During the diet, not to kill immunity?

When we decide to go on a diet, we don’t think about anything except the hated extra pounds. But think really worth, especially about immunity.

According to American researchers, reducing the amount of food at least thirty percent leads to a sharp reduction in immune cells. Therefore, those who are on a diet, it is much more likely to get sick and harder to recover. So do we have to choose between a beautiful figure and health? Is it really impossible to combine it all?

The immune system is our reliable guardian. Our health, status, and activity depend on it. If our body enough nutrients, it works on all hundred. After all, we need not only minerals and vitamins but also fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

Count the calories

A greater number of diets are based on a strict accounting of calories consumed. But there is a certain danger. If the immunity «for underfeeding,» he with his work to cope. In the cold season quantity consumed per day of calories should be not less than two to two and a half thousand units.

•Proteins. Don’t forget about the foods that contain proteins, both animal and vegetable. They are very important for the production of antibodies that our body provides resistance to various diseases. Immunoglobulins are proteins, so in order for them to synthesize the required full spectrum of amino acids in sufficient quantity. If any amino acid is not enough, are synthesized by immune cells, the lymphocytes will not be able to build the required number of normal immunoglobulins. Therefore, your diet must be fish, cheese, lentils and beans.

•Fats. Who wish to lose weight girls are primarily trying to get rid of the protruding belly, or as it is also called the omentum. However, this zhirosahara shell of your body is very important for the immune system and is a reserve of cells that, if necessary, will help to repair damaged tissue. There are not only fat cells but also others, such as the stem, which can be further converted into another cell type, e.g., cartilage or bone, thus the damage will help heal faster.

Interestingly, the body strictly controls the amount of in the body fat cells. And when one fat cell dies, it immediately creates its place a new one. The most popular procedures for fat removal leads to the fact that in a few years, all the fat that was removed is returned. However, it is now from the lower part of the body can migrate to the top, because the fishnet structure with lipo is destroyed, and now the fat is not returned to its former place, and maybe go to the shoulders, arms or upper abdomen. After all, nature can not cheat.

•Carbohydrates. The controversy surrounding carbohydrates is the most. But to maintain health, they are still important. If carbohydrates in the body are not enough, the metabolism and the body is weakened. As proteins and fats, synthesis of new cells carbs necessary. They are present in all biological fluids. They rebuff the negative influences that may enter the body with these liquids.

Importantly, it should be remembered that most of the carbs need to be «slow». They are found in vegetables and fruits, brown rice, bread with bran, oat flakes, peas, buckwheat, pasta of wheat flour, dairy products, beans, Turkish peas, lentils, red beans, dark chocolate, soy, mushrooms, fructose and freshly squeezed juices without sugar.

An approximate calculation of power, which contains 2000 calories:

•Proteins. 300 g fish, meat, cheese, 100 grams of cereals, 350 g of bread

•Fats. 20 g of vegetable oil or 10 grams of butter

•Carbohydrates. You already got enough with cereals and bread. Pick up 150 kcal with vegetables and fruits.

•Also we should not forget about vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

If you are fond of divided food, you can still create a diet for immunity. You just need to eat cereals and dairy products at different times. You should also not forget about the fasting days that your immune system won’t hurt. One day a week let it be only on water. The main thing that this day was not a difficult task. Also useful to cleanse the body with fiber, vitamins and minerals. It is useful to arrange fasting days on the basis of the sour drink. If you happen to be an acute illness with a high temperature prepared in this way the body will be able to call on all their strength to strengthen the immune system. For dieters the good news is that eating this way and limiting the consumption of sweets and pastries, you will definitely begin to lose weight.

Diet for immunity

If you want to lose weight while remaining healthy, you should not experiment on your body. All Express diets are very dangerous. Weight loss is a complex restructuring of the system of your body, so the rush should not be here. After all, your goal is not only drop excess weight but gradual change in eating habits.

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