Exercises for chest muscles for men

One of the indicators of a beautiful male figure – pumped up chest muscles. To develop its maximum without special equipment at home is simply impossible. However, if you try, you the breast shape you can hone and adjust, and also make the muscles strong and attractive. For this you need to perform a special complex of exercises.

How to build muscle the sternum is the man of the house

Not all representatives of a strong half of mankind can make time to visit gyms. This can happen for the following reasons: busy schedule, the presence of a second career, caring for children or elderly relatives. So many men are trying to make your figure look more attractive at home. The muscles of the sternum to pump hard, but if you know the technology of performing multiple exercises, after a few months you can see the first results.

Pumped up man

A set of exercises for chest muscles for men at home

Training for the development of the sternum consists of a series of exercises that must be performed sequentially a number of times. Inflated using the weight of his own body (pushups), and special equipment – dumbbells. The best results will help to achieve the bar, but not everyone has the opportunity to use it in everyday terms. All exercises can be found in the articles of the sites devoted to bodybuilding.

To pump chest muscles at home a man is not easy, but if you show diligence, you will soon figure will get the desired look. Do exercises should be in strict mode (at least 3 times a week), while eating right (mostly protein foods). Before to build muscle sternum to the man, it is important to know a few basic rules:

  1. When you push UPS and dumbbell bench press use a wide grip. The higher it is, the better it will be pumped on the outside border of the musculature of the sternum. A narrow grip is used to strengthen the triceps.
  2. Watch carefully the breath is an important element of training. The system is this: exhale with maximum force, inhale when relaxing.
  3. Be sure to rest a day or two between workouts. Daily activities lead to the formation of micro traumas in the muscles of the chest who do not have time to heal during the day.
  4. Observe safety precautions: do not overdo it, not to strain the muscles, don’t mess with shells.

Perform dumbbell bench press lying on the floor

Basic exercises for the muscles of the sternum for men

Men reflect on the question: «how to build muscle the sternum is the man of the house?». It is actually easier than expected. To the basic exercises include push-UPS, but not simple, but special. They are divided into several types (run 3-4 times for 10-15 repetitions each). Basic exercises to pump the chest muscles for men:

  1. Without additional items. Take the emphasis lying on the direct hands. Don’t dip too low in the head and don’t raise it up high. The hand position slightly wider than shoulders. Slowly lower into the bottom position, and then jerk lift your upper body up. Elbows to focus not extend.
  2. Head down with lava. Exercise like a regular push-UPS, you only need to position the feet above the head. Slowly lower yourself, get a powerful breakthrough.
  3. Explosive push-UPS. Take a horizontal handstand. Slowly lower the torso to the floor and dramatically vitolnieki up to get to touch palms of each other (cotton) while you are at the top. This is a challenging exercise involves two sets of 8-10 repetitions.

The man pressed in the slope

Exercises for pectoral muscles for men with dumbbells

These shells – the most essential items for home workouts. They will not give the maximum effect, as opposed to professional trainers, but the visible form of the body to buy will help. Available sports equipment has a number of significant advantages: dumbbells are inexpensive, allow you to perform burdened workout at home, and, unlike rods, shells have two independent weight. The latter fact suggests that when the classroom included a group of small muscles-stabilizers that help keep the weight. So, how to build muscle sternum male weights:

  1. Bench on a horizontal surface with the plane. Lie on the bench and lifted the hand with dumbbells. Arms and shoulders must be at right angle. On the inhale slowly lower shells to the level of the sternum. Hold for a few seconds and, breathing out, push of gravity to its original position. Perform your desired number of repetitions.
  2. Bench press on a slight incline. Take a seat on the bench so that the head was located below the level of the pelvis. Hold a dumbbell in the hand on his chest, while placing your elbows at an angle of 90 degrees. Use the same technique as in exercise number one.
  3. Breeding dumbbells on the sides. A simple exercise that actively use and women. You just need to lie on a horizontal bench, raise the dumbbells over itself, with slightly bent elbows. Inhaling, slowly dissolve the shells around. Follow the shoulder joint. Following the path, return the shells to the starting position.

The person performs the reduction of arms with dumbbells lying

Best exercise equipment for chest muscles for men

The best exercise for the sternum is a rod. Bench press this equipment shows good results in the pumping of the upper part of the torso. Another trainer used in the gym – «butterfly». It helps to work the inner edge of the chest muscles. Latest equipment that can be used in the hall – the crossover. This is one of the most effective exercise equipment to increase muscle and build the strength of the sternum.

Video: how to pump chest muscles at home

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