Electric massager for back and neck

A good helper to eliminate pain in the back electrical massager for the body. It can be with you everywhere – home, work and even travel by car. Such a useful device has several varieties, efficiency and working principles which you’ll learn below.

What would be the electric massager for neck and back

Manual camera

Many different models of electric massagers for back and neck allows you to choose a more suitable one. Any option provides the effects like the hands of a professional masseur, thereby replacing the session from a specialist. This device is alternative option for those whose pace of life allows you to visit massage treatment rooms. Among the effects from exposure are indicated:

  • relaxing overused muscles;
  • warming effect;
  • strengthening blood circulation;
  • return to normal muscle tone;
  • reduction of salt deposits in the area which is massaged.

Hand held massager for neck and shoulders

The first kind, which produces electrical massager for the back is the manual. In the device this device has a main handle, the more its length, the easier to carry out the procedure. In addition, are designed for manual use electric massager has a small weight that still makes it easy to use. Advantage is the ergonomic design of these models. The ability to work from batteries ensures the independence of the device from access to the power grid. The use of a hand massager is very simple – the action is performed with one hand.

Massager wrap for neck & shoulder

Roller cold

The unit of this model of electric massager for neck and back based on the videos. Their movement provides a point and a General tonic or relaxing effect. Most often for the manufacture of rollers used material such as jade. This natural stone is able to emit waves that have a positive effect on the human body. Form roller massager is a pillow designed for putting under the neck or back. Among the pros and cons of this model include:

  • advantage is the availability of the remote and the lack of need to drive the device body;
  • the disadvantage is that the shape of the massager is suitable to a specific area of your back or neck.

Massager for back and neck in the form of a satchel

Among the novelties in the field of production of electric massagers for neck and back one of the first acts device in the form of a backpack. He is able to perform 4 types of massage, if it affects a more extensive area of the back that distinguishes it from others. The advantage of this massager is easy to use – you just have to be put on the back like a knapsack. Another advantage is additional exposure to infrared radiation. When a together with the device’s remote control to control the procedure without removing the massager.

Vibrating satchel


The shock a back massage delivers vibrating electric. In addition to all the features of previous devices, he is able to further heat the skin. The principle of operation is the impact of fluctuations of different frequencies and forces on the nerve endings. The disadvantage of such electric devices is both positive and negative effects of vibration.

Massager-Cape chair

All kinds of electromassage shown people with sedentary sedentary lifestyle. For this reason, the ideal form of these devices has a cloak on the chair. It can be used as office workers and drivers. While the man does his own thing, that is, works or somewhere on the way, the massager is doing its job – relaxes the back muscles and cervical area, warms them, contributing to better blood circulation. Massager on the chair back, often equipped with a system to connect via the cigarette lighter in the car – another plus of the device.

Electric body massager from the best manufacturers

Masazher Maxion

In every industry there are manufacturers that have proven themselves to a high quality product, thereby ensuring a demand for it. Do electric massagers for neck and back too, there are several popular brands, such as:

  1. Maxion. Model electromassage of this brand have proven themselves in the fight against muscle spasms, pain in the joints. They are often used when recovering from injuries, increase performance, endurance muscles. An example is the manual elektrovibromashina Maxion MX 3500, which allowed for daily use.
  2. Beurer. The devices of this brand are produced working from the mains and from batteries. The German manufacturer guarantees the quality of the product. Among the models it can be noted Beurer MG 145. This is a massage cushion that mimics a Shiatsu massage. It is designed for the back or neck, legs or arms. The model is additionally equipped with a thermal heater with light. Another option – Beurer EM 38. This belt for back, aimed at the removal of pain. Works from AAA batteries.
  3. Ommassage. Brand electromassage China. Line massage device for backs by models in the form of backpacks Ommassage VM-08. They perform 4 massages – wave, auto, normal, pulsing.
  4. US Medica Pilot. American manufacturer of massage cushion of the car seat. Models are equipped with a heating function, 8 massage programs, belts, remote control and even an LCD display. Under the influence falls not only across, but also thoracic, shoulders, hips.

How to choose an electric massager

Electric massager-Cape

If you buy an electric massager for back and neck, then consider a few selection criteria:

  1. Size. It is better to choose something in between, so that the cold would have an effect on the back, but it was not too big and not confused.
  2. Power. You may need a different massage depending on fatigue. It can be relaxing or therapeutic effect, so it is better to prefer a model with adjustable power.
  3. Function. Choose electric massager must be based on the disease and the nature of its manifestations. Models can only be directed to relieve pain or decrease muscle tension. A thermal effect or vibration. An appropriate unit will help you to choose the doctor.

Where to buy and how much electrical massager for back and neck

To buy an electric massager for back and neck can directly in the pharmacy, but the range represented by a small number of models. For this reason, it is better to order the device through the Internet where the manufacturer offers many different options. The price of a particular model depends on the functionality, power, and other advanced options. The cost of these devices is changed in such a range:

  • Maxion MX 3500 – 4000-5000.
  • Beurer MG 145 – 3300-3500.
  • Beurer EM 38 – 2900-3200.
  • Ommassage VM-08 – 1900-2300.
  • US Medica Pilot – 3900-4500 g.

Video: the latest massager to the spine


Tatyana, 44 years:the work of the designer is very heavy. I began to notice that the neck is falling asleep more often. The doctor diagnosed low back pain, was prescribed a bunch of drugs and massage. To go for the procedure once, so I bought a manual cold brand Maxion. It was painful at first, but gradually the sensation became more pleasant. From now on, this instrument helps me a great deal.

Sergey, 32 years:Working as a trucker. Sometimes the loin is so numb that it becomes unbearable to sit on. Every time they have to stop. That’s all changed. When a friend advised US Medica Pilot. Bought, put on the seat – not overjoyed. The food itself, and it vibrates and heats. The sensation is very relaxing. I advise everyone to try.

Antonia, 53 years:Its acquisition for six months suggest to all my friends. I bought a special belt Beurer EM 38. It perfectly eliminates the pain in the lower back, especially after the home or street work in nacanco. You can even wear it under clothing. Only here to put on became less and less – my husband liked it, too. Will have to buy a second, and then a belt to us is not enough.

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