Gel mask for eyes

This easy to use and effective tool in its essence is a kind of double layered wrap, which is filled with gel. This mask should be before use, keep in the refrigerator or in warm water, and then within ten or fifteen minutes you will be able to use it as a relaxing tonic warm or cold compress for eyes and the areas around them.

Cooling compress

Cooling gel mask and use it as a cold compress necessary in the following cases:

•To reduce puffiness under the eyes. In this case it is more efficient to alternate the compresses with contrast washings.

•If you occasionally red squirrels. This can be in case of collapse or expansion of the capillaries.

•To reduce wrinkles around the eyes.

•As prevention for toning or firming the skin of your eyelids.

Hot compress

Gel hot compress shown in the following cases:

•To combat dark circles and shadows under the eyes that are caused by General fatigue. Also in this case, to use cold compresses.

•To relieve discomfort from overexertion of the eye muscles.

•To get rid of the pain that caused by overexertion of muscles of the eye.

Geleva mask for eyes


In these packs there are also its contraindications. They cannot be used if:

•You have symptoms of acute inflammation, which arose due to a viral or infectious lesions of the eye or eyelid. It may be blepharitis, conjunctivitis or other eye diseases.

•Increased pressure inside the eye.

•You have recently had in the eyes of some operation.

•You have a detached retina.

Geleva mask for eyes

The advantages of the gel mask

The gel mask has a lot of advantages over such popular tools like lotions with flocks of medicinal herbs, the use of tea bags or ice cubes. First of all, the gel mask the following advantages:

•Convenience and ease of use. If broths or home-made packs you need to prepare, gel mask always head to use. You will not need to spend time and effort in order to prepare the mask for use.

•Multiple uses and easy care. This mask should only from time to time, rinse in warm water and the right to store, e.g. in the refrigerator.

•Does not form stains and odors when used.

•Affordable price.

Using a gel mask, you should be aware that it is only an additional tool to care for your face. If your under eye circles and swelling of the eyelids, redness not associated with any eye diseases or chronic fatigue and sleep deprivation, this comfortable mask can bring you great benefit.

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