How to take a contrast shower

Kontrastni showerWe all try to strengthen your immune system, improve health and become more energetic and healthy, and so we swallow handfuls of vitamins, all kinds of Supplements and other means. But it seems many have forgotten about a simple and effective method that was used by our ancestors to create powerful health — is hardening. One of the types of preventive hardening contrast shower. People who tried different kinds of hardening, this kind of becomes a favorite procedure.

The principle is that a person taking a shower, in turn makes the body hot, then cold water. A douche is used for strengthening, rehabilitation and even rejuvenate the body. But, you must be able to use this procedure for the benefit and know how to take a contrast shower, because any kind of tempering have certain contraindications and precautions. Today we will discuss all the nuances of this how and how often to take a contrast shower, as well as with strengthening the body to lose weight and get rid of extra pounds and cellulite.

The benefits and harms of a contrast shower

Resolved to harden everyone can, someone lazy, who is afraid to catch a cold, and someone just doesn’t want to feel discomfort from the cold water. And so most of the population of Russia only in theory know about the benefits of a contrast shower, it helps to cheer up, improves your mood and strengthens the body. However, with the help of water zakalivanii can solve a lot of health problems, and sat down to do the procedure correctly, it could soon not only get used to it, but to get a real pleasure.

To further prostimulirujte before taking a contrast shower, will tell you that can give this water procedure.

  1. Improves blood circulation.
  2. Enhances metabolic processes in the body.
  3. Strengthens the immune system, increases the body’s ability to resist various infections and hypothermia and overheating.
  4. Strengthen capillaries and blood vessels, is an excellent way of removing and prevention against varicose veins.
  5. To stimulate the strengthening of the nervous system.
  6. Helps to fight stress and depressive States and bad mood.
  7. Improves the condition of the skin in the pores.
  8. After regular use the skin becomes elastic, the cellulite disappears.
  9. Rids the body of toxins.
  10. Promotes weight loss, calorie burning.
  11. Gives a burst of energy and vivacity for the whole day, and fatigue after working days.
  12. Hardens the muscles and tendons.

Women who are preparing to become mothers often wonder whether useful douche during pregnancy, especially if the woman was an ardent fan of this procedure. When carrying a baby a woman waiting for the global shape changes due to hormonal changes and weight gain. Therefore, after the birth of a baby, the skin may develop stretch marks on the stomach, thighs and chest, and also worsen the appearance of cellulite. It is proved that the contrast shower is very beneficial effect on the skin, therefore its use during pregnancy and after childbirth is a reliable tool for increasing skin elasticity and preventing stretch marks. However, future mummies contrast perfusion should only be used on the legs, thighs and buttocks and to consult your doctor, he will tell you how to do a contrast shower correctly and will indicate the temperature scale for you.

Not less important question, how to take a contrast shower after a workout or strenuous exercise. In sports a person loses a large amount of moisture and after a workout, dreams only of life-giving SIP of water and a cool, invigorating shower. All the doctors and experienced fitness instructors with one voice will tell you that in any case can not take a contrast or a cold shower immediately after physical training. After exercise definitely takes time, at least 10-15 minutes to relax the muscles, restore breathing and heartbeat. And only after that you can go to water procedures. A contrast shower will help to relieve tension, relax muscles, strengthen the effectiveness of the training and also maintain the skin toned and elastic. Contrast shower bath the next morning can help relieve muscle pain.

The list of benefits of contrast showers for women is large enough: it is the rejuvenation and elasticity of the skin and for slimming, anti-cellulite and varicose veins, and just to set the mood. But there is a definite advantage from the contrasting hardening and for men’s health. If you believe the claims of scientists and researchers, useful douche for potency. It is the tempering strengthens the nervous system, improves blood circulation and stimulates the activity of metabolic processes, thereby eliminating the congestion. So after morning showers in a good mood and strong potency ensured to any man.

So, before finding dozens of excuses and justifications why you don’t want to harden, take a look at this rather compelling list of benefits of a contrast shower. Because you can combine the pleasant with the useful and the normal water procedure to turn into a healing session.

If your reluctance to harden due to the fact that you have to experience a new, unusual, uncomfortable sensations, you want to assure that even at 4-5 in the procedure you will feel more comfortable, and eventually even get used to useful for the body and soul of the procedure.

However, there are some medical contraindications and cautions to use this type of hardening and must be taken into account.

Contraindications to contrast the soul

  • contrast perfusion is not recommended for hypertensive patients, that is, people with high blood pressure;
  • it is not advised to take a contrast shower with vegetative vascular dystonia, because the influence of the Delta t can cause spasm of blood vessels (however, in some cases, you can use a contrast shower in the IRR after consultation with the doctor to «exercise» vessels);
  • do not use this procedure in cardiovascular diseases;
  • harm contrast shower may be caused to the person during a circulatory disorders, the presence of adhesions and blood clots to experiment with hardening is not necessary, it can threaten a rupture of the blood plaques;
  • in the critical days in women from contrast baths it is better to refrain;
  • also worth mentioning is people with malignant tumours, asthmatics and diabetics, in such diseases a contrast shower may not benefit.
  • in the presence of inflammatory diseases (eg. sore throat or cystitis) at the time, you should abandon contrasting with cold water if you are unsure, it is best to discuss with your doctor whether you can take a contrast shower in the cold.

So, if the restrictions on condition that you would like to proceed in General health today, and how to take a contrast shower from scratch, we’ll tell.

The principle of contrast shower

Once again I want to note that to start to harden only need well. The best time to start water trials this summer, because there is a time for you to get used to the procedure, and the body to adapt and toughen up before frosts and winds.

At first, the procedures to change the temperature mode should be gradually, starting from warm to cool water, and only 2 weeks to go to the full contrast from hot to cold streams. Novice experimenters, it is better to start tempering with toes, gradually moving on the whole body. The head is better protected from sudden temperature changes and not to expose the contrasting soul.

It should be understood that the use of contrasting cold water you need daily to achieve positive results. It is best to carry out the procedure in the morning after awakening and in the evening a few hours before bedtime because a contrast shower before bed can cause insomnia.

Each person has his own threshold of sensitivity, so do not overdo it with the temperature of the water, it doesn’t have to be boiling water or terribly icy, choose for yourself the optimal (tolerant) mode.

Therefore, the approximate algorithm of actions during water contrast water procedures:

  • Begin to take a shower with warm water is easy on the body;
  • Gradually add the water temperature to hot and poured 20-40 sec.;
  • Then abruptly change the water to cold and so water the body about 20-30 sec.;
  • Then back on the hot water, standing under the jets of 30-40 sec.;
  • After it’s cold again, but longer, about 1 minute;
  • Then include hot water for a minute or more;
  • And finally, pour cold water, so always need to finish the procedure.

There is a way, how to take a contrast shower for weight loss, it is necessary to complicate the task, and when taking a shower arm hard sponge or special body massager actively massaging the problem areas. After the bath, you can lubricate the right places anti-cellulite cream or remedy for weight loss.

In addition to the daily shower, you can further contrast to carry out facial treatments (cleansing and maintaining skin elasticity), foot (vs excessive sweating, to relieve fatigue or to prevent varicose veins) and breast (to maintain elasticity).

Tempering will help to preserve the beauty, health and youth for many decades. Let the contrast shower will be an enjoyable habit for the body and soul!

Travelers health you health and vitality every day!

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