Exercises to restore vision

Your eyes always require careful maintenance. To help your vision to remain sharp, do not have to suffer. In fact, it takes only about 10 minutes a day. Eye care is primarily associated with the special charge, which is recommended for almost all ophthalmologists.

Actions will have to perform simple – just use the important muscles of the eyes, then it is less strained for the rest of the day. With this exercise you can longer sit behind the monitor, not feeling tired, because my eyes from the morning is in great shape and ready for heavy loads. It is necessary to do this.

For starters 50-100 standard flashes, and then 50-100 outbreaks with stress century. Then, slowly, you can see all the way down, right, up and left (enough for ten repetitions). Then do the same but on the diagonal. Then, pretending to watch, to make circular movements against and clockwise (enough for ten reps both ways). Followed by more complex movements – «eight» horizontally and vertically.

After this you can close one eye, and the second at the closest distance hold your finger down and focus on this vision, trying to see its details, then slowly withdraw your finger from my eyes again to zoom in. Then repeat the same procedure with the other eye. It is not difficult to see that this is the most difficult in the whole charge, because its implementation uses much more muscles than all the previous ones.

At the end of the workout, repeat 50-100 simple flashings. This method is well reduced eye strain during the day, and also helps to restore vision in the early stages of myopia or hyperopia, or to stop their development. In any case, your eye will be several times better than without charging. The main thing – to try to do everything slowly and gently.

But if you wish, you can also add your exercise exercise, or to adjust its duration.

Good luck in training!

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