How can you quickly get pregnant

advice on how fast to get pregnantAfter the young couple ready for the responsibilities of parenthood, they face a sharp question: how fast to get pregnant? Why quickly? Because, after the appearance of the desire to become parents is the feeling I want to feel, as quickly as possible. So, for most expectant parents, the task is to quickly get pregnant to become a goal and dream.

Every woman should remember that before you get pregnant fast, you need to fulfill some necessary conditions.

  • Both parents should undergo a preliminary medical examination prior to conception. Definitely need to give blood biochemistry, etc., feces and urine, allow the oral cavity in order to get rid of serious diseases.
  • To prepare the immune system on full alert. For women this point is very important for a smooth pregnancy and healthy baby. And for my husband for his usefulness of sperm. Recommended 3 months prior to planned intercourse with the aim of pregnancy, take vitamin and mineral diet to both future parents. Eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, to start cleansing the body from toxins and pesticides, to take additional biological complex of vitamins and minerals.
  • To say a firm «No» to harmful habits. Also 3 months before conception is necessary to completely eliminate from our lives all that is poisoning the health and shortens the life of man: Smoking, alcohol, drugs, eating sweets, eating fast food.
  • To engage in physical activities, preferably outdoors. Even 15 minute of daily Jogging in the morning the city will be enough to normalize immune system and strengthen the vital forces of the person.

It is believed that the fastest way to get pregnant is to make love in the conventional missionary style, then the woman need to lie down for a while, not getting up on the bed. For more effect, you can lift straight legs at a right angle in the supine position. It is important to know that in order to get pregnant as fast as possible, you need to cum man got as far as possible inside a woman’s vagina.

The question how to get pregnant fast, considerable importance is the number of sexual acts. What to do to get pregnant faster? You need to engage intercourse 2-3 times (can be more) per day in the most successful days for conception. As you know, have the most fruitful days for conception is the time of ovulation and 5 days before and after. Read the article «How to determine when ovulation».

The quick ways to get pregnant

Here are some tips how to get pregnant.

  • What to do to get pregnant faster? You can not dwell on your desire. The woman and the man need to do everything possible to prepare the body for future conception. Leave the rest to nature. You can’t panic and fall into depression if all the ways to get pregnant quickly become unrealistic. Definitely need to move forward towards the goal, but with good thoughts, that after all the dream will come true. Remember, stress and depression shock for women is the best remedy for pregnancy.
  • Often, women and girls request the doctor: «I Want to get pregnant fast.» For a positive solution of this problem you together with the doctor to make the period favorable for conception. It’s easy to do if you pass a special ovulation tests. It is possible and to determine a good time, if a woman is established the menstrual cycle and no chronic, aggravated or inflammatory processes in the body.
  • How quickly pregnant? Women need to be sure before conception to bring your weight to normal. Very often among overweight or too thin women the problem is temporary or chronic infertility.
  • How to get pregnant very quickly? Try to keep the internal organs at the highest level. Remember, everything in the human body is interconnected. If you suffer from one internal system to another system is also crashing.
  • The fastest way to get pregnant is to maximize sperm motility in men. No need to think that the pregnancy or the decision of a question of conception is determined only by the woman. From men, in this case, too, means a lot. If the sexual partner is manifested lethargy sexual identity, thinking about the imminent pregnancy should be abandoned. how fast to get pregnant

Folk remedies

  • Douching or ingestion of a decoction of alder helps the body to tune in to a positive conception.
  • Similarly, the action has a decoction of a mixture of fresh herbs of parsley and dill.
  • All possible ways to fill the female body is vitamin E.
  • Plant ficus, located in the bedroom of the spouses, creates a good aura of family happiness and fertility.
  • Some popular signs also contribute to the rapid conception: to drink from a glass pregnant, sit in a chair for her to stroke the belly of a pregnant woman.

What to take to quickly get pregnant? There is a great drug for antiseptic quick conception. But the self to do is strictly prohibited. Before using this drug, you need to visit a gynecologist and get his approval for use of this method quick pregnancy.

How fast to get pregnant a boy or a girl?

How to get pregnant with a girl?

  • To have intercourse not in the day of the ovulation period and 3-4 days after or before.
  • If before pregnancy a woman would drink energy food, it’s a girl.
  • To use a Japanese technique for birthday girl to lay down their month of birth of the expectant mother and her age, then add to the resulting amount the scheduled date for conception. For the birth of girls should be an even number. If it is odd, then the sexual act with the purpose of conception should be postponed for 1 day.

How to get pregnant boy?

  • The day of conceiving a boy should coincide with the day of ovulation in women.
  • To have sex in any other than «missionary» posture.
  • To conceive a boy during sexual intercourse, a woman should experience orgasm.
  • Before conception need to lean on meat and animal food.
  • To calculate by the above method the day of conception of a boy. The number in the sum must be odd.

How to get pregnant with a second child?

Quickly become pregnant with a second child help folk recipe: you need to drink a decoction of sage. Also a woman needs less nervous and perform all the terms and conditions for conception. Before planning a second child, remember that a woman’s body needs to rest after the first birth. The best time for the second smallest member of the family in a year or two after the first birth (if during pregnancy there were no complications).

But, what if long fails to conceive a child, see the link /kak-zaberemenet-if-ne-poluchaetsya/

What is stopping to get pregnant fast

  • How to get pregnant after period? The best and fastest period for planning pregnancy after menstruation 10 days. After this time, if vigorously engage in sexual intercourse, conception is likely. Read more here.
  • After contraceptives? After taking these contraceptives should be about 20 days for full recovery processes of ovulation. To be sure that the process has recovered, you must contact your gynecologist and take ovulation tests. After this time, you can use all possibilities for a future quick conception.
  • How quickly can you get pregnant after the spiral? As a rule, if a woman has no health problems, after the extraction of the helix, if desired, immediately pregnancy.
  • How quickly can you get pregnant after an abortion? After this operation the woman’s body need to fully recover. It is desirable that after the abortion it took at least six months, and after that time you can plan pregnancy. Prior to future conception should explore the female body to detect any adverse effects and to treat the resulting disease.
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