Bad and good cholesterol

The chemical composition of the blood must remain in the norm, otherwise the overall health deteriorates, worried about the alarming complaints. Structural unit of steroids and lipids considered to be cholesterol – a natural fatty alcohol viscous structure. He is in high concentration produced by the liver and additionally enters the body with the meal.

Norm of cholesterol in blood

Lab assistant holding a test tube with blood

To maintain the General condition at a satisfactory level and prevention of cardiovascular pathologies should monitor the specified parameter. The overall rate of cholesterol covers the range 3-6 mmol/l. the Permissible level for women and men is somewhat different, as evidenced by the data below. There are differences of borders of the norm for an adult and child that allows to judge about the specifics of each body.


If we talk about LDL, the norm for the female body is considered to be the interval of 1.92 to 4.5 mmol/l, while the criterion of HDL close to 0,86-2,28 mmol/l These figures can vary due to chronic diseases, age-related changes or individual characteristics of the organism. For example, the rate of HDL and LDL in the blood during pregnancy abnormally low, and doctors according to the results of clinical trials do not give much importance to such deviations.

For men

Norm of cholesterol in blood representatives of the stronger sex too has its own characteristic differences. In a laboratory study LDL permitted limits 2,25-4,82 mmol/l, while the normal ratio of HDL corresponds to the interval of 0.7-1,73 mmol/l high cholesterol HDL tempting to think about the problems with cardiac activity or blood vessels, does not exclude the development of atherosclerosis, cardiac ischemia.

Breakdown of cholesterol test

To identify the level of cholesterol is proposed to conduct special laboratory tests. Biochemical analysis of blood «good» and «bad» cholesterol helps to determine the ratio of these components, to identify hidden disease, progressive disease processes, with timely response to save the patient’s life. The transcript, obtained on hands can confirm or deny the medicinal speculation, to accelerate the establishment of the final diagnosis.

Good cholesterol

Laboratory studies blood test for cholesterol

High-density lipoproteins define a good blood cholesterol, which has become productive in the prevention of cardiovascular pathologies, atherosclerosis. This is an important structure of the protein complex, and its increased rate of blood forms a stable protection of a massive heart attack. A valid value is not more than 1 mmol/L. Among other useful properties of good cholesterol experts identify the following points:

  • retrieved from atherosclerotic plaques of good cholesterol;
  • fence free HDL from the cell surface;
  • promotion in filter the body’s good cholesterol for further processing, conversion.

Cholesterol low density lipoproteins

This figure is a large medical practice known as «bad cholesterol». It is known that LDL carries «a building material», produced by the liver, on the cells. If the metric is above threshold, increases the risk of recurrence of heart disease. The vascular walls lose their normal elasticity, not able to pass through a necessary portion of systemic blood flow. If you do not reduce the bad cholesterol LDL and adverse health effects.

There is a positive function of natural fatty alcohol. Bad cholesterol helps to clean the blood from products of intoxication, strengthens weak underlying disease of the immune system. His presence is welcome in the chemical composition of bodily fluids, but in strictly limited quantities, according to the norms. Low density lipoproteins for a healthy body correspond to the allowable concentration of 3-3. 5 mmol/L.

Atherogenic index

This is another important indicator of the chemical composition of the blood, which is responsible for the health and well-being of the patient. Atherogenic index reflects the real clinical picture of the patient’s organism, because it determines the ratio between good and bad cholesterol. In order to understand its content in blood, there is a medical formula that doctors use to prepare transcripts of biochemical blood analysis. It looks like this:

Atherogenic coefficient = (TC — HDL) / HDL, where total cholesterol – a common indicator in the normal range.

Cause of abnormal result indicates an increase in the level of bad cholesterol, its related cardiovascular pathologies. The lowered value also raises some doubts over his health, as it indicates the formation of dangerous atherosclerotic plaques. In both clinical pictures require immediate treatment, life-long observance of the basic rules of prevention.

The ratio of bad and good cholesterol

The blood cholesterol

First of all, it is worth mentioning that this organic compound is directly involved in the structure of the cells, the process of systemic blood flow and the synthesis of sex hormones. To exclude a decrease of activity and stamina, you need to maintain the indicators of good and bad cholesterol at a stable level in accordance with the table of valid values. «Good» cholesterol shows:

  • for women 2.28 mmol/l;
  • men – 1,63 mmol/L.

The «bad» cholesterol shows:

  • for the male body 4.8 mmol/l;
  • for women of 4.51 mmol/L.

The ratio of bad and good indicators can be obtained by the mathematical division, and the final result is the main criterion for assessing the real condition of the body. The ideal option is adopted the ratio of 6, which eliminates the risk of atherosclerosis and other vascular diseases. If the value is above this figure, it’s time to go to the doctor and medication to reduce the deviation from the norm. Otherwise formed atherosclerotic plaque in the cavity of the vessels.

How to pass a cholesterol test correctly

Different nuts

Don’t give up prematurely global question of how to lower bad and good cholesterol. The first thing you need to take a blood test to examine the chemical composition of biological fluids, its specificity. The contents of good and bad cholesterol is dependent on the proper preparation for laboratory research, compliance with all rules and prescriptions. It is important to know such things:

  1. The necessary portion of the biological material taken in the morning fasting, to significantly reduce the rate of sugar.
  2. The use of «bad» food is strictly prohibited 8 hours before the examination.
  3. 2-3 days before delivery of the analysis of the daily diet is necessary to remove high-calorie and fatty meals, reduce portions consumed sugar.
  4. The day before the survey need to limit the consumption of any alcoholic beverages. This rule even extends to beer, low alcohol cocktails.
  5. Smoking one hour before blood collection on the good and bad cholesterol is also strictly forbidden, otherwise the result will be unreliable.
  6. Menstruation is not considered a relative contraindication to conduct the study, does not affect the good and bad indicator.
  7. To apply for a better diagnosis in laboratory, which used was taken from the fence, or reaction to chemicals can be unpredictable.
  8. Before testing to consult with your doctor to temporarily remove individual medications from your daily life.

It’s those simple rules, the observance of which on the eve of the blood the bad and the good cholesterol is very stable and the most truthful result. Such preparations excluding repeated laboratory tests to confirm the diagnosis, and this means the patient is allowed to go to intensive therapy is strictly indicated. To ensure a low rate of error, the sequence of actions is this:

  1. Early in the morning the patient is in the lab for sampling on an empty stomach.
  2. The doctor uses a thin disposable syringe receiving portion of blood from the vein, 5 ml
  3. Perform a blood test for cholesterol, it is important 10-15 minutes to lie in a horizontal position, or when walking you may feel dizzy.
  4. Not to return to bad habits for another 3-4 hours, be limited to light snacking.
  5. Doctors recommend after the analysis of eating a bar of chocolate.

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