How to make rose hips

This useful berry called «the wild rose». Rosehip helps to cope with colds and gives the body strength to effectively deal with them. If you use natural remedies to cure diseases, learn how to prepare the rosehips, to the infusion retained at the maximum of its rich composition.

How useful is the infusion and decoction of rose hips

Healthy tea

The plant Matures in late summer its berries can be harvested, dried, and then brew. Similarly, use the leaves and roots. Fruits rich in vitamin C, which it contains at times more than lemon or other citrus. In addition to ascorbic acid, the use of this berry as expressed in the content of vitamins of group B, the presence of fat-soluble vitamins of the group – And that Is

From minerals we can mention iron, magnesium, and auxiliary compounds – pectin, essential oils, organic acids, tannins. The correct knowledge of how to brew the rose hips, will help to keep all these benefits without changing it to fully metabolised by the body. Infusion helps to fight colds, improves the digestive tract, is an antioxidant.

Contraindications for use of the drink is bad blood clotting, a tendency to thrombosis, diseases of the stomach. You cannot take the infusion people with ulcers, gastritis, endocarditis, thrombophlebitis. The plant has a reinforcing action that is not recommended for stomach problems. Before the adoption of the decoction, consult a doctor. It will tell you how much to take infusion with no harm to the body.

Fruit infusion plants and

How to brew rose hip in a thermos

Use a thermos to prepare simplifies the process. Instead of a thermos you can use a slow cooker. Important in business, how to make rose – water ratio and brew parts. 100 g or 4 tablespoons of the desired liter of water, then get the correct concentration. To prepare the drink:

  1. Crush berries, put in a thermos and pour boiling water that has cooled for 5 minutes.
  2. Close the cover, wait 6 hours so that the fruit gave the maximum of useful properties of water.

How to cook broth hips

Ready broth

To understand how to prepare a decoction of rose hips, it is important to observe a concentration of 100 g of material per liter of water. The water is hot, but not boiling – it destroys vitamins, so before laying a little cool water. The broth is to cook more complicated than the infusion, but with the right approach it will be more healing. The drink is prepared from dried fruits, roots or leaves. The basis of preparation, long cooking with the lid closed and further maturation. Be sure to drink, strain and drink a glass every day before meals for better digestion.

Of dried fruits

Broth hips dried fruits – the most common variant making it. Recipe:

  1. Pre-prepared dried berries need to sort, wash.
  2. Clean water to take in the required amount, bring to boil, slightly cool, put the berries. This solution is languishing hour, sometimes it is added evaporated water.
  3. Then close the container so that the drink has cooled down, strain.

From the roots

A decoction of the roots of the plant

Dry the roots of plants are rich in vitamins, minerals, macro — and microelements. The roots have less taste than the berries with a small hint of bitterness, so to soften the taste you can add honey if you give them a child. To prepare the broth:

  1. The roots are crushed, put a tablespoon of raw on a half-liter of water.
  2. The water is boiled, cooled 5 minutes, laid the roots simmering for 20 minutes.
  3. After 15 minutes the drink is brewed with the lid closed, filter, drink.

From the leaves

Rosehip tea is made of leaves. They are rich in vitamin C, tannins, organic acids, help with cancer. The concentration in this application is 2 tablespoons per liter of fluid. The leaves are brewed for 20 minutes, languishing for 2 hours, the broth is filtered, to drink. To increase the useful properties you can add lemon balm, thyme, nettle or other healing plants. So the beverage tastes even better.

Video: how to brew rose hips

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