Causes and methods of relieving heavy legs

a feeling of heaviness in the legsIn many cases, the regular appearance of heaviness in the legs, patients do not seek medical attention, experiencing this disease yourself. This carelessness can have a negative impact on the overall health of the person. Meanwhile, heaviness in the legs is a serious disease of the lower extremities, in which there are strong congestion in the blood vessels.

When a person is tormented heaviness in the legs what to do with this malaise? is the most common question. Like any other disease, the illness has its root cause, without identifying which it is impossible to appoint qualified treatment.

Causes of heaviness in the legs

The malaise of an appropriate nature may occur in humans, as due to the physiological differences and due to some diseases. Why do I get heaviness in the legs?

  • When manifested constant pain and heaviness in the legs, it may clearly indicate a sedentary person. Stagnation in the blood vessels cause the appearance of unpleasant symptoms.
  • Swelling and heaviness in the legs is often accompanied by a person who suffers from excess body weight. Excess fluid in the body, as well as the extra pounds that interfere with normal circulation of interstitial fluid, the extra weight still complicates the reduction of blood vessels.
  • Heaviness in the feet can cause taking certain drugs, mainly hormonal means.
  • Heaviness in the legs during pregnancy is one of the most frequent phenomena. Heaviness in the legs during pregnancy occurs for many reasons: hormonal changes of the body, the appearance of excess fluid and weight, strong pressure on the lower limbs.
  • Weather conditions also affect various ailments. Heavy legs in the morning, caused by the intense heat.
  • Age-related changes of the body or hormonal changes (menstruation, menopause, endocrine diseases).

It is important to remember that often the disease is the cause of more serious diseases.

  • Vascular disease of the lower extremities. When manifested heaviness in the calves of the legs, the reasons for this phenomenon may be lurking in developing serious diseases of the blood vessels. The most popular such diseases include varicose veins. With the development of the disease of heaviness in the legs are added and other symptoms. If time does not address to the expert, the consequences of negligence can be very serious, up to surgical intervention.
  • Chronic arterial insufficiency of the lower limbs. In many cases, constant tiredness and heaviness in the legs indicate a serious circulatory disorders. Later the man is limp. A timely appeal to the appropriate doctor will help to solve a nasty disease that if their activity may bring the patient to the disability.
  • Lymphostasis. This disease is an accumulation of lymph fluid in the space between the cells. The main symptoms are: heaviness and burning sensation in the legs, swelling, pain, increased heaviness in the legs below the knee. The disease is very dangerous for humans as in negative consequences required amputation of the leg.
  • Pathology of the musculoskeletal system. Constant heaviness in the legs is often caused by various physiological disorders, including problems with the spine and joints of the lower extremities, heart and kidneys. To diagnose and treat illness must only specialist in the relevant field. When continuously detected by the heaviness in the legs when walking, it is necessary to adopt measures of medical character.

Drug therapies

It is important to remember that the problem, how to remove heaviness in the legs, able to allow only the appropriate medical specialist level. In identifying the ailments of man can refer to the following doctors: orthopedic surgeon, internist, vascular surgeon, cardiologist, nephrologist.

if heaviness in the legs

Before prescribing medications, the physician should determine the heaviness in the legs from what appeared? For disease diagnosis laboratory studies the patient’s health blood tests, urinalysis, x-ray, ECG and others.

After receiving all results from the tests, the specialist determines the nature of the disease and assigns the appropriate treatment. Unique medication that relieves the burden of the feet, does not exist, as the treatment must necessarily be integrated.

After diagnosis and medication, you can consult with the doctor about expediency of reception of folk medicines, reducing the pain in the race, but will not cure the disease.

Treatment of folk remedies

First of all, it is necessary to establish the correct diet. In addition to a balanced diet is recommended to drink herbal infusions, which are qualitatively normalize metabolism in the body. To the healing drugs include: chamomile, lemon balm, mountain ash, wild rose.

How to remove heaviness in the legs?Than to remove heaviness in the legs? Instantly remove pain will help the ice cube. Well, if it is made on the basis of herbal extract. Cube RUB aching legs and feet. Contrast baths help to relieve pain and eliminate the heaviness in the legs. If you often have pain and severity it is necessary to do self-massage using essential oils of pine, mint.

What if the heaviness in the legs interferes with normal functioning? First of all, you need to pay special attention to the intake of calcium. If not supplied with power, it is necessary to take supplements. Second, the wrong shoes can provoke the disease activity, so at the time of treatment should abandon shoes on high heels. Thirdly, only a healthy diet and the right balance of physical activity will help a person to get rid of many ailments and independent natural level.

In any case, the visit to the doctor is necessary, as for a simple ailment may be hiding a dangerous disease. Advise our readers their proven recipes rid of the legs from the weight.

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