Fish for peeling

Among the services of almost every expensive SPA you can see a manicure or pedicure performed by fish for peeling. Especially common this procedure is in the South, in the resort towns. The point is simple: the customer puts his hands or feet in a special pool, and fish biting the dead skin, giving incredible smoothness of the surface.

What are the fish rufa Garra

Small fish belong to the carp family. They live in the middle East in warm (not below 32 degrees) water, widespread along the coast of Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria. They don’t have teeth, so biting keratinized human skin, they can very gently, just touching it (in warm water softens the epidermis). In addition, such bites fish activate blood circulation in the human body that serves as a prevention of many diseases.

The fish body parts

The procedure for removal of necrotic tissue is very simple: the customer puts in a special aquarium hands or feet, and fish immediately stick to the skin. If you schedule a full body peeling, you need to dive into the pool in a bathing suit or without it. In the East the fish Garra rufa is considered one of the surest ways of meditation: the massage itself promotes relaxation, and stands small fish enzyme helps rejuvenation, skin tightening.

RIBA Garra Rufa

Treatment with Garra rufa fish skin diseases

In addition to grooming, beauty and cosmetic purposes, fish for pedicure and manicure can help in the treatment of chronic dermatological diseases, such:

  • psoriasis;
  • acne;
  • fungal disease of the skin;
  • baby allergic eczema;
  • atopic dermatitis;
  • ichthyosis;
  • vitiligo.

What the fish-peeling

The content of the peeling is not just to remove old skin: it includes improvement of blood circulation due to massage small antennae located inside the mouth fish. The result is a painless procedure is achieved from three effects: peeling, activating blood circulation and rejuvenating effect. The latter is provided by the secretion of special enzymes. Fish for peeling feet and hands is able to provide cosmetic and healing effect, so this technique is sometimes offered for face.


How to make fish

The process takes about 20 minutes. To remove the layer of dead skin, the fish rufa Garra will immediately cling to the human body. Do fish peeling should not more often than once every two months, otherwise, instead of the natural healthy skin of the hands and feet you get too dry, absolutely morbid integument. If fish procedure the doctor ordered, consult with him about duration and frequency of treatment. Also, remember that with very advanced cases (hard corns on feet) fish won’t cope without preliminary preparation of the body.

Who should not use feet peeling with Garra rufa fish

As with any procedure, fish peeling can be done without prior consultation with a physician. There are the following contraindications:

  • malignancy;
  • visible skin lesions (moles, warts, papillomas);
  • lupus erythematosus;
  • psoriatic erythroderma.

In addition, should consider very carefully the reputation of the salon where the procedure will be performed. Too low a price and without a medical doctor for consultation should be alerted. If the fish for exfoliation to work properly, you should not hurt (might be a bit ticklish), because they only remove the Horny layer. If discomfort occurs there is a risk that fish hurt living cells, resulting in injury and inflammation.

Fish peeling feet

The price of fish for peeling

The cost of the procedure in a good Moscow salons ranges from 500 to 1500 rubles per session. Fish for feet or hands are used more often because the service is inexpensive, but the process is quite body will have a significant price. If you want to not only improve skin condition, but also to achieve health benefits, you need to know, the price of which can reach 10 thousand roubles. Contain the salon, where fish for peeling, can be costly.

People who want to regularly cleanse the skin with the natural forces of nature, it is recommended to buy in online store or on a special website certificate unlimited use of the procedure for a period of time. Many salons offer these passes at a low price, but before buying the patient should consult a doctor and check what country in the salon brought the fish: if they’re from China, it’s not a real Garra rufa (those living only in Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria) and can cause damage, which will pay an attractive price.

Efficiency and results of fish-peeling

The manicure you can do everything. If you want to get a pedicure but your feet in very poor condition, first visit regular masters and remove most hard corns, or the fish with them simply can not cope. However, the special judges of new methods in cosmetology use this technique to clean your face to tighten the skin and achieve a rejuvenating effect. Also, do not forget about the additional relaxing effect, comparable to a good massage.

Video: fish that do exfoliation


Olga, 28 years

I tried the procedure in Turkey, I want to go back. Fish for peeling works better than hardware manicure. However, to afford pleasure, you need to be on the beach, otherwise it is very expensive. I understand that the content of such fish justifies the price, but I still can’t afford it regularly, I can’t afford.

Polina, 19 years old

Classmate invited to celebrate the end of the session in the SPA, we were asked to order a special peeling of the hands and feet fishes. Was very tickled unusual feeling! I liked: feet are much softer, for a pedicure soon go again, a great effect. It is a pity that expensive: I had to pay almost 3000 rubles for all procedures in the aquarium.

Lidia, 38 years old

I thought, at my age, to deal with rough skin on the feet is useless. The daughter was presented with a certificate at the SPA, where I tried peeling Garra rufa. Excellent result! Girl nearby complained about the tickling, but I didn’t feel anything unpleasant. The result is correlated with the chemical, acid peels. Friend recommend to do near the sea – there are cheaper.

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