Exercises on the bars

There are many different types of simulators for the training of all body parts. Bars is one of the most affordable options, find these two rungs in a neighboring yard along with a horizontal bar. If you practice correctly according to the diagram in compliance technology, you will be able to swing all the muscles of the body, using only bars.

Facilitated classes on the bars

Some athletes mistakenly believe that the shell gives a large selection of exercises, the focus of training on the uneven bars – triceps, but that’s not all. When you change the angle of the hull, changing of hands you will have the opportunity to train:

  • back;
  • biceps;
  • chest;
  • press;
  • shoulders.

Exercises on the bars – it’s not just push-UPS but pull-UPS, static options, combined approaches. As a rule, work is carried out with its own weight, which will help to strengthen muscles, lose weight. If you want to gain weight, you have to work with the weights. The effectiveness of training with this projectile is as high as you would in the gym, subject to equipment and regular training. These classes are well suited for both men and women.

The guy on the bars

The program of training on the uneven bars

Choice of circuit training depends on your goals (lose weight, gain muscle mass), muscle groups that need work. For example, the guy wants to lose weight and to pump up more shoulders. He will need to perform in an intense pace with a minimum interval between sets of partial pushup with tilt. To create a programme of exercise should be approached individually, but most schemes include exercises on uneven bars:

  • push-UPS with a focus on triceps;
  • push-UPS with a focus on thoracic;
  • the leg lifts for the abs;
  • parallel pull-UPS;
  • conventional pull-UPS;
  • static AB workout (area).

The duration of exercise, intensity, number of repetitions approaches all impact on the final result. To choose the training need based on the goal. Here are some guidelines for beginners that are necessary for effective training:

  1. To lose weight. You should perform 10-12 reps in each set, between them to take a break no more than 20 seconds. This will help you to keep your heart rate within the desired range to speed up the process of weight reduction. The complex should include at least 3-4 exercises, and the duration can not exceed 25-30 minutes.
  2. To strengthen the muscles and to pump up. You need to deal with in a more tranquil pace, the rest can be up to 1 minute between sets, which should be at least 4-5 for each exercise. Repetitions should be at least 15-18. You can use small weights.
  3. For strength-training. In this case, can not do without the additional weight. Take a backpack and put heavy books, dumbbells (if you have one at home) or something to get 6-7 kg extra weight. In a complex pick 3-4 exercises, do 3-4 sets of 7-8 repetitions. The rest can be 1-2 minutes.

Girl practicing on the uneven bars

Technique exercises on the uneven bars

To work effectively with the projectile (like any other), it is important to observe. At what distance will stand hands, how you breathe, depends on the result of the training. You can engage in the morning, afternoon or evening, as long as you feel comfortable and you are not too tired. In the absence of sufficient amounts of energy training benefits will not be muscle development will not occur. During the execution of the approach you need to control the following:

  • the position of the hands and body;
  • breathing;
  • the mechanics of the movement.


This is one of the most simple, popular and effective exercises on the uneven bars. It is easy to perform for beginners (boys and girls), the technique is simple and straightforward. There are two main types of push-UPS, which load different muscle groups:

Classic pushups on bars:

  1. Jump onto the projectile or use a stand to hold the original position.
  2. Arms are parallel, the body smooth, the legs can be slightly bent at the knees, keep your head straight, look ahead.
  3. Start to bend your elbows as you breathe in, sinking down. Head, keep straight, body slightly tilted forward.
  4. Lower yourself until your shoulders will not be at the level of the projectile. Then again rise to its original position on the exhale.
  5. The end point of the elbow must not straighten up completely, otherwise the load from the muscles to move the joint and the efficiency will be lower. Always keep the elbow slightly bent.
  6. Girls don’t always manage to rise from a lower point. When such a problem, you can only swing negative approaches: just lower yourself slowly down. Then again jump onto the shell and repeat the lowering. Do such option exercise until my muscles get used and you will have enough strength to perform lifting up.

The man pressed on the bars

Push-UPS with a focus on the thoracic:

  1. Take position as in a regular push-UPS. Feet and hands set on the bar.
  2. Start-UPS. Efficiency is increased due to the fact that you can go below. This stretches the chest muscles and more of their burdens. In the usual push-UPS you to interfere in this floor.

Pullups on the bars

Not a standard option on the bars, it is easier in this direction to work on the bar, but in the absence of the latter can swing on the bars. Here, too, there are two versions: classic pull-UPS and parallel grip. In the first case, use the crossbar as a horizontal bar. Bend your feet and do any pull-UPS: wide, narrow, normal or reverse grip. In the second case, use a parallel grip:

  1. Join hands for a shell, put your feet on the bar. You should hang on hand.
  2. Follow-up bars on the exhale. Try to use the muscles of the arms and back.
  3. Return to the starting point.

Pullups on the bars with the area

Exercise on uneven bars

This sports equipment helps to pump a large number of muscle groups. If you use a comprehensive program of training, for one session you can have a good load triceps, chest, back, shoulders, press. Below is an example for beginners for the first time. In the future experienced athletes will need to replace some exercises. Example workout:

  1. Classic push-UPS. The technique exercises were described above. Perform 3-4 sets of 10-12 reps. If you are able to do less, do not worry, do enough to feel the load.
  2. Pushups for chest. The technique was described above. Perform 3-4 approach with the same number of repetitions.
  3. Pullups parallel grip. 1-20 reps, 3-4 approach.
  4. The leg lifts for the abs. Starting position: as in a classic push-UPS. Straighten your Arms completely, lock the case and slowly lift straight leg in front of him. To be released «the corner», at the top, try for 2-3 seconds to linger, then slowly (not throwing) lower them down. Repeat the movement 10-15 times. Enough 2-3 approaches.

Video: press on the bars

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