Folk remedy for fungus toenails

Infection is able to affect not only the soft tissues of the human body, but and nails. The fungus is an unpleasant issue that can deliver significant discomfort. Besides the unaesthetic appearance, onychomycosis of the nail is the destruction of the immune system. Pharmaceutical drugs can cause liver damage, so many turn to traditional medicine.

How to treat nail fungus on feet at home

This condition cause of yeast and mold fungi. The proliferation of microorganisms leads to the fact that the nails are destroyed, crumble, increase considerably in thickness. A major role in the spread of the fungus play a excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), diabetes, irregular metabolism, AIDS or obesity. To use a folk remedy of nail fungus on the feet, some already in the habit, because it is inexpensive but effective method of treatment.

Signs of fungus:

  • itching;
  • stratification of the nail plate;
  • an unpleasant odor;
  • soreness and swelling around the nail.

Ointment for nail fungus with egg and vinegar


Some people don’t know is it possible to cure nail fungus home remedies, so do not take measures in time. It should be noted that the chemical preparations offered by the pharmaceutical companies are bad for the liver. Folk remedy for fungus of the toenails is more cheap and safe remedy. For example, it is possible to prepare the composition with egg and vinegar. Ointment from the mold, the recipe:

  1. Take the chicken egg.
  2. Wash, pour the vinegar, leave in a dark place.
  3. When the shell is dissolved, remove the remaining film from the egg.
  4. Add a little butter.
  5. All mixed together.


Another well-known folk remedy for infectious fungus toenails –a solution of iodine, which is in every house. They treated the affected area of the nail. Treated in this way can be no more than 12 days. If it starts intolerable pain, therapy cancel and choose another method. Conduct daily one this procedure 1 time, while avoiding areas of the skin.

Oil celandine

Oil celandine

Treatment of nail fungus on legs folk remedies practiced for a long time. Very often for this purpose use the oil of celandine. To prepare it, the dried herb is placed in a container and pour sunflower oil. The composition is kept in a water bath for about 4 hours. after this step, insist some time, filter. To get rid of the infection in the oil soaked cotton pad which is applied to the damaged areas for 30 minutes. The course of treatment – not less than 20 days.


Another popular method of how to get rid of nail fungus – vinegar rinse. For the procedure need Apple cider vinegar, warm water and a basin. The ratio of acid and fluid in this case is 1:1. The foot is placed in a container for 20-25 minutes, then waiting for complete drying (the composition is not rinsed off), the system can process the nail ointment. After the session, the result will be noticeable immediately, only a couple of weeks, when in place of the damaged nail will begin to grow a new one.

Adding soda to a glass of water


Considering the proceeds from nail fungus, not to mention water-soda solution:

  1. In a container pour 2 liters of water (40 degrees).
  2. Add a tablespoon of baking soda.
  3. Dissolve in the liquid a small amount of soap.
  4. The foot is placed in a container with the solution for half an hour.

Birch tar

How to cure nail fungus using the gifts of nature:

  1. The feet are placed in hot water.
  2. Steamed clean the feet with a pumice stone, cut the affected nail plate.
  3. Wipe their feet (especially between the toes) dry.
  4. The problem area is smeared with birch tar, leave for 90 minutes.

Bath of hydrogen peroxide from nail fungus

Hydrogen peroxide

To soften damaged by infection of the nail plate, after that will be easier to remove it, you can apply medical peroxide. It is a popular disinfectant that does not cause burning sensation of the affected area. The product should be added in warm water, where to put the hands and feet (if necessary). Additionally, will need more effective anti-fungal remedy for toe nail.


How to make healing poultices can be left on all night), using the software:

  1. On the affected area of the nail is applied a cotton pad soaked tea mushroom.
  2. Rotate the fingers polyethylene.
  3. From top to wear warm socks.

Ethyl alcohol and propolis against nail fungus


Better and more valuable to human health than this product of beekeeping, no nothing. He has a huge range of useful properties, helps to get rid of many diseases. To cure fungus on the nail of the big toe, you need to insist of propolis on alcohol, to process the obtained means diseased parts. After a few treatments the fungus will die and will have a healthy nail plate.


The antibacterial properties of this product are known to everyone, so garlic is also used in the fight against infectious diseases:

  1. Take equal proportions of vodka and garlic mashed potatoes.
  2. Add a little distilled water.
  3. Insist a few hours.
  4. The grease composition of the affected area of the nails.

Video of the popular fungus treatment advanced forms

Reviews of effective folk remedies

Ignat, 34 years: This behavior has caused me a lot of trouble, while at work is not advised creolin from nail fungus. In part, it contains many disinfectant ingredients, so quickly to cope with the infection. This cream is processed the affected areas, and then quickly disappears itching, discomfort, there is a healthy nail plate. The price of the tool is acceptable, you can buy in veterinary pharmacy.

Arina, 26 years: Once I wanted to make a gorgeous pedicure as pictured in glossy magazines, went to the salon and got a fungal disease! My mum is always Kombucha, which has useful properties. I tried to make compresses with it. About two weeks repeated manipulation in the evenings. The procedure is unpleasant and painful, but very effective!

Ludmila, 53 years: Suffered with this disease for 15 years! The doctors said that the only way to tablets with a very aggressive squad, which will take not every the liver. 70% vinegar for three days he delivered me from this disease. The legs were well steamed out, wiped dry and treated them with the infected nail plate.

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