Girdle pain in the stomach and back

Reasons that cause girdle pains in the back and stomach, lots. It can be as ordinary indigestion, serious violations of the GASTROINTESTINAL tract. In either case, if concerned about the belly and back at the same time, must urgently visit the hospital.

Causes encircles the stomach pain, which radiates to the back

The girl has a very sore stomach

Common reasons that cause girdle pain in the stomach area and back, include:

  • the defeat of the pancreas;
  • violation of the mucosa is removed, and processing bodies;
  • improper diet;
  • the use of alcohol;
  • inflammation of the appendicitis.

Sharp pain

Cutting cramping pain occur with colic. The disease develops due to inflammation of the biliary ducts, disturbance of outflow of bile. With the development of the disease there is pain under the ribs and in the back, which gives to the shoulder blade and collarbone. Hepatic colic involves surgical intervention of doctors – it is necessary to call an ambulance. As first aid it is possible to place the patient sideways on a heater, to give to drink any antispasmodic drug.

With nausea or vomiting

Women girdle pain in the stomach

These symptoms indicate that the person was struck by a duodenal ulcer. Common disease often accompanied by an unpleasant burning sensation epigastric region and nausea. The development of disease is contraindicated to drink water, eat fatty, acidic, salty food. After eating, you may experience feeling of heaviness and sharp pain in the stomach. Exacerbation of peptic ulcer disease is a condition is extremely dangerous, so the appearance of sour vomiting, sharp cramps and an urgent need to call a doctor.

Dull pain

If processing on appeared arching dull pain when inhaling aimed at your right shoulder or shoulder blade, there is a likelihood of disease cholecystitis. This disease is treatable with antibiotics, antispasmodics, diet. A chronic form of cholecystitis is discomfort night, with yellowness of the sclera of the eyes/skin. Unpleasant sensations in epigastric region occur in appendicitis, intestinal infections, kidney stones.

With the temperature

Surrounding a stabbing pain in the stomach and back (loin) accompanied by high temperature is a sign of acute pancreatitis. This is an extremely dangerous disease of the pancreas causes severe vomiting with bile, flatulence, diarrhea. The treatment of a specific illness – requires the use of antispasmodic drugs antifermental means on an empty stomach. To avoid complications, therapeutic course is held stationary.

Symptoms of pain in the abdomen and back

The girl has pain in upper abdomen

Manifest disease can different areas of the body, and the symptoms of each illness is unique. Sometimes discomfort (area of the digestive tract) can be caused by back problems. Pinched nerves, injuries of the spine are characterized by a sharp pain that is transmitted to the organs nearby. However, most often, unpleasant sensations arise due to diseases and inflammations of the internal organs of the epigastric area of the body. Knowing those symptoms you can roughly determine a particular disease.

In the upper part of the stomach

If the discomfort appeared in the upper part of the stomach, it is likely that there is an ulcer. This serious disease can not be delayed, as it is the open form leads to death. In violation of the gastric mucosa with various acids, the body needs rest, the desirable rejection of fatty, salty and acidic foods and carbonated drinks. Exacerbation of peptic ulcer disease is called a gross error in diet, excessive exercise, infections, stress and certain types of drugs.

Under the ribs

Sharp girdle pain in the stomach and back can be caused by such diseases as disruption of the gallbladder, biliary colic. This is an extremely dangerous disease, which also cause unpleasant sensations, pale skin, nausea, fever, and sometimes vomiting. If violations are associated with the gallbladder, this fact may signal the emergence of stones in it. Biliary colic is often caused by heavy loads or improper nutrition.

The guy on reception of the doctor

On the sides of the back

If unpleasant feelings arose on each side, it is likely they are caused by this disorder of the digestive system, pancreatitis. This disease is characterized by painful sensations in the epigastric region, radiating down the chest. Doctors do not recommend to wait until there are symptoms, and suggest urgently to turn to doctors. Improper work of the pancreas threatens to dysfunction of many organs of the body.

What to do if stomach hurts and back

In this case, you should not self-medicate. To solve the problems associated with surrounding pain stomach and back, you need to contact the therapist or the gastroenterologist. Doctors will conduct diagnostic testing and prescribe the appropriate treatment (diet or medication). To identify a particular disease can be due to the fecal, blood, urine, ultrasound. Diseases are recurrent in nature, so periodic medical examination is the best way to maintain your health.

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