Drops eye fatigue

The modern pace of life provokes in most people, the eye fatigue, which can lead to vision loss. A strong concern of ophthalmologists is causing computer eye syndrome that haunts all who work behind the monitor. Eye fatigue can be caused by other factors, which you need to pay attention.

Why tired eyes

In any sphere of activity with long-term intensive load on visual organs, such as reading, driving, computer work appears eye fatigue. Irritation and inflammation can cause is too bright or dim light. Muscle fibers are under constant tension and not get the relaxation that leads to pain eye fatigue.

Drops from eye fatigue are appointed, as a rule, if pain is a result of muscle tension. It is understood that problems with the eyes occur for other reasons, which include getting an infection on the mucosa, the occurrence of intraocular pressure. The symptoms of eye fatigue speaker:

  • dryness;
  • redness;
  • a feeling of tension;
  • itching and burning sensation.

The girl's eyes are tired

How to apply eye drops from exhaustion

Section of pharmacology, which studies the effect of a drop from fatigue of the eye, is called pharmacodynamics. It gives an idea of what changes have occurred in the body after treatment. All eye drops treat symptomatic drugs that relieve swelling of tissues and have a vasoconstrictive effect. A notable result will be seen in 5-10 min and lasts 4-8 hours.

Rewetting drops from exhaustion, as a rule, have a simple chemical composition. It is based on the medicinal substance, which should speed up the process of regeneration. The tool improves the access of oxygen to the tissues of the eye and contributes to vasoconstriction. In addition to the main substances in the composition of the drops is composed of auxiliary components. Such substances help to avoid the reproduction and development of bacterial flora.

Eye drops are drugs that have poor absorbability into the body, act locally. Funds from antikongestivne and vasoconstrictor action have a low degree of suction. They are aimed at:

  • elimination of itching and burning;
  • reduction of edema of the conjunctiva;
  • reducing watery eyes;
  • the removal of painful sensations;
  • eliminate redness and fatigue;
  • restoration of the mucous membrane;
  • assistance at cataract, injury sunlight eyes.

Man buries eye drops

Indications for use

There are different types of drops for his eyes, some of them need to use only in case of real disease and not as prophylactics. The main indication for the use of a drug become symptomatic signs of the disease. Drugs of this type is necessary for all who long sits at the computer or feels pain in the eyes, burning, itching, if you notice broken blood vessels.

When the cause of the pain becomes eye fatigue, and non-infectious chronic disease, it is better to use vitamin drops. They are well suited for those who suffer from nearsightedness or farsightedness. Use of the drug will need regularly for three months, then need a rest for 1 month. It is worth remembering that eye drops treat the symptoms but not eliminate the root causes of fatigue.

How to choose eye drops from exhaustion

Options drops for eyes a lot, most of them differ in composition and principle of action. Based on this, you need to know how to choose the right medication. Better to do it for you eye doctor, self-medication can lead to unpleasant results. When choosing you can rely on those factors that triggered the disease, for example:

  1. Excessive load when eyes hurt from the computer.
  2. Allergic reactions.
  3. The influence of external factors: dirt, dust, fumes, smog.
  4. The use of lenses. If you violate the rules of wearing they can provoke inflammation, eye irritation.
  5. The influence of wind, cold, dry air, heat.
  6. The effects of SARS or other diseases that are not associated with organs of vision.
  7. Damage to the cornea.
  8. Symptomatic manifestation of glaucoma, conjunctivitis, blepharitis, etc Specific symptom will fly in front of the eyes, purulent discharge, burning, the «veil».

Drops dry eyes

From dryness

Often found among people that work at a computer, eye fatigue on a background of insufficient moisture. Typically, this function copes natural human tears, but sometimes that’s not enough. In this case, need drops from dry eye, for example:

  1. «Eririn». Help drops for dry eye, high intraocular pressure. This drug is often used in the ophthalmologist for pupil constriction when viewed in adults the fundus.
  2. «Systane Ultra». Is an artificial tear that after the surgery the cornea washed. You can use after a hard day at the monitor.
  3. «Emoxipin». The drug has a low price, there are many examples before and after application, which clearly shows that the tool is effective. Excellent help with dryness, itching, coping with colds, viral diseases of the eye.
  4. «Telos». The drug is not addictive, is used to hydrate for dry eyes.
  5. «Cationorm». This emulsion helps combat dryness, burning, itching.

From redness

The most popular can be called eye drops from redness and irritation, because all diseases of the organs of vision are accompanied by similar symptoms. Among the drugs there are such good tools:

  1. «Visine Classic» or «Clean tear». Use if began to turn red eyes appeared dry. The main advantage of the drug, the speed of action. It is not recommended to use drops often because the drug is addictive.
  2. «Isoptic». Well-suited with red eyes people who wear lenses you can use with them. Drops improve blood flow to the eyes, relieves redness, and improve eyesight.
  3. «Korneregel». Analog (generic) «Visine» with a lower value. Quickly relieves signs of inflammation, irritation, accelerates regeneration of tissues, improves vision.

Drops from eye fatigue Aktipol

Relieve tension

Eye fatigue is manifested usually due to prolonged muscle tension. To get rid of this condition, you should use eye drops from fatigue and redness. For this purpose the following medications:

  1. «Aktipol». One of the options of interferon, which eliminates fatigue of the organs of vision, symptoms of viral diseases, and has antioxidant properties.
  2. «Taurine». This tool with cumulative effect. The point is that the medicinal substance is concentrated in ocular tissues, which enhances the protection (immunity), accelerates the regeneration process.
  3. «Reticulin». The tool improves visual acuity, prevents its deterioration. Ideal for relieving eye strain, enhancing protection from exposure to harmful radiation from your TV, computer.

When working with computer

In modern realities there is a need for specialized tools for office staff. Eye drops from fatigue after computer help to cope with stress. The most used are such effective tools:

  1. «Vidisic». Helps to maintain visual acuity when working at the computer. Protects the cornea, has a healing effect, improves eyesight, prevents the occurrence of other diseases.
  2. «Blink intensive». Used to protect the eyes when reading or working on the computer. Has pronounced anti-inflammatory, soothing effect. Prevents the development of diseases of the eye, improves vision.

Anti-inflammatory eye drops


Redness of the eyes can cause not just work at the computer, but also a sleepless night. Help to cope with this anti-inflammatory drops that moisturize and soothe the cornea, supplying the mucous membrane. These include:

  1. «Taufon». Anti-inflammatory drops for daily use, but the duration of the course shall not exceed 3 months.
  2. «Sulfacetamide». Domestic antiviral drug used to relieve fatigue, but is well suited for the treatment, prevention of conjunctivitis other viral diseases.
  3. «Vial». Has a bright anti-inflammatory effect, reduces swelling of tissues. Helps against pain, itching, moisturizes the epithelium.


  1. «Svitoch». Popular drops that have proven themselves as preventive medicine for many eye ailments. Well help against dryness, inflammation. Contain extract of turpentine, cedar, vitamins.
  2. «Visor». In the product contains vitamins a, E, aloe Vera, carotene. Use drops to prevent dryness of the mucosa, eye fatigue.
  3. «Axial», «Oftagel», «Santen» (Sante FX Neo). Japanese drops from the company Sante. The main advantage of all these resources – are not addictive. Contain essential vitamins for eyes, hyaluronic acid, moisturize and nourish.
  4. «Riboflavin». This tool is the preventive action which enriches the tissues of the visual organs with oxygen, normalizes the activity of the retina. Drug Riboflavin is an important b-vitamin that prevents the development of many diseases.

The girl has red eyes

Contraindications, possible complications

In most cases, the contraindications are based on the treating action of the active substance in the personal sensitivity of the patient. Often there is a ban on the use of drops from eye fatigue during pregnancy and breast-feeding baby. Not eye drops to children up to two years. In the list of contraindications include:

  • violation of blood coagulability;
  • tendency to bleeding;
  • keratitis;
  • bronchial asthma;
  • allergic diseases;
  • high blood pressure.

Side effects from using drops that usually occur with long-term use, excess of the dosage specified in the instructions. Some eyedrops may cause:

  • Smoking;
  • redness;
  • pupil dilation;
  • blurred vision;
  • the increase intraocular and blood pressure;
  • headache.

How much are

Name Production The value of p. (roughly)
Innoxa France 350
Axial Italy 450
Oftagel Japan 240
Vial Ukraine 150
Teardrop natural Russia 200
Visine Russia 400

Video about the dangers of eye drops from exhaustion


Irina, 25 years: After a long day of tired eyes, till the morning no time to rest, there was a burning sensation, pain. Recommended to use the «visine». The result was instant, his eyes were just as clean burning and fatigue are gone. Warned that often it can not be used, because it is addictive.

Alexander, 40 years: Looking for the options how to clean eye irritation, redness. I saw the advertisement of «Aqualime» and called. Offered some sky-high price, so did not take. Decided to try first folk remedy of cornflower blue. The decoction was done according to the recipe and the result satisfied me, besides is a natural remedy.

Tom, 28 years: After a long work behind the computer there is a heaviness in the head, the eyes as if pushing something, a feeling of fatigue, vision deteriorates. Looking for options and came across the name drops of «Eririn». The tool reduces blood pressure, relieves inflammation and moisturizes the eyes. The effect is felt immediately, it became easier to work, to think, to concentrate.

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