Effective candles from yeast

The result of poor lifestyle, women often acts as a vaginal candidiasis (thrush). With a depressed immune system protection in the form of beneficial lactic acid bacteria decreases, and Candida fungus inhabits their disputes vaginal environment. The most effective means to fight against Candida are vaginal suppositories. But which one to choose?

pain with a yeast infection

Funds from a yeast infection in women

As practice shows, at the moment there are a limited number of drugs that can free women from candidiasis. Really effective candles from vaginal yeast infection are characterized by high cost and disposable method of application. However, most of the pharmacies of medicines produces only symptomatic treatment, but does not address the root cause of the disease in the form of a suppressed immune system. How to choose the best tool?

Candles from candidiasis

If you asked the question, how to cure yeast infection, you should not use antifungal candles in its sole discretion. Before using any medicinal formulas consult with a specialist, which is based on your medical history, prescribe necessary medications and will talk about the basic rules of treatment with suppositories. Without an integrated approach yeast infection treatment is ineffective and fraught with transition of the disease into a chronic form.

Cheap effective candles from the thrush are the following medications:

  1. Yodoxin. Active substance suppository acts as povidone-iodine, which has antiseptic effect. Medication is prescribed in complex therapy of baquianos. Yodoxin should be used with caution to patients with dysfunction of the thyroid gland.
  2. Irunin. This type of medications of yeast infection in women are appointed in the presence of resistance to other antifungal drugs. Irunin is a vaginal tablets that you must use within 7 — 14-day course.
  3. Clotrimazole. These inexpensive vaginal suppositories of yeast infection are not very effective. The fungus very quickly gets used to them, and the use of suppositories becomes ineffective. Clotrimazole is strictly forbidden to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  4. Metronidazole. The active substance of these candles, according to the annotation, is the imidazole, which is a broad-spectrum antibiotic. Metronidazole is a good remedy for yeast infection for women. Destroying the DNA synthesis and other pathogens, the antibiotic causes activation of lactic bacteria, which line the imbalance of microbes.
  5. Poliginaks. These vaginal capsules are used in mixed forms of inflammation. Active components of medicines are nystatin and broad-spectrum antibiotics. Poliginaks can be used in the prevention of thrush and other problems of the female genitalia.
  6. Hexicon. The drug is an antiseptic based on chlorhexidine digluconate. These effective candles for thrush not destroy the beneficial lactobacilli, and are precisely only against harmful.
  7. Diflucan. This antifungal suppositories containing fluconazole. Similar effects have candles and fluconazole Flucostat. The active substance of the above mentioned medicinal formulas increases the permeability of the cell membrane of the fungus, as a result violated his reproduction.

candles from yeast

Cheap remedy for yeast infection

Often the cost of any pharmaceutical product depends on the raw materials and active substances in its composition. Unfortunately, cheap drugs have numerous side effects and negative pharmacodynamics. However, among other things, are inexpensive Nystatin, produced in the form of vaginal and rectal suppositories.

These effective candles from yeast have many positive qualities, such as low cost, lack of habituation to medication. Nystatin disrupts the permeability of cell membranes mushrooms, slowing their growth. The drug is poorly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract are not capable of cumulation. Local application of Nystatin indicates that the drug does not penetrate into the General circulation.

Candle for one time use

A good cure for candidiasis that does not require a long application, is considered to Zalain. The active ingredient of the candles is sertaconazole. It is an effective remedy for thrush requires a single injection. Zalain inside destroys the cells of the fungus and results in its complete apoptosis (death). The only drawback of the drug is its high cost. In addition to Zalain are widely used Lomexin also provides a single administration of candles to eliminate thrush.

Pain candidiasis

How to treat thrush in pregnant women

To get rid of candidiasis during pregnancy is almost impossible, due to the constantly changing hormonal background and lowered immunity of the expectant mother. Thrush in pregnancy is considered «imaginary» and transient disease. The first symptoms of fungal infection in women start to feel early in the second trimester of pregnancy. After childbirth candidiasis usually dismissive. In severe cases, doctors prefer to prescribe such candles from a thrush in pregnancy.

  1. Natamycin, Pimafucin. These drugs belong to the antimycotics of the old generation that does not diminish their effectiveness with candidiasis. Natamycin interfere with the membrane structure of the fungus and disrupts the running of the pathogenic metabolic processes that leads to the death of Candida.
  2. Terginan. These effective candles are considered complex drug for topical application. Part Terginan include antifungal agents, antibiotics, which in addition to candidiasis help to get rid of many other gynecological problems of an infectious nature.

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Svetlana, 29 years old

For a long time escaped from the thrush with Nystatin, but from time to time, the disease was again given recurrence. On the advice of a gynecologist decided to try Zalain. Used only once these candles, after which candidiasis immediately receded and never came back.

Olga, 35 years

Tried all the most effective candles from the thrush, but the result of them not have any. Then decided just to abandon the use of chemisorbing funds for intimate hygiene. The disease quickly retreated, and the quality of life is much improved.

Marina, 24 years

Since childhood I have allergies, so the immune system is constantly teetering on the edge of their capabilities. During pregnancy I was faced with another problem – candidiasis. I’m very glad that my gynecologist told me effective remedy for thrush – candles Terginan. My son was born healthy and white and itchy I am no longer concerned.

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