How to calculate the baby’s gender — what it depends on?

For parents it is always important to their child, first was born healthy, and it doesn’t matter who it is – boy or girl. However, each of them deep down hoping for a certain sex of the baby and waits.

What determines the sex of the baby

How to calculate the baby's gender - what it depends on?

According to various studies, the sex of the baby depends on the father, but rather from the «female» or «male» chromosome, which carries the sperm. While the female egg contains an X chromosome, responsible for the female sex. So, the sex of the baby will depend on which connection of chromosomes happens. So XX (X — chromosome sperm and egg) says that it’s a girl, XY – boy.

In addition, there is another point that will help parents to influence the sex of the baby, because there are qualitative differences between «female» and «male» chromosomes. The sperm that carries the X chromosome, hardy and slow, and y — chromosome — quick and hardy. This knowledge gives You an attempt to influence the gender of your baby! So, most likely, You will have a boy if conception occurred at the time of ovulation or the day after after her, and the girl 2 days before ovulation.

With the help of statistics derived by other factors, influencing the sex of the baby.

1. This is the age of the mother. So where the wife is older than the husband, there is a high probability that you will have a girl, otherwise boy. But these data refer only to the firstborn.

2. Time of year: boys are more likely to appear if was conceived from September to November (fall), girls – from March to may (spring).

3. The character of the mother: the woman, the leader, often dominated by testosterone, a male hormone.

4. Diet: eating certain foods that will allow you to plan the gender of your child.

5. Zodiac sign: there are male and female signs and which of them belongs to the expectant mother, will depend on the sex of the baby.

But that’s not all yet. Not all the factors listed above always coincide with reality, so no need for them to rely on and comply with all the requirements, especially if you feel that they are not truthful.

Is it possible to plan the sex of the child?

How to calculate the baby's gender - what it depends on?

Taking into account the factors which determine the sex of a baby, many are trying to plan a boy or a girl. This version is indeed possible, but it is not 100% chance and it all depends on each individual case. According to the statistics and the identified patterns are only a small part of the factors influencing sex of the unborn child.

The greatest guarantee you can get only in IVF (in vitro fertilization), but is excluded 100% match of chromosomes. If Your desire to have a certain gender of a child is so great, then You can try to plan the gender of a baby using special methods.

Methods and ways to calculate the baby’s gender

Today there are many different methods of planning a child, starting from science and ending with the people. Below, we provide You the most common and more effective statistical methods.

1. Medical technique. Is deemed to be reliable but it is the most expensive. Many expectant parents are willing to pay a lot of money to get the desired sex of the child, given the fact that this procedure is very complicated. The medical method is that using the MicroSort system, the separation and sorting of sperm «male» and «female» chromosome. Then you select the desired chromosome and used IVF, the first attempt may be unsuccessful and therefore may require re-trying. The cost of in vitro fertilization is so high that it can afford very few people, which makes this medical method is practically inaccessible.

2. Conception by ovulation. As mentioned above, the sex of the baby depends on the time of ovulation. If conception occurred on the day of ovulation or the day after, a strong likelihood that You will have a boy. Well, if 2-3 days before ovulation, before she has begun, You can count on the girl.

3.Method of supply. If You want a boy, then Your daily diet should be food that contains a large number of ions Na and K: meat, mushrooms, bread, fruit and cured meats. With regard to food for conceiving girl, then it must contain ions K and Mg: eggs, nuts, dairy products, sweets. If to trust statistics, the effectiveness of this method is approximately 80%, which is very good.

4.The frequency of sexual acts. This method is based on qualitative differences in sperm carrying the chromosome that determines gender. Frequent lovemaking is a preference for the y — chromosome, it is faster and therefore increases the chance of having a boy. The infrequent coitus (1 time in 2 weeks or less) increases the chance of having a girl due to the quantitative benefits of «female» ( X) chromosomes, due to their survivability. This method is effective in 70 %.

5.Method to calculate the updates of blood. Moreover, the sex of a child depends on whose blood is «fresh», the father or mother. It is known that women’s blood is updated 1 time in 3 years, men’s – 1 every 4 years. So if, for example, the father of 40 years, and mother 34, there is a high probability that You have to be born a boy (because: 40/4=10, 34/3=11,333).

6.Temperature method. If You plan boy, then those rules will only apply to men. For this future Pope to prevent heat, long hot baths and spacious to wear underwear. Take a cold shower and do wiping. With regard to planning girls, these limitations should not be followed.

How to calculate the baby's gender - what it depends on?

There are many other methods, but their efficiency is not as high as listed above. But remember that all of these methods are also not 100 % guarantee even with strict adherence to all rules. Moreover, the parents already love the baby, regardless of gender. In addition, ultrasound will allow You to know in advance the sex of the baby and mentally prepare yourself for the advent of a son or daughter.

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