of vitamin C, it is involved in the formation and development of female hormone estrogen and blocks the production of progesterone. Eat ascorbic acid in large doses, and products such as: citrus fruits, black currants, cranberries, sauerkraut, and ginger.

Than cause period delay

In addition to people’s advice, you can resort to more drastic measures, such as use of medical drugs. But the pills causing my period delay, it is wise to take after consulting a doctor, as Amateur can be dangerous.

The most used and easiest option to call monthly with antiseptic. The drug 1 table. 2 times a day for 5days, usually menstruation starts on the third or fourth day.

Another drug than to cause a period’s «Pulsatilla». Quite a single dose to achieve goals. It comes in the form of granules, therefore, put under the tongue seven pellets and keep to extinction.

So as you can see, there are various ways you can cause a month delay. But before you start self-stimulation, weigh your decision, consider the necessity and possible consequences. Any interference in the hormonal background of women, can lead to irreversible result, including infertility. Entrust the solution of your problem by an experienced specialist, he will prescribe you the necessary treatment and will help to establish the cycle.

Dear women, be healthy!

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