Exercises with barbell at home

When regular exercise is necessary qualitatively to work out every muscle group. Only then training will be most productive. The use of sports equipment is welcome. For example, training with a barbell allows you to develop a flawless athletic body to pump a certain group of muscles.

Basic exercises with a barbell at home

Training facilities at home are encouraged to run 3-4 times a week, to spend on such an exercise 40-60 minutes of free time. Grif, pancakes and bench is most necessary, for such productive pursuits, otherwise you’ll have to go to the gym. Basic exercises with a barbell at home, and duration of exercise should be performed under the following conditions:

  1. To increase absolute strength with sports plan you need to follow 4 steps for 6 repetitions.
  2. To build muscle mass at home appropriate performance on the bench 5 actions for 5 repetitions.
  3. To eliminate subcutaneous fat, effective and rapid drying body shown energy 12 action 3 replay.
  4. With the aim of improving relative strength in the home will not prevent the additional load presented 14 sets of 3 repetition.
  5. The transition of activities from easy to difficult approaches, but in violation of the heart rhythm when you perform at home to reduce the burden.
  6. Compliance with the proposed technique strength training – the key to a successful home. Otherwise you can get injured, besides failing to achieve its initially result.
  7. In parallel with the training with any weights you need to pay special attention to nutrition, proper rest, regularity of physical activity produced by sport mode.
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The program exercises with a barbell

If you do this exercise equipment at home and determine the result, then the result will not keep itself waiting. Strength training definitely provides for presses in different positions, who are working out individual muscle groups. Rest between neighboring approaches – no more than 2 minutes, and then every time you need to increase the tempo. To start making your dreams come true always with a plan, which is a priority. Below are two of the training set, each of which studies a particular muscle group.

Complex barbell exercises for biceps at home

With thorough study of this muscle group significantly increased strength in arms, stamina, athletic corset is formed. To quickly and effectively train a weak hand, it is recommended to adhere to the following program of six strength exercises. In this case, the bar for home workouts indispensable is the weighting. So:

  1. Standing medium grip, perform a concentrated lifting fingerboard with pancakes, that is, to promote the projectile from hips to shoulders, with your hands shoulder width apart.
  2. To perform the same exercises with a narrow grip from a standing position, but to raise the hands with weighting to the chin.
  3. Standing at the vertical supports, to perform the up the fretboard with pancakes on your biceps at home. In this case it is better to use special EZ-neck.
  4. Sitting on the bench, to perform a lifting weights narrow grip that at home is possible only with a special sports equipment.
  5. Lying on his stomach on a bench set stamped first approach narrow grip, and then average.

Man doing exercises with barbell

Complex barbell exercises for the back

At home you can train the muscles of the back, especially for this purpose developed a special training program 3-4 times a week for 40 minutes in one session. The result will be even at home, but in this case, you need sports equipment. In this regard, the main thing – the regularity and adherence, then back muscles will soon become athletic shape. An effective program is presented below, and the alternative rod be dumbbells of different weights. So:

  1. Raise the weights overhead medium grip, and then to perform the classic at home exercise for back muscles. Gradually increase the tempo while controlling the breath, to find the optimal weight.
  2. Deadlift is an effective basic exercise from a standing position with a straight back, which can be performed to strengthen the appropriate muscle groups. There are two versions – a lower weighting to the knee and to the floor.
  3. Lying on your back at an angle, to perform the exercise of lifting weights were over my head, behind my back. Complex approaches that can handle professionals. Break between sets – 2 minutes. The same action can be performed in a sitting position for the same principle.
  4. French bench press on hand. A classic exercise, which is an important component of strength training, working all muscle groups in the strong pace. From prone position to lift the knees and send the neck to the chin.
  5. Narrow grip in the prone position to force the problem to the chin, constantly increasing the pace. The main thing is not to stop and put a break between the neighboring approaches – no more than 2 minutes. Otherwise, the lesson will be ineffective.
  6. Continues exercises with weights at home squat, which not only work the muscles of the back, but pump the legs the calf muscle groups. A beginner should start with relatively small weights, but not to stay, gradually increase the load.

Video: workout with weights for all muscle groups for girls

If interested in this training complex, you can find informative instructional video, use the advice of professionals. Pumping a muscular corset at home, you can increase self-esteem, to feel hands strength and confidence, to strengthen your back. Here are some helpful video tutorials, which will help to achieve this goal the newcomer and to keep in shape professional. It’s time to pay attention to its problematic figure, to produce an athletic muscular corset.

A set of exercises with a barbell for girls

Exercises with a barbell at home for buttocks

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