Hondroprotektory osteochondrosis of the spine

Rapid life contributes to the fact that people often moved transport a lot of sitting at the computer. Physical inactivity, overweight lead to limited joint mobility, there is a osteochondrosis of the spine. Severe pain prevented from moving, to live a normal life. To help improve the condition of chondroprotectors.

What is chondro

Chondroprotectors from osteoarthritis

In the joints of a healthy body are the cells that produce chondroitin – a substance, saturating the fabric of the intervertebral disc with moisture. If this process is the blurring of the tissues and discs, causing inflammation and severe pain. There is a osteochondrosis of the spine. Medications designed to stop the destruction of cartilage, saturate them with moisture, are called chondroprotectors. They include:

  • glucosamine;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • chondroitin sulfate sodium.

Mechanism of action

Hondroprotektory osteochondrosis of the spine help nourish tissue, reduce inflammation, stop the progression of the disease. With their help in recovering the lost cartilage substance. Unfortunately, between the bones there is synovial fluid. Need more time and an increased dosage of the drug to cartilage in this case was in the cartilage tissue. Cure for degenerative disc disease of the spine helps:

  • relieve pain;
  • to protect the cartilage from damage;
  • to restore mobility;
  • to remove swelling;
  • seal cartilage.

Classification of drugs

Preparati, chondroprotector

Chondroprotectors in the pharmaceutical market is a long time. The first preparations for joint and cartilage is very different from modern developments. The classification adopted chondroprotectors generations:

  • the first medicines were made from natural ingredients – plants, animals cartilage;
  • the second is the preparations that contained pure separately chondroitin sulfate sodium, hyaluronic acid, glucosamine.
  • the third medication of new generation, which includes all three active component with special additives vitamins, NSAIDs.

Release form

Hondroprotektory osteochondrosis of the spine have an effect on the diseases depending on the release form. In the treatment of disease use:

  • capsules and tablets – require long-term use, to get results takes several months;
  • ointments are not absorbed into the blood and, thus, have only an external effect, reducing pain, relieving swelling, relaxing muscles:
  • ampoules for injection, have fast action, the effect distinguish between the preparations for joints and cartilage, intramuscular, intra-articular.

What are chondroprotectors for better spinal – overview

Cartilage Teraflex

Than before prescription drugs in osteochondrosis, the more effective the treatment. Chondroprotectors are different sustained-action, accepted long course. The effect of the use persists for a long time. In the list of chondroprotectors in osteochondrosis of the spine the best are:

  • Artra, teraflex – pills;
  • AKOS chondroitin, Structum – capsules;
  • Dona powders, injections;
  • Toadstone – gel;
  • Hondroksid ointment;
  • Hondrolon, Alflutop injections.

Drugs for oral administration: tablets and capsules

Effectively reduce inflammation, help rebuild cartilage tissue chondro preparations for treatment of joints. In the treatment of the spine tablets and capsules need long term use to achieve positive results. It is important to have patience and not to throw their reception, if it takes even one month.

Popular chondroprotectors, where the composition of the additional components are NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). This helps rapidly relieve pain, inflammation along with the effect of cartilage repair. Recommend the pills and capsules:

  • Movex;
  • Advans;
  • Don;
  • Triaktiv;
  • Teraflex;
  • Artra;
  • Chondroitin;
  • Structum;
  • Artron Complex.

Creams and gels for external use

Balm toadstone

The use of chondroprotectors in the form of ointments, gels prescribed at a complex influence on disease. This form of medicine does not penetrate into the bloodstream, it acts only on the superficial layer. Removed swelling, decreases inflammation, the pain subsides. Recommend the use of spinal osteochondrosis:

  • Toadstone;
  • Symptoms;
  • Chondroitin-AKOS.

Injections for injection

Among chondroprotectors in osteochondrosis most high-speed are drugs that are used in the form of injections at any stage of the disease. They give impetus to remedy the situation, and then assigned tablet. With the help of injections can quickly restore mobility, reduce pain, reduce the duration of treatment. Popular drugs:

  • Alflutop;
  • Hyalgan;
  • Agent;
  • Hialurox;
  • Arteparon;
  • Aggelon.

Recommendations for use

With the use of chondroprotectors in the treatment of the spine should know that full recovery is impossible. Especially effective is the use of drugs at an early stage of the disease is likely to stop destructive development in cartilaginous tissue. In the later stages of the disease, the treatment aims to slow down the destructive processes reduce inflammation, restore mobility. You should be prepared for the fact that it takes a lot of time.

Chondroprotectors, which are used in the treatment of osteochondrosis, have less harm on the body than non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. To improve the situation requires a large dosage. As a result, the treatment is carried out under the supervision of a specialist who selects the form of cartilage and dosage. For example, if you enter a medication into the joint, need 10 mg a day. When the pill you need 750 mg twice a day.

To cope with the disease, doctors recommend, except for the use of chondroprotectors, apply physiotherapy, massage, physiotherapy. It is desirable to provide support to the spine:

  • to reduce the weight;
  • move more;
  • to reduce the load on the spine;
  • activities swimming;
  • to avoid hypothermia;
  • alternate rest with exercise.


The woman osteochondrosis

The use of chondroprotectors in osteochondrosis of the spine without a doctor-traumatologist is unacceptable. This is due to necessity of control over the course of treatment and contraindications. In addition, the doctor will choose from a variety of the most effective drug. Contraindications include:

  • the breast-feeding period;
  • pregnancy;
  • liver disease;
  • the age of 14;
  • allergic reactions to components;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Where to buy and how much are chondroprotectors for joints

To choose and buy the drugs for the treatment of the spine in the departments of ready-made drugs to pharmacies or Internet pharmacies. Compare the cost of chondroprotectors:

The drug Release form Quantity, PCs. Country of origin The difference in prices,
Don, 2 ml ampoules 6 Italy 1600-1800
Hondrolon, 0.1 ml 10 Russia 800-1500
Alflutop, 2 ml 5 Romania 2600-3500
Structum, 0.5 g capsules 60 France 1400-1800
Teraflex 100 USA 1,300-1,900 per
Artra pills 100 USA 1800-2200
Toadstone gel tube 30 g 1 Russia 65-150
Chondroitin-AKOS ointment tube 30 g 1 Russia 60-80

The testimonials of patients and doctors

Anastasia, 46 years, consulted a doctor when the pain in thoracic osteochondrosis of the spine have become very strong. Appointed injections of Alflutop and gel hondroksid. Felt better, but the surgeon said I would have six months to take the pill. Now every day, as it should be according to the instructions, drink teraflex. Would’ve come sooner – faster recovered.

Alex, 56 years:Work as a trauma surgeon for many years, chondroprotectors know a lot. Those that have appeared in recent years – the new generation of drugs give very good results. In my practice I use drugs osteochondrosis – Donu or equivalent – Alflutop. Here we just have one problem – patients self-medicate, which is unacceptable.

Veronica, 58 years:Osteochondrosis of the spine I have for fifteen years. To keep fit, annually for prevention take a course of tablets. The doctor this time appointed Artron khondreks said to the saw for three months. However, she began to feel better. No need to run the disease, so you do not have to constantly treat.

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