Causes, symptoms, restore hormonal failure in women

how does a hormonal imbalanceHormonal failure affects almost all aspects of life girls. It reflected on her mood, appearance, relationships with others and sexual function. It is very important to know how to restore hormonal failure and how to prevent its violation. About it and speech will go today.

What are the symptoms when hormonal failure in women?

Of course, before discussing causes, symptoms and methods of treatment of disorders of the hormone levels, you need to decide, which means a hormonal imbalance and hormones.

Hormones are the biologically and chemically active compounds that affect physiological functions and the metabolism of the body. Hormones are responsible for growth, development, adaptation to environment, etc.

The female body is of great importance hormones such as estrogen and progesterone. The first is produced with age in a smaller amount, so that when approaching menopause it can manifest itself in the appearance of wrinkles, puffiness on the body, acne, stretch marks, painful menstruation and General decay.

Progesterone is responsible for the onset of menstruation, the muscle tone of the uterus, normal pressure, skin health, maintenance of reproductive organs.

Hormonal failure is a violation of hormone in the body. It can be caused by a buildup of excessive or insufficient quantities of a single species or group of hormones. This phenomenon is immediately reflected in the symptoms of hormonal failure in the body women, among them are the following:

  1. Deviations from the normal menstrual cycle.
  2. Rashes on the face, the deterioration of the skin.

Special attention should be paid to the inflammation on the face people have not adolescence. If your skin has already started to touch the first wrinkles, and rashes, all is not lost, this is a powerful argument to think that there were pimples because of hormonal failure.

  1. Poor sleep, weakness, constant lack of sleep.
  2. Decrease in sexual desire.
  3. A sharp loss or weight gain with hormonal failure.
  4. Headaches, dizziness. Sometimes even very strong
  5. Loss or deterioration of the hair.
  6. Depression, bad mood, mood swings.
  7. Changes in blood pressure.
  8. Abnormal sweating.

Each individual female body may differently react to deviations of hormones. For example, uterine fibroids, lesions in the chest, dryness of the vagina are not the main signs of hormonal failure, but can also be caused by this violation.

Why does hormonal imbalance in women?

Reasons hormonal failure can be natural, in most cases, you do not need to be treated, hormonal imbalance go away on their own after some time. These include:

  1. Puberty, usually aged 13-17.
  2. Pregnancy and the postpartum period.
  3. Menopause is the stage in a woman’s life when she begins to lose sex hormones and reproductive function, usually occurs around the age of 40-50 years.

A separate group of causes of hormonal failure can be subjected to the treatment and repair. This:

  1. Fatigue, chronic fatigue, both moral and physical.
  2. Taking medications that affect hormones, and birth control.
  3. Bad habits: Smoking, alcohol.
  4. Unhealthy way of life.
  5. An improper diet.
  6. Diseases and gynecological.
  7. Overweight (can be both a precipitating factor and a consequence of hormonal failure in women).
  8. Often transferred infectious diseases: SARS, acute respiratory infections, etc.
  9. Serious illness experienced in childhood.

How to treat hormonal failure: the 10 components

hormonal imbalance in women photosIn order to pinpoint a hormonal imbalance, you will need to take a blood test. If the diagnosis is confirmed, the doctor may prescribe medication and advise lifestyle changes. However, do not be afraid. At the current pace of life only few girls can boast of a perfectly balanced level of hormones.

For good health and the most vital activity should be to restore hormonal imbalance in women. This can be done by working in the complex on several fronts.

  1. To eliminate the root causes

Without this fundamental level of hormones is unlikely to be back to normal.

  1. Medications

The course of medication should be administered only by an experienced technician, in any case, you should not resort to this method of treatment alone.

  1. Relaxation, sleep

Allow yourself to relax and enjoy the peace without filling your thoughts with negativity, waste and vanity. The body will tell you thank you for it.

What interferes with healthy sleep and how to sleep well here.

  1. Ditch unhealthy habits
  2. Get more fresh air

The cells of the body, oxygen-depleted, complicate the functioning of the brain and all systems.

  1. Normalize food

Adversely affect the condition of the body spicy, fatty, fried foods, the reverse effect is fruits, vegetables, juices, sufficient water (about 1.5-2 liters per day).

  1. Physical therapy, massages

Your doctor may prescribe you a special physiotherapy, aimed at maintaining hormonal composition. But even a simple massage performed and beloved family man, will help you relax, forget the bad emotions and give your body a boost of energy.

  1. Treatment of folk remedies

what can happen hormonal failureSome herbs with hormonal failure in women have a highly beneficial effect. It is connected with presence in their composition of phytohormones (phytoestrogens) are natural hormones that are beneficial to the appearance and functionality of organs and systems.

Lime, oregano, celandine, nettle, hops, cloves, etc. – here is a partial list of herbs that will help you develop a hormonal imbalance.

A tablespoon of one kind or a mixture of herbs pour a glass of boiling water, leave to infuse for several hours, then strain the decoction and drink half a Cup before meals.

Sage is recommended to drink a decoction from the fifth to the fourteenth day of the menstruation cycle. Sage is also used bloodroot. Unlike the previous list of herbs is the need of the boiling broth in a water bath for about 10-15 minutes. Extracts are digested best in the morning.

Oregano also helps to restore menstrual cycle.

Despite the fact that many relate to herbs and decoctions on the basis of their serious, these plants, like drugs, are composed of chemically active compounds, therefore, their admission must be confirmed with your doctor.

  1. Hirudotherapy

Leech therapy is also used as a treatment of hormonal disorders in the body.

  1. Vlok

Intravenous laser blood irradiation is a relatively recent method of treating hormonal shifts is the activation of self-regulatory processes in the body women using low-frequency laser.


In order not to think about what to do when hormonal failure in women who need to prevent its occurrence. The easiest way to do with prevention:

  1. Regularly take common tests and medical examination.
  2. Keep track of your cycle.
  3. At least once a year to pass inspection at the gynecologist.
  4. Try to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  5. Strengthens the immune system.
  6. Follow the harmony in his soul, do not be swayed by difficulties, problems and everyday routine. Try to see positive aspects in all manifestations of life. From the mood of the girls could depend on all its further destiny.

How to lose weight after hormonal failure?

how to treat hormonal imbalance in women
Without normalization of hormone levels diet may not give the desired effect. However, according to certain rules in the diet, you can gradually get rid of the consequences of imbalance

  1. Food must be fractional, but balanced. Read the article «What foods burn fat».
  2. Try not to use products that promote moisture retention: salty, smoked, spicy.
  3. Note that fast carbs immediately deposited in the body e in the form of fat. It is starchy and sweet. Limit their use at least for the time normalization.
  4. Among vitamins in your diet, particular importance are selenium, iodine, zinc.
  5. Physical activity is a powerful factor that accelerates weight loss. Effective those exercises in which the body is quickened sweats: jumping rope, running, dancing, etc.

What foods promote weight loss described in this article.

What is the danger of hormonal imbalance in women?

Among the most serious consequences include:

  • The appearance of malignant tumors in the mammary glands;
  • Obesity;
  • Infertility;
  • Excessive hair growth in unwanted places.

I hope we were able to fully describe the impact of hormonal imbalance in women, how to recognize it in your body and in time to begin treatment.

If you have any additions to the article, questions or suggestions about new topics, leave your comments below.

Be healthy!