How the moon affects sleep

How the moon affects sleep

To know a bit about yourself lunatic. In the process of evolution of mankind, people have referred to the month in different ways. It is considered attractive and charming, he seems sinister and frightening.

Part of our life connected with the moon. Beneath we kiss, hatching evil plans. And we sent an expedition to the moon, spending billions of dollars. Perhaps our body over the years of evolution, able to adapt to the cycles of the moon.

The most famous of the manifestations associated with the lunar effect on human physiology occurs in women — the menstrual cycle. About the moon’s influence on the electrochemical processes occurring in the brain of people who suffer from epilepsy is less well known. But in the period of the new moon, in patients increases the risk of seizures is known.

In addition, many believe that the changing of the moon phases had some connection with our sleep. When the moon is full many people experience difficulties with sleep, sleep is difficult and the chances that they can sleep all night — a little.

Even in the case where, it seems that the night passed quietly, you may feel a mild block, like «lunar hangover.» This situation, from a logical point of view, could be explained if the person slept on the street and was directly under the rays of the moon.

But the influence of the the month significantly and when a person is in the room where the tightly closed doors and Windows, curtains drawn.

For a long time there were disputes about genuine link lunar cycles with the sleep man. Currently, this phenomenon was confirmed by the publication in the scientific journal Current Biology. Research work increasingly, was conducted for a long time.

In 2000 to participate in the experiment were invited volunteers, in the amount of 33 people. A group of researchers of the University of Basel, the ETH and the Swiss center of sleep medicine for three years were to study the sleep of subjects.

Specialists have collected many data:

1. the electroencephalogram was measured activity of the waves emitted by the brain during sleep;

2. levels of the hormone melatonin;

3. time spent falling asleep

4. time, which occurs during deep sleep.

Recorded information of the participants about their night’s sleep, how well they felt the next day.

Taking into account the obtained data, the researchers sought to examine the overall structure of the dream and figure out how it is influenced by gender and age.

After a few decades, scientists have reviewed the results on the communication structure of sleep with the phases of the moon. It turned out that indeed such a connection exists, and it is very durable.

It consists in the fact that in the month, for 3-4 days, the participants of the experiment time has passed (five minutes) to sleep, and the sleep lasted less than usual (for 20 minutes). In those days, according to the testimony of the electroencephalogram, the participants felt a decrease in activity that has a connection with a deep sleep by 30 percent. The volunteers who participated in the experience said that they felt less rested, unlike other days. And this was associated with reduced melatonin levels.

The experiment was conducted in the laboratory, which was completely blackened, and the rays of the moon during sleep, the participants, to enter the premises could not. We can assume that the fact that the influence of the moon on sleep proven, but, nevertheless, the mechanism of this effect remains unclear.

The penetration of the moonlight in the room where the experiment was excluded, therefore, it cannot be considered a basis for explaining this phenomenon. Scientists who did research and confirm for yourself that they don’t know how the moon affects the human body.

Perhaps we, along with other creatures living on Earth are adapted to certain astronomical rhythms (full and new moon, day and night).

It is difficult to determine the location of the internal clock, for example, in plants. But man is endowed with suprachiasmatic the nucleus is a small compartment of the brain, near the optic nerve and is responsible for the production of the chemicals melatonin, certain neurotransmitters, in General, substances that have a connection with the times.» This process surrounded by cosmic and earthly rhythms. The physical body of man belongs to the earthly world, but the brain (and behavior) might be dependent on moonlight.

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