How is paid sick leave

When a person gets sick or he is faced with the illness of their children or other relatives, it will be interesting to see how paid sick leave in the formal employment. Such knowledge will enable the employee receiving a salary not to wonder recalculation, and also to check, did not disappoint the employer.

In what cases is made and as paid sick leave

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Paid Bulletin upon the occurrence of such moments:

  • the employee’s illness or injury, an accident;
  • care for a sick child or family member, including a finding on quarantine.
  • medical indications for prosthesis or a visit to the sanatorium, resort, can not wait.

To understand how paid sick leave, it should be remembered that the employer necessarily insures every formally employed worker. This procedure consists in the payment to the Fund of social insurance payments fixed interest. When illness, injury, the first 3 days paid by the company, then the insurance Fund.

How paid sick leave to care for a child? Here’s the compensation lies entirely on the program of Fund of social insurance, as well as the care of another relative. Not too much to understand must be paid special sick leave while on vacation. For payment, the employer must obtain from an employee of the private hospital due to illness, and then can either extend the holiday or transferred it to another period in accordance with the agreement.

Calculation of sick-lists

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The calculation depends on the duration of the experience: if the accumulated period of more than 8 years, every day is paid as 100% of the calculated amount. In the period between 5 and 8 years of service is paid 80%, and when you experience less than 5 years – 60%. There are several options for calculations: based on average earnings or starting from the minimum wage. There are special calculators, apply the provisions of the Labour code (former LABOR code) – you can find them on the portal of «Consultant Plus» or similar systems. There is a correct calculation of the accrual amount and the change in wages.

How to calculate hospital average salary

The question of how paid sick leave on the basis of the average wage, is solved in several stages:

  • the average salary is calculated per year and per day;
  • calculation of length of service for sick leave;
  • is the benefit calculated is the total for payment.

Feature of the calculations is the existence of a maximum limit of average annual earnings. If the average employee’s salary above a certain amount, shall be in law the limit in 2015 it was 670 thousand rubles. For the calculations need information about the biennial salary, a new employee need help with a work history on earnings. The average daily earnings is considered by dividing the two-year salaries for 730 days.

Calculation of sick leave at the minimum wage

How can paid sick leave, if the experience is less than six months? In this everyday situation for production calculations using the minimum wage. For example, from January 2016, this minimum is 6204 of the ruble. Then calculated the average daily income. This can be expressed by the formula: payment amount=minimum wage*24 (months in two years):730 (days in two years). The result is taken 60%. The resulting amount is multiplied by the number of days of illness.

Sick pay

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Form of the disease can get officially employed worker from among those who fall under the payment. For the first 3 days payments will be made by the enterprise, all the rest – FSS. A breach of the conditions established by the physician, the amount is calculated according to the minimum wage since the refusal of treatment. There is a maximum period of sick leave, after which payments are not credited:

  • inpatient treatment – 10 days, ambulatory care – 15 days;
  • for a child under 7 years of age, you can take a maximum of 60 days per year;
  • for toddler up to 7 years with special health problems, a list of which is available on the website of the FSS, provides for a maximum of 90 days per year;
  • to care for a sick child 7-15 years at a time can take a maximum of 15 days, and only a maximum of 45 days per year;
  • with the aim of caring for the disabled person 15 years and a maximum of 120 days per year;
  • to care for another relative ‒ not more than a week at a time and a maximum of 30 days per year.

In the care of the child for the first 10 days are subject to full payment of the amount calculated on the basis of seniority. The next day include the payment for only half of the daily earnings. Get money with a salary. The benefit is awarded from the income tax. In case of delay or breach by the employer of the procedure of compensation payment, the employee may file a complaint to the higher authorities. A sample application is available on the official websites of the organizations.

Sick pay part-time

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Part-time can work on multiple jobs in one firm or two or three companies. Leaves for illness are issued in the quantities required to submit for each place of employment. On the basic of the form shall be marked «Main», the other «part-time». Payment is is charged every employer subject to the condition that the last 2 years the employee worked constantly. Then the payment is calculated based on average daily earnings. If the condition is the basis for the calculations is taken to be the minimum wage.

After the dismissal

The sickness benefit is unable to laid – off workers- the amount will be 60% of the average daily income. Condition: the days of disability are paid if between the dismissal and the opening leaf of the sickness was no more than a month. Sick pay after retirement is characterized by the fact that you can get the money within six months from the date of dismissal. Extends assistance only to the employee, will not be payable for care of child or relative. For the first 3 days providing payment lies with the former employer, pays all future FSS.

During the holidays

Hospital during the holidays is covered as normal, the conversion is done according to a formula taking into account the average monthly wages and seniority. Not subject to payment of the situation when the worker is resting at his own expense, when the woman asked for leave for pregnancy and childbirth, if the employee took leave to care for children as part of their official guests. In these cases, shall be paid only for those days of illness that occur during the time after the holidays.

How to calculate sick leave

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Pregnant on the period of 30 weeks or 28 in the case of carrying twins or triplets gets a piece of temporary disability with a duration of 140 or 194 days. In singletons, but with complications or early birth, the period is extended to 156 days. Other calculations do not differ from ordinary – the average two-year salary divided by 730, and the result is multiplied by the number of days taken to 100%, with job tenure of 2 years. The amount will depend on the minimum wage for the duration of work at least six months.

How to calculate sick leave in 2016

From 01.01.2016 the minimum wage, which is used in certain cases to calculate payments for the period of disability, is 6204 in a month. From 1 July the rate will increase to 7500 R. For diseases and decrees in the second half when calculating the amount of benefit will use the new increased minimum wage.

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