Fears during pregnancy

music2The period of carrying a child happy and most anxious in every woman’s life, because they are at heart small wonder, his own man. But it just so happens that during pregnancy there are all sorts of bad thoughts, fears and feelings: «all is Well with the baby?», «How is he?», «How will labor?», «And I can’t do it?». The unknown sometimes brings the woman in panic. Fears during pregnancy is a problem that does not really enjoy the most beautiful moments in life.

Psychologists proved the fact that anxiety during pregnancy, frequent anxiety and mental anguish usually associated with physiological, psychological and hormonal changes occurring in the body of the expectant mother. Thoughts in the mind of pregnant women breaking out more often and harder to control, but still must learn self-control, and better still in the period of preparation for pregnancy mentally prepare yourself. Today we will tell you what troubles may face a woman before, during and after pregnancy and also how not to worry during your pregnancy and set yourself on a positive wave.

Fear of pregnancy

Sometimes a woman is faced with various fears still at the planning stage of pregnancy, especially if a long time unable to conceive, start glority idea that something is wrong with her, she’s defective, and maybe she will never be able to experience the joy of motherhood. In fact, it is proven that the psychological component is considered important if you aim to conceive a child. In medicine even there is the concept of psychological infertility is a condition when a woman is under constant stress from self-imposed by her experiences, the most common are the following:

  • the fear of never getting pregnant;
  • fear not to carry a child;
  • fear of missed abortion/ miscarriage (especially if history of pregnancy has been interrupted for one reason or another);
  • the fear of losing the child;
  • etc. more global fears: disasters, job loss, loss of beauty, fear of responsibility.

All these anxieties provoke the release of adrenaline, the body is constantly under stress, and hence the probability of conception is minimal. Obsession with the issue in this case, the first enemy. Often, many families «get pregnant» as soon as you stop paying attention to fears and anxieties.

And suddenly with the child something not so

When the long-awaited pregnancy, the woman from the first days starts to listen to your body and to talk about if a child okay, it’s okay if he develops, in a word, there comes fear for the health of the child. it’s a natural reaction when mom is worried about your child, but you clearly need to have the range of experiences, and be able in time to take himself in hand, while anxieties and fears do not become Intrusive.

Standing on the account in female consultation the woman periodically undergoes tests and is ultra sound study, this helps to monitor the condition of mother and fetus. Which means you need to rely on the doctor to listen to his findings and recommendations and to make sure only the successful completion of pregnancy. This is important to you, the company try to create a favorable psychological atmosphere for you and your baby, less nervous and eat right. This will help our advice to pregnant women. And be sure to read the article about proper nutrition the link /pravilynoe-pitanie-dlya-beremennh-women/

Fear of childbirth

During pregnancy, the woman already psychologically ready for the upcoming birth. However, watching movies and listening scary stories from her friends, a brand new fear of pregnancy — I’m afraid to give birth, it hurts, can happen anywhere. etc.

Certainly, childbirth is a difficult, painful and complex process, but every woman carries it differently. Well, when the choice of hospital and doctor made in advance that the woman was calm and felt protected. But even if the water broke and the contractions started all of a sudden, do not panic. At this point, of course, extremely important the support of loved ones, mother, husband.

It is important to understand that fear during childbirth, you will not help and will only aggravate the moral atmosphere, and will increase the risk for various complications. The woman intended to give birth and becomes a mother, and therefore any obstacles to her on the shoulder. This short, painful period of time soon forgotten, and the joy of motherhood will last forever!

How to get rid of fears during pregnancy?

The fears of pregnant women is the most negative experiences that lead to nervous strain, panic attacks, headaches, fatigue, etc. And the most impressionable, sensitive, tearful and sensitive women, suffer from this the most. In other words, anxiety during pregnancy affects not only the psycho-emotional state, but also overall health. And the woman, feeling that attack bad ideas, must work to restore peace and balance. There are some ways that can help.

How to deal with fear during pregnancy:

  • Get in the habit of talking about their experiences. Alone to worry much easier to talk about their troubles, loved ones, communicate with your doctor and they can dispel all your doubts.
  • Do things you love. That was not the time to worry about pulling himself something. Enjoy drawing, sewing, music, make toys, write poems, read books or magazines, in General, anything, but don’t worry.
  • Protect yourself from stressful situations, try not to be a party to the conflict and quarrels, it is negative emotions that will only reinforce your mental stress.
  • Spending more time in the fresh air with pleasant people, in a good atmosphere.
  • Engage in group exercises where you will be able to communicate or be friends with other members.
  • Learn the features of the development of the child in the womb, and explore the various benefits, how to care for the child and nurture it. Some tips in the future can really help alleviate some of your troubles.

Remember that scientists do not accidentally say that our thoughts are material, and we attract what you fear. So, dear women, mothers-to chase away bad thoughts and feelings during pregnancy, nature is everything for us has provided, enjoy your position, trust your health and the baby’s health specialists and rejoice in each day.

Health to you and your baby!