Folk remedy for high cholesterol

Vital fat compound cholesterol produced by the liver and enters the body with food. Threat to the health of the species that binds to low density lipoprotein. Nutrition, folk remedies reduce cholesterol in the blood stream will support the lipid balance at the proper level.

How to reduce cholesterol at home

Olive oil to lower cholesterol

Violation of lipid metabolism is evident when there are obvious consequences – poor circulation due to atherosclerosis. The main danger of an atherosclerotic plaque in the blood vessels of the heart and brain. Cleansing vessels folk remedies helps to reduce cholesterol without medication. This contributes to a rich Arsenal of oils, vegetable dishes, grain flour, fruit, herbs. Beneficial rational physical exertion, activity, diet.

Products that reduce cholesterol

Traditional methods of cleaning vessels from deposits are based on two directions: first, the consumption of healthy unsaturated fats, normalize lipid exchange, and second, improve the excretion of bile, as the removed fat insoluble complexes. The popularity of folk remedies due to their safety and efficiency. The table shows how and what foods reduce cholesterol:

Food Useful components The mechanism of cholesterol-lowering
Olive oil Monounsaturated fat, vitamin D, The binding of cholesterol in high-grade (useful) complexes, choleretic
Flaxseed oil, seeds Oleic acid Improvement of the Deposit of fats
Bran Fiber, vitamin b Excretion in the bile
The fatty fish Unsaturated lipids Full binding with lipoproteins, reducing blood viscosity
Nuts Linolenic, oleic, lauric acids, vitamins E, PP Improving cholesterol transport
Legumes Folic acid, fiber, protein, vitamin a Improving the synthesis and excretion
Cereals wholemeal Fiber Improving the removal
Apples Pectin, tartronovaya acid Activation of elimination from the body
Green tea Polyphenols Burning fat excretion

Folk remedy for high cholesterol include a variety of recipes to help you quickly get rid of the «bad» lipoproteins. However, it is not enough to eat healthy foods: limit or completely remove harmful substances, which contain fatty meats, cheese, and cottage cheese. It is necessary to reduce the ration of butter, sugar, eggs. Recommended condiments with essential oils: Bay leaf, cloves, mint, Basil.

By cleaning of blood vessels garlic and lemon

Lemon contains a balanced mix of acids and vitamins needed to reduce the threat of atherosclerosis. Garlic consists of flavonoids, which have a choleretic effect, accelerate the removal of «bad» lipoproteidnyi complexes. Folk remedy is: equal weight quantities of the two products are ground, add the same amount of cooled boiled water. To enhance the production of and flow of bile to the mixture is added powdered root of horseradish. Insist night, apply before bed. Tablespoon of tincture to jam a teaspoon of honey.

Folk remedy for high cholesterol


To combat cholesterolemia fits many herbs. Approved home the recipe is as follows: Arnica flowers (4 g), yarrow (20 g), St. John’s wort (20 g) chop, stir. A pinch of this mixture folk remedies pour boiling water, drink for half an hour. Taking once a day, course of treatment – 1.5 months. Folk remedies from high cholesterol are advised to apply flowers of hawthorn. In a glass diluted with twice the alcohol, add 4 tablespoons chopped color, leave on for two weeks. A teaspoon of tincture diluted with water, drink three times a day before meals.

To treat cholesterolemia can white and yellow cinquefoil. Brewed flowers derive harmful lipid compounds that are used as a tea. To fight high cholesterol help beans, buckwheat flour. The reduction of its level contributes contained in flax seed oleic acid, even allows you to refuse medicines. It will take time to eliminate the cause of atherosclerosis, clean vessels, to expel harmful cholesterol compounds folk remedies.


Oats against high cholesterol

The main value of the grain determine the enzymes that promote the digestion of carbohydrates, improve metabolism. Oats contain silicon, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium – unique set of minerals that help get rid of cholesterol deposits on the walls of blood vessels. Oats are used in medicine against cholesterolemia, disorders of lipid metabolism. In the section of folk remedies are used herbal teas, sprouted grains, oatmeal oil.

Video on reducing high cholesterol folk remedies


Stanislav, 54 years: To reduce levels of cholesterol do cleaning of blood vessels garlic infusions and tinctures, folk remedies, from tablets refused. More than five years fails to keep the cholesterol. Every six months additionally drink a tincture of hawthorn, and it decreases blood pressure.

Julius, 47 years: the Treatment of high cholesterol continued to spend herbal mixtures. Assemble Arnica, St. John’s wort, corn silk. Before Breakfast eat a serving (teaspoon) of ground Flaxseed. Happy with the result, the test results improved, I hope to completely cure the disease by using folk remedies.

Faith, 62 years: the Infusion of garlic and lemon, horsetail, Arnica use for almost a year, I see better. It is easier to move, more time at home. Advised a wonderful cure for cholesterol – flowers Potentilla, they should be brewed as a tea. But use only a week, too early to draw conclusions.

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