Folk remedies for the common cold and nasal congestion

Life is not nice when you don’t feel favorite flavors, can’t enjoy the taste of food. Many are familiar with the unpleasant sensation of nasal congestion, endless runny nose, snoring at night. Prolonged cold symptoms and allergies should take steps to get rid of the symptoms otherwise the disease will take a chronic nature.

The causes of edema of the nasal mucosa

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The nose is a kind of conditioning in our body: whatever the ambient temperature, though the air was not filled with dust, germs, a light it always gets cleaned, heated to 37 °C. charge of this special anatomical structures of the lower turbinate, which are tangles of blood vessels. Slow blood circulation in these organs causes swelling of the nasal mucosa. This happens for many reasons:

  1. When hormonal failure thyroid vessels are relaxed and widened, so there is swelling of the sheath of the nose with mucous secretions.
  2. Violations of autonomic regulation and blood vessels leads to nasal congestion with no liquid discharge.
  3. Polyps in the maxillary sinuses lead to labored breathing, mucous discharge.
  4. Respiratory infection is accompanied by swelling of the nasal mucosa, runny nose.
  5. Allergic rhinitis due to sensitivity to cold, pollen leads to profuse flow of mucus from the sinuses.

How to get rid of nasal congestion in the morning

The result is difficulty breathing through the nose is always the same – inflammation of its membranes, with which a reconciled, by keeping the condition constant application of drops. From pharmaceutical drugs, especially when used regularly, may develop comorbidities, so their use is undesirable. Sometimes nasal congestion manifests itself in the morning is a sign of stagnation of mucus and drying of the inner lining of the nose.

To improve the patient’s condition in the morning will help a folk remedy for the common cold and nasal congestion:

  1. Morning physical activity: basic charge will lead to an accelerated blood circulation, which helps to clean mucus from the nose.
  2. Inflammation of the lining perfectly eliminates the eucalyptus essential oil. It has soak a cotton swab, hold it in front of his nose for a few minutes, quietly to breathe the fumes.
  3. If in the morning to smear with an asterisk the sinuses, it will relieve congestion in a few minutes.

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How to cure the common cold and to relieve the symptoms

If you approach the treatment of the respiratory system carefully, clearly understand what folk remedies for the common cold and nasal congestion can help the process of getting rid of the symptoms will not take much time. Here are some effective tips:

  1. Get rid of dust in the room, increase the concentration of moisture in the air using a household humidifier or a spray.
  2. The period of occurrence of nasal congestion, runny nose, refrain from Smoking, drinking alcohol is a health will affect the entire body.
  3. Hiking in any kind of weather beneficial to the health of the nose.
  4. Even under heavy congestion, try breathe through the nose, not the mouth. The breathing should be smooth, surface. Try this method – stuffy and runny nose will pass very quickly.
  5. While problems with the respiratory system, the diet should be light, fast utilizable food.

Folk remedies for the common cold

To the symptoms of the common cold for too long, it is necessary at the first appearance to start treatment. With the help of folk remedies for the common cold and nasal congestion you in a few days will be able to return the sense of smell, appetite, normal sleep.

  1. Chop the garlic cloves, onion finely chop and mix. The slurry was placed in a piece of gauze to put in the ears for half an hour. Phytoncides (biologically active substances) these vegetables will penetrate to the nasopharynx, paranasal sinuses and bear fruit.
  2. Beets can permanently get rid of nasal congestion. It should drip a few drops of its juice in both nostrils. Use this remedy for two days and on the third day the symptoms will disappear.
  3. Aloe Vera juice (1 tsp) combine with honey (0.5 tsp.). To lubricate the nostrils with this solution with a cotton swab at night. This recipe will help to avoid the morning congestion.
  4. Kalanchoe juice is used in folk remedies for the common cold and nasal congestion. It causes intense sneezing, which occurs due to the cleaning of even the maxillary sinuses from purulent contents. No wonder homeopathy is widely used, this plant.

Garlic for the common cold

How to treat stuffy nose without snot

If you have for four days there is a nasal congestion for no apparent reason or cold, it is a sign of dry air. Such cavity and the mucous is a breeding ground for germs, bacteria. To eliminate dryness and as a result, nasal congestion, easily at home:

  • buy a humidifier and use it regularly;
  • ventilate the room in which you sleep, work, are time consuming.
  • when a stuffy nose without a cold, don’t be afraid to go outside in rainy weather.

What to do if you are allergic

In response to the allergen, the body tries to protect itself from him: so that foreign matter does not enter inside, there is a nasal congestion and runny nose, sneezing. These symptoms occur for no apparent reason. Folk medicine recommends from cold and nasal congestion in acute allergies to use a nettle tincture. The leaves of this plant contain special compounds that help to get rid of the histamine that is causing the sensitivity of the nasal mucosa to the environment. Recipe natural cures:

  • nettle leaves (30 g) placed in a jar;
  • pour vodka (100 g), leave to steep 14 days, shaking every day the contents of the can;
  • drain through a strainer, pour the liquid into a dark bottle;
  • tincture take one SIP every six hours.

Krapivy leaves

Effective home remedies for the common cold

Defects in the respiratory system is very important not to miss a moment of the very beginning and to start treatment of folk recipes, then you will not have to resort to harsh pharmaceutical drugs that cause allergies, addiction. Taking advantage of home remedies for the common cold and congestion, you will not spend a lot of effort, time and money, and the effect of the procedures will be long.


On the face there are such places to massage which you will be able to overcome the nasal congestion. Following the step-by-step self-massage, regularly repeating the exercise in the evening you will feel that unpleasant symptoms recede. How to influence a runny nose massage:

  1. The first point is under both nostrils. Finger gently massage them ten times.
  2. The second point is located just above and also on both sides. Gently press in the corners of her eyes, where tears and massage ten times.
  3. The third point is behind the ear lobe, but not in place of the cartilage. Gently press with your fingers ten times in a row.
  4. The fourth point is located on the cartilage of the ear lobe. Press it ten times.

These exercises are recommended in combination with grinding of the paranasal sinuses. Before the massage it is necessary to intensively RUB the palms together to heat formed. The back of the thumbs to press the maxillary sinus and forefinger slightly compress the nostrils and massage in a circular motion. This will trigger a rapid outflow of mucus and relief from nasal congestion.

Nasal lavage

This method is a remedy for inflammation of the nasopharynx, and prevention during viral epidemics. «Jala Neti» allows you to get rid of purulent sinusitis, swelling and dryness of the respiratory system. For nasal lavage necessary the teapot 1-2 Cup of water with a thin spout that can be inserted into the nostril painless. Step-by-step actions:

  • pour into the kettle the third part of dessert spoons of sea salt;
  • add soda (0.5 teaspoon), iodine (2 drops);
  • lean over the bath, to keep your head tilted;
  • in the upper nostril and insert the spout to the flow solution and poured through the lower nasal aperture;
  • pouring half of the liquid, tilt your head the other way and change the nostril;
  • after washing you must breath several times to bend down low over the bathtub, lock and rise with exhalation.
  • take turns to blow each nostril.

Man doing inhalation for the common cold


Many are often sick in childhood, adults were still very vivid memories of inhalation – therapy under a woolen blanket. Breathed over the hot potato, pairs essential oils of eucalyptus, etc. In modern conditions uses a proprietary inhaler, e.g.,nebulizer –it can apply to adults and children. If it is not possible to buy such a device at home easily to make a similar device:

  • cut the bottom of a plastic bottle;
  • fill the glass with hot water, add eucalyptus essential oil (a few drops);
  • tie a plastic bottle to a glass, and through the cervix inhale therapeutic pairs.

Treatment of rhinitis in children at home

Runny nose leads to poor appetite, disturbing sleep, moodiness from a baby. The use of pediatric drops such as Kviks, can be addictive and even more swelling of the mucous membrane. With the help of folk remedies for the common cold you can treat the newborn:

  1. You need to put some drops sea buckthorn oil in your nose (1 drop in each nostril) immediately after night awakening.
  2. At the first sign of runny nose, use saline pharmacy: bury every half hour to two drops in both nostrils. This will help moisten the mucous and allow you to breathe freely.
  3. Drinking plenty of fluids will help to avoid nasal congestion.

Video: how to help your child with snot

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