Gymnastics for eyes by Zhdanov

Not all people can boast of a perfect vision. The trouble many creates discomfort and makes the use of uncomfortable glasses. However, do not despair – to correct the vision of yourself. This will help a special set of exercises that have developed Zhdanov Vladimir Georgievich on the basis of the works of G. A. Shichko and W. Bates.

How to restore vision through charging for eyes by Zhdanov

A special technique for Zhdanov helps in cases of human myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism or strabismus. The essence of ophthalmologic exercises – self-restore vision without surgery and medical assistance. This method shows good results which are backed up by positive reviews of people. Gymnastics for eyes by Zhdanov brings great benefits for a person with vision problem – many cease to use points and successfully corrected the most important sense organ.

Professor Zhdanov

How to do eye exercises to improve vision

To get achieve the desired results due to the method of Professor, should be properly and regularly to perform a task, to learn patience and perseverance. For each of the types of eye anomalies Zhdanov developed individual workout. On vision deterioration is influenced by many factors, for example:

  • heredity;
  • frequent computer work;
  • injury;
  • the blood circulation in the skin;
  • reading books is not enough in bright light.

Although each set of exercises correct vision rules, there are some General tips that should be followed when performing any of the workouts:

  1. Do not use glasses.
  2. Do not make sudden movements with your eyes.
  3. Visit an ophthalmologist before starting any exercise for eyesight as people with abnormalities of the retina to perform the exercise should be particularly careful.
  4. Do a few repetitions of exercises that comprise a workout for the eyes – at least 3-4 times.
  5. Contact your doctor if any side effects (puffiness and bags under the eyes are not contraindications).
  6. Do not apply excessive physical exertion, add in the diet are useful for vision products (carrot, onion, broccoli, pumpkin).

She does a workout for the eyes

Workout for the eyes

Before any exercise system gymnastics for eyes by Zhdanov need to do the workout. This will better prepare muscles for the upcoming century loads and secures training for vision. Starting to engage, you must adhere to important rules – the face and body keep moving (should work only the muscles of the eyelids). Standard workout:

  1. Frequent blinking to relax the view. To configure the eyelids for training, it should be possible to quickly open and close the eyes. Twink should resemble the swing of a butterfly’s wings.
  2. Horizontal, vertical movement. In order to relax your eyes, you need to move them up and down for 15 seconds, then blink. Do the same for the left-right direction. Repeat this procedure 3-4 times.
  3. Diagonal. Raise your eyes to the right-upwards, then slowly move them to the left and down. After that blink and do the opposite diagonal. Repeat five times to improve eyesight.

Optometrist at table Sivtseva

Gymnastics for the eyes with myopia

To restore vision by the method of Zhdanov has borne fruit in the treatment of myopia, must be carefully prepared. To do this, find a picture special of the classic table Sivtseva standard for testing vision and print it in two formats: A2 (60х42 cm) and A6 (10,5×14,8 cm). The correct application of gymnastics for eyes by Zhdanov with myopia:

  1. Hang a sheet of A2 on the wall, move to a distance good visibility of the first row.
  2. Close one eye (for convenience, take the glasses without lenses and an eyepiece cover black shawl or sheet).
  3. Pick up the sheet A6.
  4. Look at the first row of the table, hanging on the wall, read.
  5. Slowly turn the gaze on the same row on the sheet in his hands.
  6. Repeat the procedure 3-4 times.
  7. Go to the next position, try to consider it.
  8. Repeat steps 4-5 with the second line.
  9. Swipe the same action with the other eye.

Girl does exercises for the eyes Zhdanov

When working with computer

For those who actively use computers, charge for eyes is required. In the target category are kids whose vision is particularly sensitive to external influences. Charging for the eyes for children and adults with frequent use of the computer:

  1. Reduction of the eye to the nose. When performing this exercise to strengthen the should be slow to translate a finger to the bridge of his nose, looking at its tip. Eyes can easily «connect». You can use pencil for this procedure. Repeat at least six times.
  2. Duty. Place a finger in front of the eyes at a distance of 20-30 cm Focus the gaze on the tip. Look at him for a few seconds, and then lower your hand and look into the distance. Continue to train vision in this way 10-12 times.

Girl does exercises for eyes by Zhdanov

With astigmatism

To restore vision without glasses, drugs and cure astigmatism using special exercise «palming», invented by Zhdanov. This charge, warm eyes, warm hands, relieves the eyelids from the constant tension, improves circulation and visual function. The use of palming to strengthen eye health:

  1. Sit at the table and put your elbow on a hard surface.
  2. RUB the palm of your hand, tightly pressed them together.
  3. Close your eyes, effortlessly press them into your face, covering the eyes but not the nose.
  4. Keep through his fingers did not penetrate the light.
  5. Hold this position for a few minutes.
  6. Repeat five times.

Girl doing gymnastics for vision


Improve vision in the home, specifically the treatment of hyperopia natural way, perhaps with a simple exercise. Practice the «Rocking fingers» will help to fix it

  1. Clenching his fist right hand, pull your finger (index or greater).
  2. Move the hand to the finger was at eye level.
  3. Focus look at any distant object and hold until the end of the workout.
  4. Swipe in different directions.
  5. Alternately, allot a hand 20 centimeters to the left and to the right, returning it to its original position after a few seconds.
  6. Repeat the procedure six times in a few minutes.

Video: full set of exercises to restore vision of Professor Zhdanov

Feedback about the method of Dr. Zhdanov

Vadim, 35 years: Poor vision suffer from childhood as I can remember I wear glasses. Recently learned that there are exercises for the eyes Zhdanov, decided to try her. The results were noticeable immediately, but after a month I felt that vision was to share better. Since that time, even ordered other glasses with a little red.

Ludmila, 28 years: Recently learned about gymnastics Zhdanov and began practicing daily since astigmatism haunted. To treat eye surgeries, laser corrections, fear, and drugs to improve vision do not help. It turned out, the treatment method effective for the training week and wearing glasses with cylindrical lenses astigmatism began to retreat.

Marina, 25 years: the child had a small strabismus, such eye problems occur at an early age. My husband and I decided to try the treatment of by the method of Zhdanov. Acquired academic lectures that describe the training and even have a photo of the user. After a couple months of training method Zhdanov strabismus went.

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