Exercises on the fitball

Fitball – Swiss invention, it was originally used as a simulator for rehabilitation of patients with cerebral palsy. Soon on its efficiency drew the attention of the fitness trainers, the ball began to gain popularity in gyms. Exercises on the fitball help to stretching fast weight reduction, muscle relaxation, strengthening of the joints. Now gym ball – an integral attribute of any gym. There are various modifications of the ball – with handles and without them, and the half exercise ball with a flat base.

Girl doing exercises on the fitball

Than good exercises on the fitball

All exercises with a stability ball is a load of its own weight, hence the obvious plus to injure, overload the muscle, doing with this shell, it is practically impossible even for beginners. Fitball load all groups of muscles, stretches the ligaments and strengthens the joints. Part of the exercises provide cardio, so in addition to muscle training exercise ball gives the effect of weight loss. Using the fitball exercise the muscles that are considered problematic for the pump.

How to choose the right fitball

When choosing a gymnastic ball should pay attention to such details:

  • Smell. It should not be quite. If the seller tells you that the smell will fade with time, don’t believe him. Quality fitball has rubber smell. Cheap Chinese counterfeits have a distinct aroma tires. Such a product may be even dangerous for Allergy sufferers, because when you exercise on a fitball skin is in contact with the surface of the ball.
  • Seams. In good ball they are barely noticeable visually, is absolutely not to be felt. Buy fitball should be only after blowing and checking the seams. The hill stands out, or Vice versa, the groove should not interfere with training and cause discomfort.

Gymnastic balls of different sizes

  • Nipple. Quality of the ball he sunk, there is no one area of the body. If you go back to the nipple – feeling should not give out his location.
  • Anti-static effect. If the fitball can provide anti-static effect, it will collect dust and debris throughout the room. To check this option, you must RUB an inflated ball synthetic cloth for a few seconds. A quality ball will not «magnetite» the fabric to its surface.
  • Form. Fitball should be round from all sides. If you see «ellipse» or «egg» – in front of you low quality product.
  • The diameter of the fitball. This parameter depends on your height. Measure it is not necessary. Diameter is specified in the package. The table is based on the size of the fitball from growth:
Height (cm) Diameter (cm)
152 45
153 to 165 55
166-185 65
186-200 75
Above 200 85

The data in the table is conditional and optional. To select the size you need to get on the ball so that the feet completely touched the floor, the knees should be a horizontal line with the hips or slightly below their level.

Exercise for weight loss with photos

Best exercises for weight loss are those that load all the muscle groups of the body. Effective weight loss is achieved through a combination of cardio with muscle effort. Exercises on the fitball reach your goals, giving the load to the muscles that are inaccessible to other machines. Each complex can be easily done by beginners, does not require even the basic skills. The intensity of the exercise varies with the degree of training.

For back and spine

Exercise on the fitball for the back

Starting position – lying back on the ball, feet fully touch the floor, hands behind your head (or along the body for beginners). Bending-unbending the knees move forward-back, the maximum bending at the rearmost point, leaving only the ball of the blade at the front. To increase the load complete exercise in circular movements of the body.


Abdominal with exercise ball you will need a gym Mat:

Exercise on the fitball crunches

  1. Lying on your back, grab the ball with feet, raise on yourself. Lower the ball back slowly. Repeat 15 times.
  2. Lying on your back with sandwiched between the legs with fitball and do rotational movements. The exercise effectively trains the oblique muscles of the press. Repetition – 15-20 rotational movements.

For the hips

Exercises for the hips should be performed after preliminary warm-up, as excessive cold ligaments of the feet leads to injuries, sprains. Effective job for weight loss thighs:

Exercises with fitball for the hips

  1. Shallow squats. The foot of one leg is placed on the ball and another leg squats performed to a depth that allows stretching. Hands it should hold ourselves to maintain balance. Repeat 15 times.
  2. Squat near the wall. The ball is clamped between the back and wall squats are performed to such a depth below the bottom of the thigh became parallel to the ground. This exercise relieves pressure from the back, making it more acceptable for people suffering from diseases of the spine. Repeat 15 times.

For hands

You will also need dumbbells weighing 1.5 kg. Exercises for the hands on an exercise ball are different from static the fact that the unstable form of support makes you keep back in the correct upright position:

Exercises with fitball for hands

  1. Press the dumbbells up. Sitting on the ball, put the brush with the dumbbells on your knees. Bend at the elbows, straighten the arms vertically upwards, initial position. Repeat 15 times.
  2. Push-UPS. The emphasis lay, but not to Balk at the floor and on an exercise ball. To do 10 pushups

Stretching exercises

Fitball helps to increase body flexibility, while remaining safe projectile. For exercise need a gym Mat:

Exercises on the fitball for stretching

  1. To take starting position: sit in the position, feet wider than shoulders, to lean on the ball in front of him. Relying on the ball to roll over his feet left and right, return to starting position. Repeat 10 times.
  2. Starting position: lunge forward with the support hand on an exercise ball. Roll the ball forward, leaning with his hands, return to starting position. Repeat 10 times.

Exercises for pregnant women

During pregnancy, women may experience pain or discomfort in the lumbar region: this is due to increase in the abdomen, transferring the center of gravity. The situation is complicated by the fact that a conventional massage, as an anesthetic, in this case it becomes inaccessible, because to lie on your stomach pregnant, hard, and in some cases even contraindicated. Gym ball does the job, pain in pregnant 1-2 weeks of training. It’s simple:

Exercise on the fitball for pregnant women

  1. Sit on the ball, placing feet on floor, hands rest on your knees. Holding the shoulders in one position the pelvis to «draw» circles in each direction 7 times. Repeat 3-4 times a day.
  2. Lie on fitball back, feet on the floor, arms crossed in front of chest. To perform rolling of the blades to the pelvis with fixation in the top position for 1-2 seconds. Repeat 10 times. Do 5-6 approaches per day.

What exercises on the ball can be done after birth

Load after childbirth should very strictly dosed. Excessive enthusiasm for fitness can cause the lack of milk, stretching, injury. Before the beginning of classes, consultation with a doctor is required. To restore back muscles are recommended exercises with fitball:

Classes with fitball after childbirth

  1. Standing on the floor, the palm rests on the ball. Rolling the ball with your hands as far forward as possible, its original state. Repeat 10 times.
  2. Lying Shin put on a fitball, raise your body to her knees, trying with his right hand to touch the left knee and Vice versa. Repeat 20 times.

Videopregnant for kids of all ages

Videos showing the use of fitball gymnastics to children of different ages, you will see below. Are you interested in techniques gymnastics warm-UPS for infants in the first year of life and for preschoolers? Popular exercises, the order of the execution, possible problems, the secrets to successfully training with your children will help with the confidence to enter in the sports life of the ball.

Exercises on gym ball for babies

Gymnastics for preschoolers with fitball

Feedback about training

Nadia, 24 years: my Husband bought me an exercise ball during pregnancy, but I never became with him, but after giving birth it really helped me and the baby. First I kneaded the back only, and then began to put my son on a ball and roll. Both of us this occupation like it, my back stopped hurting, and the son of a very early (half a month) was confidently holding her head.

Svetlana, 43 years: Trying to lose weight at home – did not work, not enough motivation. Enrolled in yoga with a yoga ball. The group classes are much more interesting, and the load is almost imperceptible. For six months this yoga I’ve lost 16 pounds and don’t stop. Bought a fitball home and practice further on their own. The exercises are simple to perform them is a pleasure.

Elena, 34 years: After 15 kg. I was Particularly upset by the hips, well, could do nothing to remove fat from the inner surface! No trainers, exercises and Jogging didn’t help. Came across exercises on a fitball, tried, and after 3 months saw the first results: the muscle was strengthened, and the skin is tight, my back stopped bothering pain. .

Catherine, 34 years: Teaching fitness for over 10 years. Noted for his players that regular exercises with the fitball and the results are tangible, especially for beginners. The ball does not give excessive load, and prevents sprain and other injuries. The projectile is well suited for both the beginner and intense warm-up before training. I recommend the fitball as a way of rehabilitation after injury or childbirth, back problems.

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