Exercises and gymnastics for kids

educational massage and gymnastics childGymnastics for toddlers is classified into active and passive. At first the child performs a certain movement, for example, through reflexes. Passive charging means that hands, feet toddler will manage the therapist or father. It is believed that it is possible to carry out exercises for babies from the first days of life, you just have to be very careful and know their business. It helps to strengthen the skeletal system, immunity and adaptation to new environments. About what kind of exercises suitable for different ages, and how it is useful today.

Exercises for newborns

Up to one month could be a with child cognitive activities that at first will be very simple and short (only 1-2 minutes twice a day), but over time will become more complex and increase over time.

Exercises for kids taking place at a time when the child is well-fed, calm and nothing rattled.

  1. Rattle

This activity will help your child learn to follow moving objects and also capture the eyes on them.

You will need a bright toy it is desirable monochromatic colors with a size of about 10 cm, Place the baby on his back, show him a toy (the distance from the eye of about half a meter), get their glance a soft sound of a rattle. Then move a bright object to the left at 30 cm and 25-30 cm to the right the Movements are smooth and non-irritating.

After you have spent movement a rattle in both sides 2-3 times, repeat the same with a rattle toy. Show your child how the toy rattles as it moves around.

It is not necessary to move the rattle up and down, to get started is to select only the horizontal direction, eventually it will be possible to complicate the elements of charge.

20-30 days after birth can vary exercises: add the toys stop for a few seconds in the extreme left and the extreme right point. Now use toys of different colors and moving in an arbitrary trajectory. Give knowledge to your child gradually, so it will be easier to learn more complex exercises.

  1. The position on the abdomen

Put baby on the tummy can be the moment to heal his navel. Do this first for a very short time before eating. The child’s attempt to climb it develops muscles and endurance.

Gymnastics for babies in 1-2 months

At this age child’s physical activity will still be simple movements. Mostly soft stroking and rubbing the skin of the baby from the adults.

  1. Foot massage

The baby is placed face down, legs towards you. Gently put one hand on your baby’s leg and the other stroking the back, and after the inner surface of the legs, moving from toe to knee, not reaching the Cup. Repeat the movements for both legs 5-7 times.

  1. Foot massage

Place foot of one leg on my hand, the other hand, namely the thumb drag on the foot of the figure «8» a few times, not very pressing. Repeat with the other leg.

  1. Reflex gymnastics for a baby 1 month

Reflexology massage month the child is at the end of the exercise. The entire class of exercises based on reflexes, should be no more than two.

  1. According To Babinski

The Babinski reflex manifests itself in the desire of the child to straighten the toes in irritation the outer edge of the sole. In children, this reflex is normal in older age, it is a pathology.

Put your baby on his tummy. Holding the leg with one hand, pressing his thumb on the foot along the base of little toes. The child, guided by reflexes, will compress the fingers to the foot. Then gently swipe your thumb curve from the big toe through the heel to the little finger. Baby reflex will release the foot. Repeat two times with each leg.

  1. Reflex walking

Raise your child under the arms in a standing position so that his feet were established on the solid and free surface. Lean the body slightly forward, and he, adhering to internal reflexes, make a few steps forward.

  1. According To Bauer

Lay the child stomach down. Feet while rested in the palm of the parents, the legs slightly bent. Reflex child will want to straighten the legs, rebounding from a solid surface, making the leap forward.

Please note that the venue for gymnastics should be spacious and free, the baby was not able to hit his head on a foreign object.

Gymnastics for children 3 months

Around this age the infant can hold the head, behaves a little more active and sleeps for a couple of hours less.

  1. Lying on the tummy

In this period it is useful to put the baby on the stomach. This is also a kind of exercise of the reflex type, because the kid tries to lift his head, to twist it and stay in this position as long as possible.

Don’t make the baby a long time to lie on my stomach. Start with 20 seconds and gradually increase this time result. You can try to involve the child laying on the belly, bright toy. If you see that the baby is tired or not in the mood, stop the exercises until the time is right.

  1. Skating embryo

This exercise usually brings the children a lot of fun. The child is in the back, the legs and head pulled up to the tummy, as if in the embryo. Of course, this posture is achieved with the support of parents. Then the kid some time rolls in this position on the back.

  1. Skating on the ball

It would be useful to add to the charge for children 1 — 3 months of exercises with the ball. The ball is better to use a few swollen, comfortable. The child is placed on the ball in different ways: on the back, on his tummy, side, supporting him constantly.

These classes help to strengthen the cardiovascular system, muscles of the body, and improving the coordination of the baby.

In 4 months

Up to this point reflexes are gradually losing their influence, and they have been replaced by a conscious movement of the baby. He tries to sit up, to stand up and strongly interested in the surrounding environment. At this time, it is useful to show him a new object and explain their purpose, often to talk with the child. Complicated by not only the behavior, but with kids in the 4 months that you spend with him.

  1. The leg curl

The child is in the back, father holding his shins, keeping the foot. Bend your legs, slightly pressing them to the tummy, and unbend. The knees of the baby while divorced from each other. Repeat 3-4 times.

Can be bent to straighten one leg, and both at once. This charge contributes to the development of the muscles and joints in the legs.

  1. Charging for hands

Strengthen muscles in the hands is also important. The child is in the back, squeezing the palms thumbs parents. Arms baby in hand, then lift up, then pull forward. Repeat this sequence several times in direct and reverse order.

  1. Flight

This gymnastics baby 4 a month allows you to strengthen the muscle as the stomach, and this may positively affect the process of digestion. Take the baby on his stomach, so he ran kicking you in the chest and ribs – in the palm of your hand. Raise your child for some time, simulating flight.

  1. Sit-UPS

Another way to develop a child in 4 months physically is to pick him up from the supine position. This workout improves muscle condition of the abdomen, neck, and hands. Before exercise you need to place the thumbs of their hands the little one to tightly squeezed. Then gently raise the child so he raised his head, then shoulders and chest. While it is not necessary to put the baby. Repeat lifting and lowering of the torso 2-3 times.

  1. Facial massage

Children already since the birth can do face massage, massage 4-5 month infant different intensity of movements and time. It is recommended to stroking, patting, rubbing of the facial muscles, circular vibrating motion of the cheeks. These massages can be done for the child up to five times a day.

Gymnastics for 5 month old baby

Up to this point the child is committed to increasing physical activity. Someone is attempting to crawl, who revolves around a single center, pushing with the legs. In any case, the task for adults at this stage is to assist in strengthening the muscles of the baby various gymnastic exercises. Previous forms of massage and physical activity also does not lose its relevance.

  1. «Additive» baby

This exercise is similar to the above-described elevation of the trunk for the handle, only now it is possible to fix the child for a few seconds in the sitting position, especially if such a posture seems to be quite comfortable.

  1. First dance

Holding the baby in the palm of your hand, drop it on a hard surface, which he needs to stretch his feet. Move a little, this will cause movement of the legs of the child, similar to dance.

Gymnastics for children 6 months

The development of full, become stronger organs and systems of a baby, his bones and organs of sense, muscles, and joints. To help him in a more interesting and active exercise.

  1. Preparation for crawling

The baby is placed on his stomach. Your thumb and middle finger of the father is on the heel of the child, and the index – between the feet. Gently, but actively bend your legs at the knee joint, and after a couple of seconds to straighten them. Repeat exercises 3-4 times is probably after the kid himself wants to push off and crawl forward.

Another form of this type of exercise for a child of 5-6 months is not a flexion of both legs at once, but one by one. It is now coming to be accustomed to the charge of the child.

  1. Children’s birch

Lay the baby on his back and grasp his feet is comfortable to you and him. Raise the straight leg of the child for a couple of seconds, then return to the starting position. Repeat exercises 5-7 times.

Gymnastics for infants is a form of game that should bring new skills in addition to a lot of positive emotions. Remember this each time you exercise. It can also be helpful every active exercise to accompany nursery rhymes or soft rhythmic music to have the baby there is a sense of rhythm.

If possible, you can vary the exercises with the baby procedures in the pool for mom and baby. If this is not possible, you can arrange a swimming marathon in the private bathroom.

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