Hiccups in newborns

Involuntary contraction of the major muscles of the diaphragm – hiccups. The movement is uncontrolled, sudden, therefore, closed or relaxed the vocal cords and there is a characteristic sound. Many parents are afraid of these physiological manifestations of the baby, but the newborn these feelings practically do not cause discomfort.

Why newborn hiccups

Little boy

In newborns hiccups – reflex phenomenon, not associated with food intake and intestinal motility. Very rarely it can be caused by incorrect feeding, behaviour after meals. There’s no scientific consensus about the hiccups. Some believe that so training the respiratory organs, others the nerve is freed from the pressure of a full stomach. The anxiety of parents is understandable, since the mechanism of the phenomenon is still not clear.

Newborn baby hiccups frequently for such reasons as:

  • Bloating. Bloated intestines puts pressure on the stomach and diaphragm.
  • Overeating. Filled the stomach compresses the diaphragm and it contracts to relax.
  • The neurotic symptoms. Bright light, sound, unexpected actions from others.
  • Hypothermia.
  • Thirst. This is a common cause of hiccups in newborns.
  • Worms, after getting rid of which attacks are.

Attacks must not be more than 15-20 minutes, only then this phenomenon may be considered a normal reaction of the child to external factors. If a child hiccups for more than an hour, the attacks are frequent and cause discomfort, you should consult a doctor. Cramping is often a manifestation of problems in fetal development caused by hypoxia, diseases of the pancreas, liver, stomach. Pneumonia, bacterial, viral infections can cause contraction of the diaphragm. If the newborn baby has the hiccups for a long time, this is the reason for seeking medical attention.

How to stop hiccups

Mom tries to stop hiccups in infants

Hearing unpleasant sounds from the child, adults can try to help the kid, giving him some water. How to remove the hiccups when drinking didn’t work? Very small it is desirable to hold upright for a few minutes, hugged her. The diaphragm will relax in a similar position and spasms of will. Putting some on his stomach, stroking warm hands clockwise – you must try all the ways. In any case, hiccups in newborns will be held in 15-20 minutes, even if the mother has not been able to help.

What to do if a baby hiccups after feeding

Hiccups after feeding in newborns is a common condition to get rid of that just. The baby swallows air along with formula from a bottle or wrong excitable Breasts. Then the bloated stomach presses on the diaphragm, which reduces, trying to relax. Such movements provoke spasms, so there is a hiccup. Through this physiological manifestation are all children, so parents should not worry, and each time to run to the doctor.

What to do if you have a newborn hiccups after eating:

  1. If the cramps caused by the ingress of air while eating, after eating hold for infant toddler upright. To put it only after vomiting excess air or undigested mixture.
  2. If the baby is in a hurry while eating, it is important to take breaks.
  3. Pacifier you need to choose according to the age of the baby.
  4. During hiccough after feeding the baby should be put on the tummy or knee moms to relax the muscles of the diaphragm.
  5. The warmth of her mother’s hands to soothe your aching muscles – it works with the appearance of hiccups.

When to consult a doctor

Spasms normally do not should last no more than 15 minutes, not more a couple times a day. If the hiccups are more persistent, frequent, or occurs constantly causes pain and crying of the baby, consult your doctor. This may indicate the presence of pathological processes in the spinal cord, inflammatory diseases of the lungs, problems in the digestive system or the appearance of worms. The doctor will prescribe the tests, after which it will become clear why hiccups is caused by abnormalities or peculiarities of development of the organism. The right treatment will help to cope with the condition.

Baby hiccups

Prevention of hiccups in infants

The occurrence of hiccups is easier to prevent than to try to stop it. You need to feed the baby in a semi reclining position, to prevent swallowing air while eating. The situation at this moment must be calm, not to cause excitement and anxiety for the baby. A newborn should not be SuperCool, to prevent the temperature rise due to overheating, overfeeding, then the occurrence of hiccups can be minimized.

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