Glycerin suppository for infants

It is known that the digestive system in newborns is still not fully formed, so they often suffer from constipation. This condition in an infant is accompanied by abdominal pain, gas and crying. To facilitate the process of defecation helps laxatives, suppositories for children, the most effective of which are glycerin.

How to apply glycerin suppository for children

Already from the name it is clear that the main active ingredient of these candles is glycerol, or glycerin. Do not confuse it with glycine – sedative remedy for improving mental functions. In composed of stearic acid and sodium carbonate. The instructions permitted glycerin suppository for babies from 3 months of age, although the doctor, they can be used before. When the active substance enters into the anus, it acts as follows:

  • lubricates and irritates the rectum;
  • causes of urge to defecate;
  • softens the stool, and then displayed alongside them.

Under the action of glycerol begins to stand out mucus and acts as a lubricant of the intestine, it also promotes pain relief of the act of emptying. Glycerol affects the receptors that control this process, thereby helping to push through the dense mass to the «exit». The intestine this substance does not absorb, resulting from of the drug and no adverse effects to infants children.

Medical a suppository

How safe candles with glycerin for babies

Among drugs to combat constipation in newborns today are most often used glycerin suppository, for example, Glycolax. Any experienced pediatrician will confirm the information that for kids they are allowed. How often you can put glycerin suppository baby? They are useful in the recommended dose, and not more than 1 times in 3 days. Sorry for such a drug to the body of the newborn only occurs on the background of the indiscriminate use in large quantities. The result is a violation of the natural peristalsis of the bowel, and in some cases;

  • enterocolitis;
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • drug diarrhea;
  • obstruction of the esophagus.

In addition, overdosing leads to Smoking and irritation. When such symptoms the drug should be immediately discontinued. Glycerin suppository eliminate a baby is only constipated, but not fighting his cause. Frequent problems with defecation, you should contact your doctor and not to self-medicate. There are specific contraindications, when glycerin suppository for infants is prohibited. Among them are the following:

  • aggravation of hemorrhoids;
  • acute proctitis;
  • cracks in the anus;
  • inflammation of the rectum.

Newborn baby

How to dose candles from constipation for newborns

According to the instructions glycerin suppositories, indicated for use newborns only from the age of 3 months. Dose is 0.75 g This is one children’s candle or half of the adult. The latter can also be used in the absence of the first. Newborn under 3 months, doctor approval enough for half or 1/3 of the children’s candles. The course of treatment should not last more than 7 days.

How to put baby candles from constipation newborn

The main condition for the introduction of the suppository for a newborn is to care to the delicate intestinal wall remained intact. To do it better in the morning, and after 15-20 minutes. after a meal. Instructions for use includes the following steps:

  1. Wash hands thoroughly.
  2. Lay baby on his back or on the flank, the legs bend to the stomach.
  3. Gently flowing movements to insert a rounded end of the candle into the anus as far as possible.
  4. The baby’s legs to lower and squeeze the buttocks and hold for a few minutes, so that the glycerin could be melted and spread on the walls of the rectum.

A woman with a newborn baby

What are candles with glycerin for children

There are several children’s products based on glycerin. Among them, 4 are brand names, the difference which lies only in the dosage and the number of pieces in one package. These names:

  1. Glycolax firms MosFarma. Available in carton with 2 plates, each with 5 rectal suppositories. The active substance is glycerol and the second is magnesium carbonate basic, solid fat, Polysorbate. Permitted for children 3 months.
  2. Glycerin. Available in pack 10 pieces, the dosage of each is 2.11 g. For this reason, kids need to enter 1/3 of the candle.
  3. Glycerin suppository for constipation. Have the same basic substances as in the above-listed drugs. Analogue is a means of Candles with glycerin.

Price on glycerin suppository for babies

Buy glycerin suppository children at any pharmacy. There is still the opportunity to order or purchase in the online store and in the catalog you will find any of the above drugs. Glycolax has a price in the range of 90-120 rubles, Glycerin – 150-180 g. Other drugs, too, are inexpensive – around 130-170 g. the Price of these drugs almost does not change, remains the same and the main active ingredient. There is a difference only in additional components. From them depends on the specific price of the candle, although the function of the drug is not changed.

Rectal suppositories Glycolax

How to choose a glycerin suppository for babies

Analogues of such substances as glycerin, no. There are other laxatives. For this reason a newborn baby will fit any of the above 4 funds. The only difference is cost. It is better to take children’s medication, because there is no need to cut the suppository and a dose. Also, you should choose the tool, where fewer excipients. In General the above medications similar to each other, and therefore can be used for a child breastfed.

Video: how to light candles for babies with constipation


Valeria, 26 years

Synuli from birth, problems with the chair. I already changed your diet, but nothing helps. When they began to introduce solid foods, has become more complex, so we had to use candles. On the advice of the doctor bought Glycolax. Helps you quickly, just half an hour you need to wait. Most importantly – you need to enter carefully. Suggest.

Natalia, 31 years

Glycerol candle for infants – just salvation. I know from my childhood the first child. The second son, too, put only them. They act quickly and with no side effects. Only once was a small irritation in the anus, but it quickly passed, so I recommend all my friends only these candles.

Jeanne, 29 years

My daughter may be constipated more than 3 days. In this case, we are saved only Glycolax. It was inexpensive and allowed 3 months and us for six months. The effect is very fast. After the introduction is only 10 minutes. It is also important that candles are inserted very gently, so no whims does not occur. I advise everyone to try.

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