How to calm nerves at home

nervy_vporjadkeOur life, alas, is so constituted that without emotions, nerves and anxieties can not do. And often, because of nerves» there is poor health or even disease. Learn to control your emotions and learn to maintain inner calm, is not easy. Best psychologists on the planet, doing their research in the field of psycho-emotional state, after all, created the technique, how to calm nerves and relieve stress. For you we have chosen some simple rules on how to calm nerves at home, without drugs, read and practice.

Learn to relax

During a nervous breakdown, or stress, our muscles become too tight, exacerbating the existing situation. Once you realize that the situation is out of control, straighten your back, straighten your shoulders, relax your limbs, breathe in a big gulp of air and slowly exhale through the mouth.

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A relaxing workout for the body and breathing exercises practiced many types of meditation and yoga. If nothing like the previously you did not try, train your body and breath slowly. And over time you will have established your correct method how to quickly calm my nerves.

Take a bath or douche

Water treatment is extremely beneficial effect on the nervous system, toning and strengthening it. Any contact with water can be a lifesaver in moments of emotional instability. To calm your nerves at home, take a warm soothing bath, add some sea salt, herbs or your favorite essential oil. After this pleasant procedure, you will be much easier, and it will be easier to sleep soundly.

In the morning, before heavy labor day, cheerfulness and positive mood will help add contrast shower or cold douche. This procedure will not only refresh your mind but also stimulates all the nerve endings will train the blood vessels and harden the whole body.

In the summer, I more often in the open water and winter sign up in the pool, swimming will be a pleasant and rewarding experience.

Eat sweet or treat yourself to a delicious

It is proved that sweets help to increase the level of the hormone of happiness. Something to calm your nerves, think for yourself, what you like the most? And why not eat a piece of chocolate to overcome a strong nervous experience. For those who care about their figure, have your treats, for example, candied fruit, dried fruit, dark chocolate, marshmallows or candy, jellies, or honey. But to get involved, «seizing up» problem is still not worth it, or soon may be a new reason to be concerned.

More are in the fresh air

Our brain needs constant oxygen delivery. Therefore, those who spend a long time at home in four walls or on the job, actively straining your brain, you just need to walk in the Park, in the woods or just on the street near his home. You can decide how to spend your time alone, merging with nature or for a walk call a friend or loved one and give them soul. Also have a good run in the fresh air, after them, the body is always in shape and sleep well.

Relax and sleep

As you know, tomorrow is another day, so leave all the current problems and concerns and immerse yourself in a peaceful night’s sleep. This is one of the surest ways to quickly calm your nerves at home. In the morning you will feel much better, and perhaps something to revisit with a fresh mind.

It is proven that fatigue leads to excessive irritability and depression. So often relax, both physically and mentally.

Listen to relaxing music

I do not know, than to calm nerves and relieve stress? Turn on some soft music or your favorite artist, it will definitely lift your spirits and take away the bad thoughts. It is best to lie down and listen to relaxing music and imagine that you are in some beautiful place. If you are not at home and the boss called you in an uproar, or be rude to a bystander, in today’s world the latest technology, for most it is not a problem, just plug in your headphones to your smartphone, enjoy your favorite motifs and relax. If you want something to hum, lots of it — sing, and perhaps you will find the friendly smile of a passerby.

How to calm the nerves folk remedies

There are many recipes and recommendations folk medicine against nervousness, but the most effective of these various infusions and decoctions of medicinal plants, which make strong nerves, reduces irritability and anxiety, relieve insomnia.

  1. The most famous herbal antidepressant — motherwort. Pour a teaspoon of herbs Cup of boiling water. Infused with the decoction, take 3 g a day for tablespoon.
  2. No less effective a decoction of calendula flowers. 15 g of dried crushed flowers pour a glass of boiling water, and within an hour you can drink half a glass of infusion. The remaining part of the second half of the day, such as bedtime.
  3. For the lazy and inexperienced sell ready-soothing infusions of medicinal herbs, for example Valerian or hawthorn. They act quickly and help to calm your nerves in 1 minute. They need to add 20 drops in a glass of water and drink at night or during periods of increased nervous excitability.

Urgently to calm down and mentally tune in to a positive wave, to help some of the above ways on how to calm the nerves without pills at home. You can use them together or separately, but the main thing to try philosophically to look at life, «everything is for the best», «it’ll be over soon», «I’m calm, because nothing depends on me». And don’t be afraid to ask for help and support from friends and family, they will not leave you out of a difficult situation.

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