Home exercise equipment for all muscle groups

People need to exercise regularly, if they want to stay in perfect physical shape. However, not every person has the opportunity and time to access the gym. A better option would be to buy a home exerciser. You need to know more about which one will be the best.

How to choose a trainer for the home

By visiting the sporting goods store, you’ll know what to decide will not be easy. Manufacturers offer a wide range of home exercise equipment for all muscle groups in different price categories. If you want to, the choice was infallible, think what effect you need to achieve: to lose weight, to pump up muscles, to strengthen health. There are three General groups of equipment: multi-functional, strength, cardio. You should learn more about the most popular models for the home.

Multifunctional home exerciser

Multi-functional machine

A complete set of equipment that resembles a mini-gym. The advantage is that it is cheaper than several individual models house occupies relatively little space and is suitable for study of all muscle groups. It’s easy to set different load levels. However, you cannot call such a simulator is the cheapest of home options. It consists of the Desk for a biceps workout, benches for push-UPS and presses, vertical and horizontal rods, block for foot exercises and many other elements.

Universal simulator will apply to:

  • flexion of the hand for pumping the biceps;
  • different types of bench;
  • raising the knees;
  • the leg curl;
  • tilts;
  • twisting;
  • and about 20-30 other exercises.


Equipment, exercises which look like an imitation of ordinary human activity: walking, running, rowing, walking up / down stairs, Cycling. Classes help to improve the functioning of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, develop endurance, benefit the musculoskeletal system. They are equipped with special sensors to monitor the condition of the body. With cardio it is advisable to start any exercise. There are several types.

Types of home Steppers


The simulator is called a stepper, it gives load on the thighs, buttocks. Classes promote fat burning, strengthen the heart, improve metabolic processes. The climber can be fitted with piston or magnetic system of loading. There are stepper exercise equipment with built-in computer. Choosing a stepper, you need to pay attention to dependent or not move. The first option gives more stress on the joints.

There are the following types of Steppers:

  1. Entranger. The most compact and inexpensive type. Dependent hydraulic, pedals. May have cords for the load at hand.
  2. Stepper is average. Equipped with an electronic system that counts steps, calories burned.
  3. Stepper for sports clubs. They are configured with a huge number of load types, there are touch sensors, the mandatory magnetic system of loading.


The most common variant, focusing on where you will be able to pump the legs, back muscles, abdomen, arms. This is a great exercise equipment for weight loss, who are able to quickly get rid of extra pounds, at the same time pulling the body. During the training you will be able to strengthen blood vessels, to expand lung capacity, strengthen the lower limbs. There are magnetic and Ergometer models. The first is very similar to a regular bike, the second is more professional. Modern models have heart rate sensors and calorie, the opportunity to ask a variety of programs.

She runs home on a treadmill


Look for the house on all muscle groups, a great option for those who do not have time for Jogging in the fresh air. On the track you can run or walk at normal and fast pace. There are models in which the angle of inclination of the tape changes, thereby increasing pressures. The track provides a perfect load on all muscle groups, but it is cumbersome and expensive compared to other options. To resolve the first drawback, manufacturers began to produce complex models.

The treadmill could be:

  • mechanical;
  • electric.

Any trainer is equipped with a speed regulator, sensors of the main indicators of the body. Best place to buy tracks with a powerful (2 HP), but a quiet engine. Good thickness of the running surface is 2 cm or more. A system of depreciation is welcomed. Minimum width – 43 cm, length – 1.2 m. If the track to the house is equipped with a function of storing in the memory mode sessions, you will be more convenient to use it.


Designed to load all muscle groups or only some. Weights are affordable, easy to use. These include wall-mounted horizontal bar, dumbbells, bars, benches. To this group it is fair to include the AB roller, fitball, in a word, all fixtures, training which require efforts. It is worth noting that for the house it is best to buy a multifunction power system, thanks to which you will no longer have to spend going to the gym.

The man does at home rowing machine

Rowing home trainer

A combination of weights and cardio. Effective equipment for those who want to make their body strong. Rowing machine for home will absolutely strengthen all muscle groups, increases their contractility. Initially do the exercises hard, but then the body gets used. Many women are afraid of training on the rowing models, considering that pump the arms and shoulders, but it’s wrong. The load will be distributed evenly across the muscles.

Rowing machines are mechanical or electronic. At last there is a system of electromagnets, automatically changes the intensity of the workout. All modern models of embedded computer, in whose memory stores the modes of the last classes. For home enough mechanical model with a minimal set of functions, the cost of which is acceptable. The lack of a rowing machine is its large size: this device will not fit in every home.


It is considered universal. With it, you will be able to work out all muscle groups with a moderate load on the spine and knees. The ellipsoid resembles a mixture of all the above equipment, well pumps legs, arms, back, abs. Contraindications for practicing it is almost no. You will be able to redistribute the workload among different muscle groups thanks to an adjustable stride length. Modern elliptical machines have a computer with a large selection of automatic programs.

The ellipsoid can be:

  • magnetic with mechanical control;
  • magnetic with electronic control;
  • electromagnetic.

How much is a trainer

Buy sports equipment you can in a specialty store or online. The table shows the prices of different models on offer in Moscow:

Type of trainer The range of prices in rubles
Multifunction 25000-300000
Stepper 2500-40000
Bike 3500-50000
Treadmill 6500-170000
Strength training 500-5000
Rowing 9000-120000
Elliptical 9000-450000

Video: what is the best exercise for weight loss


Nicholas, 42 years: Previously, athletic trainers we had in the club near the house, and then closed it, but I’m used to do. So was thinking about buying the models for exercises at home. I wanted to train all groups of muscles, so I stopped at the pear, what not a bit sorry. Do half an hour each day and for his age is great.

Ian, 27 years: I am likely to be obese, so always control the weight with diet and fitness. To go to the gym, no time, so I bought a home treadmill. I like the fact that if there is no sentiment on it you can just walk. At any load train all muscle groups. During simulator training and always look at photos on your tablet or watching TV.

Cristina, 36 years: I Have various home exercise equipment for all muscle groups: track, bike. Deal with every day. At first I thought that it’s too expensive, but then I realized that on the contrary save. Try to train at special programs, not to cause harm to the body. Want to buy a cross trainer or rowing, not yet determined.

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