Symptoms and signs of ectopic pregnancy

Symptoms of ectopic pregnancyPregnancy begins when the fertilized egg moves into the uterus via the fallopian tube and securely attached to the mucosa, which will continue to develop the embryo. There are times when this normal physiological process due to various reasons is broken, and the fertilized egg does not reach its destination and is attached in the «wrong» place, eg. in the fallopian tube or abdominal cavity. This is called an ectopic pregnancy and this condition is considered the most tricky, unpredictable and dangerous gynecological condition. Unfortunately, from the onset, the world Bank not insured by any one woman, ready to become a mother. The consequences of such a pathological condition can be very sad. Therefore, it is important to recognize the signs of an ectopic pregnancy in early pregnancy to the woman not to get on the operating table in an emergency. What is an ectopic pregnancy and its symptoms, causes and complications — we will tell in our article.


Despite the fact that ectopic pregnancy is diagnosed in approximately 1-3% among women in recent years seen a sad dynamics of growth of this disease. This is due to the fact that every year a growing number of women who already at an early age suffer from various gynecological diseases. Expectant mothers it is very important to protect your women’s health from youth to further not had to face health problems, sometimes extremely dangerous and irreversible.

The most dangerous are the various operations on the fallopian tubes. Women who previously postponed intervention, are at risk for the development of the «wrong» of pregnancy. Also, it should be noted that previous abortions increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy in the future.

Consider the most common causes of ectopic pregnancy according to clinical experience.

  • Surgical exposure. Any intervention in the female «resident» to increases the chances of developing EOS. Especially dangerous in this sense is the operation of ligation of the fallopian tubes to protect against unwanted procreation. Also, any measures to ascertain the patency of the fallopian tubes and recovery, dysfunctional affect the inner tubular body.
  • Congenital underdevelopment of the pipes. This condition is called infantilism and is a frequent cause of EO. The fact that tubes in women, this disease can be defective in operation due to its irregular shape, for example, they are too long or meandering. The egg to reach the uterine cavity in this case is very problematic.
  • Acute gynecological diseases. Inflammation that occur in the internal genital organs in women, in the ovaries, epididymis, uterus, fallopian tubes sometimes leads to proliferation of connective tissue (fibrosis), scarring, and adhesions. As a result of these changes disrupted the normal transport function of the fallopian tubes, forming a «deceptive» move. The passage of the egg through the pipes is very difficult. Among the main threat factors of risk, you can select previously migrated chlamydial infection, ureaplasmosis and mycoplasmosis, endometriosis (inflammation of the mucous membrane of the uterine wall).
  • Abortion. Abortion, especially if women have a similar phenomenon has happened repeatedly, often provoke frequent inflammation in the internal reproductive system. Often, in pipes develops adhesions, is their narrowing and impaired patency.
  • Intrauterine devices, namely the establishment of a special small devices (spiral), which is introduced into the uterine cavity to prevent unwanted pregnancy, in some cases, lead to pathological pregnancy in the future. Experts explain this by the fact that the developing pathological processes due to the presence of a foreign body in the uterus of a woman.

These are the basic and most common reasons why there is an ectopic pregnancy, but not all. In addition to the above factors, it should be noted that incorrect handling of the egg may occur due to:

  • the presence of tumors and neoplasms, including benign;
  • genital tuberculosis;
  • congenital malformations of the female organs;
  • hormonal disorders (especially after IVF, or active stimulation of work of ovary);
  • frequent stress, fatigue, and nervous instability;
  • age more than 35 years.

I would also like to note that women Smoking several times increases the risk of the «wrong» pregnancy because the nicotine not only leads to decrease of natural immunity, but also affects the contractile activity of the uterus and tubes.

Unfortunately, all of these factors is rather arbitrary, and sometimes no specific explanation why happened to the EOS. Therefore, anyone who learned about my situation, advised to undergo ultrasound examination to confirm the presence of a fertilized cell in the uterus, without hesitation and without waiting for signs of ectopic pregnancy and its consequences.

Signs and symptoms

Unfortunately, absolutely accurate symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy in early pregnancy does not exist, and to determine that the pregnancy is developing properly, is almost impossible. By its characteristics, how does an ectopic pregnancy in the early stages, it is hardly possible to distinguish it from the ordinary. Regular monthly, the woman may suspect a pregnancy in the first place, when you see the delay.

Symptoms of ectopic pregnancy successfully «zamaskirovalis» under the signs of normally occurring situation, and look like this:

  • menstrual delay;
  • positive pregnancy test ( not in all cases);
  • the increase, pain and excessive tenderness in the Breasts;
  • pulling sensation in the abdomen;
  • bleeding, spotting;
  • early morning sickness, nausea;
  • malaise, weakness and even fainting.

As it is already clear that the above signs may be observed in normal pregnancy. More accurately determine the ectopic pregnancy is only possible with the participation of a specialist. Usually suspected EOS to the doctor can occur if:

  • during gynecological examination, the 1st party has chosen a fallopian tube enlarged, painful on palpation;
  • the ultrasound did not detect the presence of the ovum in the uterus;
  • a blood test for HCG in the dynamics has a slow growth;
  • the woman complains of severe stabbing abdominal pain, give back, leg, clavicle;
  • in women dramatically decreases blood pressure, has been peculiar to her system;
  • appeared bleeding.

In the presence of the above symptoms, the doctor may provide only a preliminary diagnosis of a suspected ectopic pregnancy. Confirmation of diagnosis is established only with the help of laparoscopic surgery, which will examine the pelvic organs for signs of abnormalities. This diagnostic method is considered the most authentic and reliable, and with its help many women manage to save the fallopian tube.

So, how does an ectopic pregnancy and how to determine its signs in the early stages. Summing up, it should be noted that in addition to the main features of pregnancy, for tubal pathology is characterized by the presence of vaginal bleeding, the visible pain in the lower abdomen or fallopian tube often in the form of spasms or «lumbago».

In addition, women are interested in, at what time can determine an ectopic pregnancy. Often, a woman unaware of her pregnancy for a period of 4-6 weeks, and at this period it is already possible to detect the presence of the ovum in the uterus, or lack thereof, with transvaalense ultrasound.

What is the danger of an ectopic pregnancy?

If the embryo is not imported into the uterine cavity, there is a huge threat to the body to which it is attached. It is the uterus is fit for the development and growth of the fetus, it is elastic and can stretch. Next on the growth of the embryo may simply be torn. This condition is extremely dangerous for health and even the life of a woman, as it can lead to high internal bleeding. So if you suspect such a scary diagnosis, a woman often falls into a state of shock.

What to do if an ectopic pregnancy was decided by the specialist according to the results of their surveys. Fortunately, modern medicine offers a variety of techniques to early detect a pathological process in the shortest possible time to eliminate potential risks for women.

First and foremost, the issue of preservation of the fallopian tube. If the embryo has not reached a critical size, it can be removed by using special optical equipment. How to remove an ectopic pregnancy in the early stages? The low-impact and gentle way to interrupt the pathological pregnancy is laparoscopy, when the surgeon through a small incision on the skin enters the tool and remove the ovum from the tube, and then cauterizes the damaged blood vessels in the body.

More dangerous is the situation when, under heavy load, or grow a set of balls, fallopian tube does not stand up and collapses. To answer the question, to what term burst pipe ectopic pregnancy, definitely not, it depends on where the cage is and many other factors. But, often this occurs at 6-8 weeks. pregnancy. In this state, there is a severe attack of pain, weakness, confusion, and sometimes complete loss of consciousness. In this case, need immediate hospitalization and surgery to remove the fallopian tube.

Unfortunately, to fully protect yourself from an ectopic pregnancy is impossible, but all the experts in one voice say that it is possible to significantly reduce the risk of its occurrence, if passionate about women’s health, time examined, to cure all existing diseases.

Take care of yourself!

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