Habits, harmful to our beauty

Usually such habits are called harmful. But they harm our health, not less than alcohol or Smoking. Today we will focus on such habits as:

Forcing the face of the phone

Smartphones – it is almost a symbol of our time, as well as an indispensable attribute of any modern man, he is able to replace many other devices. However, it is also one of the dirtiest devices. Let’s face it. Often we write posts or press the call same fingers that a few moments before holding onto the handrails on the escalator, got money from an ATM, and may even have opened the door to the hospital. Any harmful bacteria from our hands has managed to successfully migrate to our smartphone. And then during another call we this hotbed of harmful microorganisms delivered to his face. And as a result the acne in the facial area or neck, as well as other dermatological problems. In order to avoid this, do not touch the mobile skin, and wipe your gadget with special antiseptic solutions or wipes, and are also more likely to wash their hands.

Squeezing pimples

If you failed to prevent the emergence of pimples on the skin, and you have formed bad rash, spoiling the mood and appearance, the first thing that usually comes to mind is to squeeze these pimples. And though you dermatologist and parents were advised not to do it, to whom pleasant to walk with a lighted huge pimple in the wrong place.

But squeezing pimples can cause infection will get to the irritated skin and even if you don’t immediately lead to infection, then squeezing even one pimple can lead to what will appear in its place many others. Moreover, the wounds after squeezing pimples heal much longer than pimples. Besides, in its place there may be scars, or scars that will never happen.

If you often get pimples, it might indicate a lot. For example, about climate change, about stress, diet and so on. Don’t touch pimples! After two or three days they will be. If you urgently need to get rid of acne, then use the special tools that will influence the pimple spot.

If acne has already become for you a real problem, don’t self-medicate and consult a dermatologist. He will be able to supply you a correct diagnosis and choose proper treatment. Often to cope with this problem is very simple.

Habits, harmful to our beauty

Using other people’s things

From childhood we are taught not to use other people’s things and not to give anyone their. However, if you have a relatively toothbrush, Slippers or towels we this rule is performed, we gladly share with a friend dresses or makeup as well as the opportunity to music using someone else’s headset.

Using other people’s things in the us can go all kinds of diseases. If you do not like the prospect, remember once and for all that it is not necessary to use other people’s things that are in direct contact with our skin. Also change your cosmetics and toothbrush, and headphones – wipe disinfectant. Also, don’t forget about the hygiene of the ears, clean them every two weeks, but only not with sticks. For this purpose, the best fit means «Remo-Vaks», effectively removes bacteria and dirt, and nourishes the skin inside your ear canal.

Sports makeup

According to legend, taught the women to decorate their face the demon Azazel, men taught weapons possession. It says that long since people believed makeup weapon of seduction. However, these weapons must skillfully hold. First and foremost, you must know where it will be appropriate. And it will certainly not in the gym.

During exercise the blood rushes to the skin and the pores are open. Thus, from our body toxins, excess fat and moisture. But if the pores are clogged with makeup? Then the pores are closed, and as a result inflamed skin and pimples. And from an aesthetic point of view, sweaty face smeared with make-up hardly anyone can seduce.

So it is best to remove makeup before workouts or going to the pool.

Of course, we remembered not all «harmful» to our beauty habits. To add to the list you are able, just watching him. You can very easily cope with such habits, if you’ll remember how they can damage your beauty and health.

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