Eye drops to improve vision

One of the human senses is vision. It often suffers from diseases, inherited or acquired over time due to computer and other negative factors. The first help in such situations, drops in the eye to improve vision. Below you will find several effective medications and instructions for their use.

Kinds of drops eyes

Girl rubbing eyes

Before buying certain drugs to improve vision, you should know the cause of the problem. The most common factors are:

  • insufficient amount of minerals and vitamins in the body;
  • vision changes associated with age;
  • a big strain on the eyes.

Based on these reasons, developed different kinds of eye drops to improve vision. There are several groups of drugs, each of which has a specific function:

  1. Anti-inflammatory. Generally fall into 2 groups: hormonal and non-hormonal. First effective is Dexamethasone. Drops have a stronger effect, but they have many contraindications. Of non-hormonal allocated Intecolor and Diclofenac.
  2. Antibacterial. Used to treat diseases of the eye such as blepharitis and keratitis. They are used in the treatment of viral diseases or post operative therapy. These include drugs such as Sulfacetamide, Floksal.
  3. Vitamin. Required for replenishment of tissues, to avoid the progression of myopia and hyperopia, prevention of cataracts, as well as to activate metabolic processes. The most effective of these eye drops to improve vision Kvinaks and Taufon. Along with them are allocated Katalin, Iodoral, Vitafol, Gospavic, Taurine, Okovit, Nicotinamide, Vitamax. Their use is more intended for people in old age or suffering from diabetes.
  4. Moisturizing. Essential for those who work involves high load on the eyes, especially the computer. Among the names of these medicines are highlighted Oftagel, Systane, Reticulin, drops Stulina, Santa 40, Innoxa blue eye drops. They improve the accommodation of the eye, reduce the impact of physical activity.
  5. Improve the functioning of the retina. Based on vegetable ingredients. Effectively protect the eyes from the negative effects of the environment. The names of such funds are: Optometrist, Zorro, Visimax, Equit-vigilance.
  6. Relaxing. These drugs represent eye drops to improve vision farsightedness. These funds can be used only on prescription. Primary in this category is the drug Atropine.

What drops improve visual acuity the best

Zorro Drops

Drugs for the eyes, which would aim to specifically improve visual acuity. Doctor prescribes drops, depending on what influenced the deterioration of the eye. One of the best drugs are the following:

  1. Drops Skulachev. Named for the inventor, but sales is known as Sisomicin. Are active against antioxidants, improve the composition of tears and normalize its production. Indicated for the treatment of age-related changes, dry eye or inflammatory diseases.
  2. Zorro. Used to treat vision deterioration, caused by natural mechanical processes. Based on medicinal herbs and vitamins. Indicated for decreased vision in the end of the shift, feeling hurt or sand in the eyes.
  3. Taufon. Indicated for the treatment of vision problems caused by certain diseases such as cataract or injury of the cornea. The main component acts as taurine that is an amino acid capable of restoring the tissue.
  4. Reticulin. The composition of these drops is patented and involves the cytochrome P-450, adenosine and plant extracts. All these substances contribute to the improvement of visual acuity.
  5. Visimax. A beneficial effect on the retina, reducing of inflammatory processes in it. Shown with increased lacrimation, redness, itching, or dryness of the mucous membrane of the eye.

Effective vitamin drops for eyes

Vitamins Taufon

One of the groups of eye drops are vitamin. They are needed to nourish and improve blood circulation in the eye. Taufon Kvinaks drops and are considered leaders in this group. They provide power to the eye with Riboflavin, i.e. vitamin B2. It is especially necessary for those who long working at a computer. A good vision provides both vitamin A or retinol. It is often included in the composition drops Japanese manufacturers. The drug is popular Lion Smile.

Another effective remedy drops according to Fedorov, named in honor of the Creator who worked on them for about 10 years. They are based on natural ingredients such as:

  • honey;
  • demineralized water;
  • aloe tree.

Video: how to choose blobs to restore vision

Where to buy and how much it cost

To buy any eye drops to improve vision at the pharmacy. In addition, it is done and right at home with the help of the order to the online stores. As for the cost drops, then it depends on the specific drug. The above drops Skulachev sold for around 500 About the same price range is the eye medicine Zorro and Visimax. All the usual Sulfacetamide is inexpensive – it only costs 90-100 g., the average price of Dexamethasone less. It is 30-50 g. Drops to restore vision from the ophthalmologist Fedorova will cost 400-450 R.

The girl lowers her eyes

The rules of the instillation of the eye

Instruction on instillation of the eye depends on the specific drug used. It concerns the frequency of use and the course of treatment, but some General rules still exist. Among them are the following recommendations:

Reviews and results after treatment

Elena, 32 years:Working all day at a computer. The evening eyes are so tired, that already can not look at the monitor. Was advised to buy the drug Taufon or Clinics. Chose the first, because it is cheaper – a total of 100 g. after a week I noticed that the eyeballs don’t hurt at the end of the shift, as it was before. In addition, even began to clearly see objects in the distance. I advise you to try Taufon.

Catherine, 29 years:I from any specks immediately red eyes and tears run down, apparently, by nature I’m very sensitive. A friend saw eye drops Zorro and decided to try it. No they did not disappoint me, so I bought myself the same. Never felt sand in his eyes and hurt not. Now, calmly walking down the street, and not afraid to show up even in windy weather.

Alexander, 45 years:recently noticed that I see getting worse and worse. Glasses to wear all the time no desire. And they say that vision so even faster posadita. On the recommendation of a doctor acquired Nicotinamide. I was buried for 3 months. It is a good product, because I began to wear glasses even less than before. In addition, as promised, it is perfectly moisturizes the eyes.

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