Causes of frequent urination in women

Frequent urination in womenUrination — the process is very delicate and the frequency of this phenomenon is the personal matter of the individual. Experts just do not set numeric limits, when the amount of urination per day can be considered the norm. However, frequent urination may indicate the beginning of any disease or problems, particularly if they are accompanied by painful sensations and colour changes, the volume of emissions. When frequent urination in women is normal and when to sound the alarm try to understand in this article.

Causes of frequent urination in women

If you still noticed that urination takes place ever more frequently, it can be various reasons from easily disposable to require expert intervention. The most common ones:

  • The use of diuretics product or large quantities of liquid. The most banal, but nevertheless common cause. You may never realize this, but diuretic have a foods from our diet, drinking large amounts which can cause frequent walking «small». In this list you can make coffee and tea (especially green), alcohol ( especially beer and other drinks cholesteremia), medicinal herbs and teas, watermelon and melon and other berries, fruits and vegetables that contain a large amount of water.
  • Old age. The fact that tissue elasticity changes. With the exception of not getting and urinary system. Therefore, it is likely more frequent urination, it poses no threat to the body, purely physiological feature of the person.
  • Kidney stones disease. Sore kidneys and frequent urination, these symptoms can speak about the formation of kidney stones or sand. It is likely that the process of urination may stop spontaneously, even if there is a feeling that the bladder is not empty until the end. In addition to pain in the lower back near the kidneys, a person may have a fever, and a change in the color of urine to cloudy or reddish ( in the presence of blood impurities). A diagnosis can only ask a doctor after the tests.
  • Cystitis. Frequent urination and burning sensation in women may be a sign of cystitis disease characterized by inflammation of the bladder. Woman and often painfully goes to the bathroom, with her not feeling neporozhnego bladder. At an early stage the disease is easily treated. If at the end of the urine out drops of blood that may indicate a complication of the disease and should immediately consult a doctor.

  • Various infectious diseases of the genitourinary system. Frequent painful urination in women which is accompanied by a number of symptoms such as: irritation, itching, burning, pain during intercourse, different selections from bloody to purulent odor emissions. You should get a full diagnosis and tests the doctor.
  • The reason why frequent night urination in women can be neoplasms or tumors in the urinary organs, so the urge may be more frequent, but not voluminous. Overactive bladder is a widespread condition that triggers frequent urination at night. The disease to be treated, you need to seek help from a doctor urologist, gynecologist or therapist. Frequent night urination in women can be due to a simple reason, for example, a large intake of fluids or diuretics for the night.
  • Hormonal changes women. Increased production of certain hormones affects the bladder. Perhaps someone noticed unexplained frequent urination before menstruation. Also characterized by frequent urination during pregnancy, especially noticeable this fact is the first and last trimester of pregnancy. Read more about it.

Frequent urination during pregnancy

during pregnancy frequent urinationOne of the symptoms of pregnancy is frequent urination without pain in women. Usually this is due to a physiological change in the body and anxiety is should not cause. This is due to the fact that the pregnant uterus increases in size and can put pressure on the bladder, causing frequent urge to go to the toilet. The second reason may be that now your kidneys to work with double force, because you now need to withdraw fluid from the body and their baby. This will be especially noticeable in the first trimester, so frequent urination in early pregnancy is normal.

In the second trimester the mother’s body adapts and urination will not be very frequent. If frequent urination in the 2nd trimester to bother you, bring discomfort, notify your doctor.

In the third trimester except for the enlarged uterus on the bladder can push down the head of the child. The woman in the last weeks can feel the urge when exercising, lifting heavy objects, and coughing and sneezing, even result in involuntary separation of small quantities of urine.

Thus, during pregnancy, frequent urination is just a symptom of your interesting situation. Should we be worried, if worried about frequent urination with pain and itching, it could be the cause of infections or diseases. Immediately inform your doctor to prevent the development of infections, prevent inflammations of the urinary tract, and God forbid not to provoke premature birth.

Dear women, take care about your health and do not self-medicate!

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