How to calculate ovulation

The menstrual cycle determines women’s health, favorable and unfavorable days for conception. If you correctly calculate the ovulation increasing the probability to experience the joy of motherhood, or Vice versa – you can protect yourself from extremely undesirable soon after conception.

How to calculate ovulation day

If a woman wants to get pregnant, better schedule the coming month, to carefully control the menstrual cycle. This is a simple and free way how to calculate when you will ovulate, which helps a girl of reproductive age to plan their future, to do deliberate and conscious actions. When irregular menstruation, such a calculation will cause doubt. Then you need individual counseling the district gynecologist. If no such problems, it’s time to figure out how to calculate ovulation.

How to calculate ovulation day calendar

It is the most affordable home method that helps to calculate successful conception or avoid its occurrence. In a Network distributed calendars online, developed programs of this type. The classical calculation is as follows:

  1. It is necessary to calculate the duration of the menstrual cycle, and this pocket calendar monthly to note the first and last day of menstruation. Often this period lasts 25-28 days, after which come back monthly.
  2. Ovulation period is 11-15 days of the menstrual cycle when there is a high probability of successfully to conceive. The chances of long-awaited motherhood are increased if a woman’s cycle is stable.
  3. Knowing these dates can also be calculated unfavorable days for pregnancy that are allowed to lead an active sex life. A woman needs only to subtract conditionally dangerous and safe days, and does not disrupt your normal schedule.

Calendar on the tablet

How to calculate ovulation by ultrasound

Women accustomed to that ultrasound helps to determine who in the future will be born – a boy or a girl. This range of possibilities for such clinical examination is not limited, because you can still clean up ovulation spotting dangerous «women’s» disease. Ultrasound monitoring visualizes the maturation of the ovarian follicle and the release of an egg to further fertilization. The order of calculation:

  • a woman should know the symptoms of approaching ovulation
  • advance is necessary to roughly calculate the date;
  • in the desired days need to go for an ultrasound to confirm clinical by assumption.

How to calculate ovulation basal temperature

To go for an ultrasound constantly no opportunity: this is a paid clinical examination is not always pleasant and fast. You can calculate the ovulation at home, and for this to stock up on the usual mercury thermometer. The measurement of temperature enables us to conduct rectal in the morning, immediately upon waking, without getting out of bed, not doing any sudden movements. The results recorded in the table, monthly schedule. So it is possible to determine exactly when ovulation how much to take. The results are as follows:

  1. In the period of maturation of the egg when ovulation still is not planned, measured rectal temperature remains at a reduced level.
  2. Immediately prior to ovulation temperature changes, the indicators reaches the minimum mark on the thermometer.
  3. After the transformation of the follicle into the corpus luteum the temperature rises, and the difference with the previous index in the range of 0.6-0.8 degrees.
  4. To pinpoint ovulation, this home method, these measurements should be performed daily at the same time not violate the schedule. This will help to correctly calculate the period.

The schedule of basal temperature

How to calculate ovulation with the test strips

Woman will know, it is favorable or unfavorable days for conception. It is not necessary to enroll in ultrasound monitoring: you can go to the pharmacy and buy special test strips at affordable price. They will help to calculate when to start ovulation. Transcript of the test is very simple. It is important to first figure out from the instructions, how is study at home:

  1. In a clean container to collect a fresh batch daily urine volume of 100 ml This dosage is enough that the result is correct if the execution of the test and its validity is not in doubt.
  2. Lower a special test strip of paper in the portion of urine, hold it for several seconds until you see the first results. It remains to calculate auspicious days for conception, or not.
  3. The appearance of the first strips are like a pregnancy test, show the suitability of the purchase. All depends on the other risks, if available at all.
  4. The presence of a second dash says that an important moment will come in the next 24-48 hours, but no they don’t have to rely on the successful conception of a child.
  5. The complete absence of bands indicates the unsuitability of the purchased test, it’s time to re-visit the pharmacy.

Ovulation test

Calculation of ovulation by month

To correctly calculate the time of ovulation will help you a special calculator online. If faith is the virtual results is missing, it is better to have a pocket calendar. Every woman can independently calculate dangerous and safe days in terms of conception, and for this you need to listen to your own body. For example, during the onset of ovulation palpable uterine contractions by which the egg moves to the exit. Other tips are shown below:

  • pulling sensation in lower abdomen, as in menstruation routine;
  • emotionalism, sexual activity;
  • the increase in amount of clear vaginal discharge;
  • improve overall health;
  • increased physical activity.

If a woman has by nature reduced sensitivity, handheld or online calendar – this is the real way how to calculate when ovulating. Each of the above methods has its advantages and disadvantages, so you need to be especially responsible approach to the process of family planning to avoid questionable relationships and unprotected sex.

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