Enzymes for digestion

The proper functioning of the digestive tract and stomach affects the strength of nails, hair health of a person. On the digestive tract directly affects the amount of enzymes that carry out the processing of food, her full cleavage. In case of violation of production of these substances a person can use a special medication.

The girl has problems with digestion

What are enzyme products

Widely used among people drugs for digestion that contain enzymes that are used to treat diseases of the intestine, stomach. Use them, as a rule, when the need for substitution therapy when violations occur in the process produce its own enzymes. Experts allocate two directions of action of these drugs for digestion:

  1. Reduction of pain in diseases of the intestine, stomach, indigestion (heaviness, belching, bloating, etc.).
  2. Help with breakdown of food in the disruption of pancreatic exocrine insufficiency.

The range of application of drugs with enzymes for digestion is very wide. As a rule, they are awarded to people:

  • in pathology of the gallbladder, liver, for example, in case of cholecystitis, chronic hepatitis, after a cholecystectomy;
  • diseases of the stomach, in which the lowered secretory function;
  • intestinal diseases: enteritis, chronic enterocolitis;
  • diseases of the pancreas: cystic fibrosis, chronic pancreatitis, resection of the prostate;
  • functional dyspepsia;
  • violations of the parietal digestion: Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, lack of disaccharidase.

Because of the popularity of people’s problems with the gastrointestinal system on the market are many products with enzymes for digestion. Doctors have identified three main groups of funds:

  • made from the pancreas of pigs;
  • of plant origin;
  • obtained from the gland of large horned animal.

Guy eats sweets and fast food

Proteolytic enzymes

In this group of medicines the main active ingredient is pepsin. These products provide enzymes for digestion, to compensate for the disruption of the gastric mucosa is capable of processing all kinds of natural proteins:

  • Abomin;
  • Pepsin;
  • Atsidin-pepsin;
  • Peptidyl.

Digestive enzymes with bile acids

The drug CREON s enzymes

This drugs to improve the intestines, which include auxiliary components: bile acids, hemicellulose, etc. They are involved in breakdown of complex compounds of sugar, stimulate the production of enzymes by the pancreas. In the list of popular drugs in this group include:

  • Festal;
  • Panzinorm;
  • Enzistal

The action of bile acids is aimed at improving the pancreatic secretion, stimulation of intestinal motility, gall bladder. These enzymes for digestion, provide emulsification of body fat, increase choleresis. Peristalsis of the intestinal tract stimulates fiber. Part medications include Dimethicone, simethicone which relieve flatulence and are antifoaming agents.

Medicine for pancreas

All effective pills for pancreas contain in their composition Pancreatin, which is a key enzyme that provides immediate support in case of failures in the process of digestion. Also includes such important elements lipolytic: lipase, amylase and trypsin. Tools are made from the pancreas of cattle or pigs. To medication this operation include:

  • Kreon;
  • Pancreatin;
  • Penzital;
  • Mezim.

Mezym for digestive health

Pills to improve digestion with plant enzymes

These tablets contain specific enzymes-proteins that speed up various reactions in the body, affect the metabolism. Part of enzymes produces, the thyroid gland, the rest enter the human organism together with food. After some time reduced the natural formation of these enzymes, it is therefore necessary to take such drugs:

  • Oraz;
  • Pepys;
  • Festal;
  • Will alisim;
  • Ûniènzim.

Pills to digestion disaccharidases

Tablets with the enzyme Lactase Baby

The composition contains the enzyme β-galacticas, which breaks down the disaccharide lactose. This group includes such effective and popular medication:

  • Lactaid;
  • Lactase;
  • Karolak.

Medicines to improve digestion in children

Enzymatic problems, digestive disorders arise in children. All of the above drugs are completely suitable for a child, but they should appoint a doctor. He will be able to accurately determine the dose of medication, which depends on the age of the baby. The danger of taking such drugs is the addiction. After some time, may develop a reliance on medication, self-production of enzymes decline.

For children are better options for tablets that are covered with a special membrane. This will provide protection from the hydrochloric acid of the gastric juice. Without wrappers, the activity of the drug is reduced. Typically, the coating has a specific bitter taste, which is so not like the kids. In rare cases is injecting enzymes.

CREON to improve digestion in children

Where to buy and how much are enzyme preparations to improve digestion

Sold all of these drugs only in pharmacies, to buy in other places (in addition to the official sites of network pharmacies) is strongly discouraged, to avoid purchasing counterfeit without useful properties. The average price of drugs with enzymes depends on the number of pills in the pack, for example:

  • Zantac 20 PCs – 80 p., 80 PCs. – 280 p.;
  • Pepsin – from 160 p.;
  • Kreon – 270 p.;
  • Lactrase – from 230 p.

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Cyril, 30 years:in the Spring, we almost every week go outdoors to eat barbecue. Age is not the young and the stomach is not always good with pork. Before meal drink a tablet of Zantac. Without it appears from heaviness in the abdomen sometimes bloating. Sometimes it is necessary to drink 1 tablet after a meal for best effect.

Olga, 25 years:After fat food is always the problem starts with the pancreas. After consultation with the doctor bought a Kreon. Not that I was eating everything that I want, but after his admission of the obvious problems is no longer observed. Besides, I allow myself fatty foods, not so much. Take it before meals 1 tablet.

Catherine, 35 years:just Tried zantac, it is always in my medicine chest. Saves in any situation where problem with food tract. Summer rest in Turkey and without this drug there is simply not survive. Take before meals, 1 tablet, feel great all day. Only to get involved they shouldn’t, because the stomach will «learn» to digest food independently.

Eugene, 35 years:Mezim, I really helped to cope with heavy, fatty foods, and gave me in the end a disservice. I took it too often because of what my own stomach began to make less of the enzymes. Now without Help I can’t eat even ordinary food.

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