How to care for your teeth?

How to care for your teeth?

How to care for your teeth?

Regularly on sale there are a variety of new items for the care of the teeth: various brushes, foams, rinses, and of course, toothpaste. However, despite all this diversity, dentists say that not all adhere to the hygiene of the oral cavity. But proper care can reduce the risk of tooth decay by as much as eighty percent.

Let’s take a professional advice and start to properly care for teeth and oral cavity.

Right choice of toothbrush

Plaque from your teeth can only be removed with the help of properly chosen toothbrush and the correct technique of brushing teeth. In a proper toothbrush should be:

•The bristles are dense and soft. It should not be rubber gum massagers. This brush bristles should be arranged without tilting and tight, they must also be rounded on the ends and is made of polyester, as it is not as susceptible to damage and dries very quickly.

•The head of your brush should be small and capture only two to two and a half teeth. This is necessary in order to make your teeth more thoroughly cleansed.

•The handle should be easy. The ledge under your thumb you don’t need, because the brush should be taken as a handle in order to clean the teeth better and without injury.

How to care for your teeth?

The hardness of the brush

This indicator is very important, because incorrect choice of stiffness of the brush you can damage the mouth and tooth enamel.

•Very soft. These brushes are perfect for children or adults who have diseases of the mucous membrane.

•Soft. Most of these brushes are suitable for children four to five years, as well as adults who have tooth sensitivity.

•Medium hardness. These brushes will suit everyone, if there are no problems with the enamel.

•Hard. These brushes will suit those who have a predisposition for Tartar.

Brush replacement

Toothbrush has a lifespan of two months. After this period, the bristles of the toothbrush wear out, and it already needs to change. And even in those cases where the brush looks great, it should be changed. After a few months on the brush there is a large number of harmful microorganisms. In addition, be sure to change your toothbrush after an illness. After all, scientists have long proved that there is a direct link between the bacteria that live in the mouth and diseases of internal organs and the heart.

The choice of toothpaste

Before you buy a cream for the face, we consulted with a beautician. So why, when buying toothpaste, we don’t consult with experts?

In addition, choosing a toothpaste, be sure to pay attention to its composition.

•It should not contain aggressive foaming agents such as sodium lauryl sulfate.

•The paste composition must contain a little fluoride (1000-1500 ppm).

•Pasta must be low-abrasion and does not contain in its composition of sweeteners.

•It is desirable that the paste composition was herbal extracts and hydroxyapatite to prevent tooth decay, enzymes that dissolve food residue and plaque.

How to care for your teeth?

How to brush your teeth?

Most people brush their teeth incorrectly. To properly brush the teeth as follows:

•Two times a day.

•Do not brush your teeth for another half an hour after a meal, because in this period, the enamel is very sensitive. After meals, simply rinse your mouth or use chewing gum, not containing sugar.

•The brush should be hold at an angle of forty-five degrees.

•Toothpaste applied to the brush quite a bit, the size of a pea. Otherwise, it will foam and interfere with the clean plaque.

•The gum-massage brush, otherwise you can provoke the appearance of periodontitis.

•To clean the teeth sweeping motions in the direction from the gums to the edge of the tooth. If you brush your teeth from right to left, plaque gather between the teeth, and your teeth will become more sensitive.

•The chewing surface needs to be cleaned in the direction from the rear to the front of the teeth. You can move back and forth.

•Teeth should be brushed for about two minutes

•As you work through all your teeth, close your teeth and brush in a circular motion.

•It should also be clear language in the direction from the root to the tip. This must be done because the language of the accumulation of microorganisms.

•In addition to the brushes for cleaning the teeth should also make use of such devices as dental floss, maisonny brush and oral irrigator.

•And at the end of the procedure within thirty seconds, rinse your mouth with a special mouthwash.

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