How to bring down the temperature of 38

For each person’s normal temperature may be different: someone feels good at 36,6, and someone comfortable with 37,0. In the presence of infection or disease, the body tries to cope with the pathogen, resulting in fever. This process brings the discomfort, weakness, and so sick of trying to fight the disease. Many important issues are how to bring down the temperature of 38, you need to lower it at all? Below are effective ways to reduce the indicators of the thermometer, the improvement of health.

Do I need to bring the temperature down to 38?

The debate about what the indicators should bring the temperature down, have been underway for several decades in the medical profession. Some doctors believe that if 38,0 body is able to fight the virus, the disease and to bring down artificially the degree is not worth it. Others argue that such measures adversely affect the General condition, the internal organs, because certainly it needs to be down, to prevent further increase.

Girl thinks how to bring down the temperature of 38

In order to better understand these nuances, it helps to understand what leads to the temperature increase:

  • In the presence of infection, the organism begins to actively fight it. Temperature rise – is evidence that the organism resists the pathogen, trying to cope with the problem alone.
  • During the struggle, begins to produce interferon – a substance that helps destroy harmful cells. If immunity at the person good, to cope with the disease and the temperature is high the body can.
  • If the minimum temperature rise a few degrees immediately take antipyretics, production of interferon is greatly reduced, and the body is not able to fight the disease. Sometimes there are cases when a person does not tolerate a temperature of 38, so it must be whipped in no time.

When is it appropriate to bring the temperature down 38:

  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • If you have (or had) seizures.
  • If the increase of the thermometer is accompanied by severe headaches, nausea, vomiting.
  • A long time has not abated and higher temperature also rises.

How to quickly bring down the temperature of folk remedies?

In order to bring the temperature down to 38 degrees and more often used traditional methods whose effectiveness is proven by many. The main methods are: the use of teas, which provoke increased sweating; wraps, sponging, compresses. The main advantages of such funds are:

  • Accessibility (many components, the tools are in every home or the cost of the minimum in the pharmacy).
  • The possibility of use in adults and children.
  • The harmlessness of the methods of traditional medicine, when applied correctly, the procedure does not have contraindications, side effects.

Diaphoretic teas

One of the most effective ways of dealing with illness and fever is intake of diaphoretic teas. Excessive drinking has a positive effect on the body, removes toxic substances with sweat. Consider the most popular and effective recipes diaphoretic teas, which can be used by children or adults to reduce heat:

  • With Kalina. In the fall, you need to prepare the berries: mash them with sugar and put in a glass container in the refrigerator. During the disease dilute a few teaspoons in a Cup of warm water and drink. Kalina is a natural antibiotic, it not only reduces body temperature, but also helps to fight off the virus, which provoked the disease.
  • With the hips. A small handful of Goji berries and sleep in a thermos, pour boiling water, let it brew to the fruits revealed their best qualities. Better brew for a night, then morning tea is ready. If you wish, or flavor, is to add a spoonful of honey.

A woman has a temperature of 38

Compresses and wraps

To bring the temperature down 38 help wraps or compresses. Despite the simplicity of the procedures, they have a positive impact on the patient and help reduce the fever. In order to hold the wrap, you must perform the following steps:

  • To prepare the fabric, it is advisable to choose cotton that would completely wrap the person, it may be, for example, a sheet, a towel or just a great cut.
  • Prepare the room temperature water in a basin (for maximum effect, can be used an infusion of yarrow).
  • Dampen a cloth in the liquid, wrap it a patient and leave for a few minutes.
  • Remove the cloth, wipe the patient, and if the temperature holds and the patient is very hot, you should repeat the body wrap.

For compresses can be used a decoction of mint, yarrow, and carry out the procedure you need the following:

  • To prepare infusion for compresses: enamel container pour water and add the mint or yarrow (2 tablespoons). Put the dishes in a water bath and heat 10-20 minutes, stirring occasionally with a spoon.
  • Cooling to room temperature, the decoction and filter.
  • To prepare the gauze for a compress, cut into small pieces, folded in 3-5 times.
  • To moisten the broth with gauze, apply to the wrists, lobby, inguinal folds, temples. Update packs should be every ten minutes until the normalization of condition.

Girl lying with a temperature of 38

Wiping with vinegar

To fight the fever of wiping the vinegar, but in any case it is not recommended to use essence or remedy in its pure form. Adults should dilute the vinegar at a ratio of 1:1 with water at room temperature, and for children the concentration of vinegar must be several times smaller. Rubdown leads to cooling of the body that occurs as a result of evaporation, energy of heat. Some of the secrets of applying the method for wiping the normalization of body temperature:

  • Be sure to pre-dilute the vinegar to the desired concentration.
  • Sponging to bring down the temperature of 38 and above.
  • To quickly reduce the heat, wipe the places where large blood vessels close to the skin surface in the region of the bend in the elbow and knees, neck, armpits, groin.
  • Causing the solution, you should not cover up the place of clothing or blanket.

What drugs help to bring down the temperature in an adult?

Often patients do not help traditional medicine or alternative methods to reduce heat, so the only way to bring the temperature down is the reception of medical preparations. The most effective and fast-acting medicines are paracetamol (15 mg/1 kg) or ibuprofen (10 mg/1 kg). Various forms of release provide the opportunity for each person to choose a convenient option:

  • Tablets, capsules is a very convenient form, quick action: «Aspirin», «Paracetamol», «Ibuprofen,» «Aspirin» (Acetylsalicylic acid), «Movalis» and others.
  • Rectal suppositories – ideal to take the heat for the patient, who observed nausea, vomiting, and oral medications may not produce the desired effect. Known preparations are: «Efferalgan», «Set», «Mother», and others.
  • Injection is a fast and effective way to bring down the temperature to make the intramuscular injection of dipyrone, papaverine and diphenhydramine in the same proportion. To resort to this method stands in extreme cases, when the patient’s condition or severe heat has a negative impact on General health.

Effective antipyretics for a child

For parents often the question becomes more urgent: how to bring down a high temperature of 38 child. To fight the heat used medication, which is acetaminophen, rarely other active components. Drugs produced in such forms:

  • Tablets, capsules is a convenient way of taking the drug to reduce the heat that acts very quickly. But this form of issue is not always appropriate for children: first, the kids rarely are able or willing to take medications, and secondly, sometimes receiving medication causes stomach pain, cramping (especially if the person did not eat) or vomiting, the pill is not properly digested and does not have time to have the desired effect.
  • Candles for rectal application. This method is perfect for toddlers who are difficult to force to take a pill. Moreover, it is not irritating to the stomach wall of a small child. Often parents use the candle «Tsefekon», «Efferalgan».
  • Syrups – ideal for relieving fever in children. These drugs have a sweet, pleasant taste, thanks to which children are happy to agree to taking the medication. Suspension, parents will choose more often: «Nise», «Paracetamol», «Panadol», «Ibufen» and others.

Temperature 38 the child

If the child has no reason fever 38, and no obvious cold symptoms, you should call a doctor for a thorough examination and in any case not to self-medicate. Before the arrival of the physician, treatment may be used compresses, sponging, welcome to drink plenty of liquids, maintaining a comfortable air temperature and humidity. If warm, dry weather doctors recommends walking with a temperature of 38.

Video of Dr. Komarovsky: How to bring down the temperature of a child

Known children’s doctor, to the authoritative opinion which is heeded by many parents – Komorowski, in many broadcasts raised the question of how to bring down the temperature, what means and when to use. Effective drug to combat the elevated temperature of the body is paracetamol, which is the basis of many drugs. Form release medications can be different: tablets, syrup, and rectal suppositories. Watch the video to know when to bring the temperature down and by what means it is better to do:

How to bring down the temperature during pregnancy?

Girls during pregnancy in order to bring the temperature down, it is recommended to take paracetamol. This tool very effectively helps in the shortest possible time to get rid of heat and to maintain normal levels for a long time. In addition, this drug has an analgesic effect that is beneficial to General health and condition of the pregnant woman. Great variety of teas, such as raspberry, lime, or viburnum.

Pregnant girl with a temperature of

Than it is possible to reduce the temperature of the lactating?

High temperature hazardous for nursing mothers because it may lead to lactose. To bring down the temperature is in the shortest possible time, for this you can use various methods:

  • The intake of drugs during lactation can be used Ibuprofen, Paracetamol.
  • Warm herbal teas. It is a very useful lime for cooking that requires dry Linden flowers pour boiling water and infuse for half an hour. Drink three times a day for a small Cup. In addition to helping in the fight against fever, this drink will help to keep the milk and increase its quantity.
  • Rubbing a weak vinegar solution helps to bring down the temperature without harm to the mother, the process of feeding a child.
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